The quest for Emotion...

After their recent purchase, Shinokami had been sent back into the Net by Kamoku. Though the battle against Uni had left her rattled, she agreed to let Shinokami train to become stronger. Of course, power had come through due to the events with Uni, sparked by unlocking the emotions in side him, however doing so had altered him in ways nobody expected. Despite being sent by Hisai to spread negative feelings into Kamoku, he couldn't. Truth be told, he cared for Kamoku ever since then. Before, he would call such things illogical and a meaningless waste of processing cycles, detrimental to the attainment of power, but his own experience contradicted that. When it came down to it, could he really turn against Kamoku? Could he really betray Hisai, his creator?

Slowly, Shinokami descended to the ground, landing lightly. He wouldn't find answers by constant contemplation. He needed strength to protect that which he cared about. Hmm. Maybe some of his old programming still survived...
Virus Attack!

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP

Shinokami.exe: 120 HP

Shinokami glanced over his shoulder. How could he not have noticed the stationary virii behind him? Regardless, it seemed he would get to test his strength after all. Fun. He spun around in the air with a flap of his black wings, hovering just off the ground with his wings stretched out in a full span.

"Kamoku! Let's do this one together!"

"Hai!" she replied, fishing out her battlechips, ready to slot them in when Shinokami requested.

With another flap of his wings, Shinokami pushed himself fowards as fast as he could, his fur rippling as he shot forwards.

"RageClaw and Shotgun!"


Kamoku grabbed both chips and pushed them into her PeT as quickly as she could, almost dropping her PeT in the process. Even she had changed since the battle with Uni. At first, she was wary of Shinokami, but she quickly came to see him as a very close friend. Even if he was data, she still cared.

Shinokami kept his speed until he came within melee range of one of the Cannons. He flipped up into the air, slashing upwards with the claw as he did. It would seem more like a dance to passers-by, as he had launched himself with a backflip into the air. While inverted, he threw his free hand towards a virus further away, activating the shotgun chip to attack. The Rageclaw wouldn't kill the first, but it would at least weaken it...

However, he wasn't done yet. He grabbed hold of a white flame that had materialized in the air, which soon formed into Kafziel. With a quick flip, he righted himself in mid-air and threw Kafziel, spinning as it traveled, towards the third of the trio. He shot through the air with a flap of his wings, this time catching Kafziel as it rebounded, before landing with a skid.

((1 - RageClaw1 (40) @ CannondumbB))
((2 - Shotgun (50) @ CannondumbA))
((3 - Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin (70) @ CannondumbC))
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((Durz, missed this thinger))
Viruses are owned.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: DELETED

Shinokami.exe: 120 HP

Get: 300z
((Doesn't the RageClaw only do 40? Cannondumb has 50 HP.))
((It got owned by Shotgun Shrapnel))
((I stand corrected))

Shinokami knelt down, Kafziel disappitating into the air as he did. At his feet lay the scattered zenny data, which he transmitted back to Kamoku. Such a quick deletion was a good sign, however his enemies were rather lacking in the skill department. This was only the first step, with many more to come.

More Viruses

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP

Shinokami.exe: 120 HP

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Shinokami glanced at the newcomers, taking in each one in turn. Each looked quite powerful stronger than the last group. Strategy would be the order of the day with this battle, but with little time to plan an intricae attack, he would simply have to make it up on the fly.

"Kamoku-san. A shotgun may be effective against the two smaller virii."

"Hai! Shotgun, slot-in!"

Shinokami didn't activate the chip instantly, instead dashing around to try and get the Bunnies near each other. Near enough for the Shotgun to damage both of them, anyway, before unleashing it in their direction. The larger three could wait until he had dealt with the small-fries.

((1 - Aim [If not allowed, dodge]))
((2 - Shotgun [50] @ BunnyA [aim shrapnel at BunnyB]))
((3 - Dodge and plan))
*Gets slapped*
Righto. The shotgun demolishes the bunnies, and a lone spikey attacks, but its shot is dodged. The three spikeys begin to circle Shinokami, however, like hunters circling their prey.

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP

Shinokami.exe: 120 HP
They were circling him, so the obvious thing to do would be to get out of the circle. It wasn't exactly rocket science, just common sense. He dashed forward quickly, summoning Kafziel as he ran, then attempting to slash and, more importantly, distract one of them long enough to break their pace.

But that was just part one. Expecting a counterattack, Shinokami created a barrier of shadows behind him as he ran, the chip sent seconds beforehand by Kamoku, almost as if she expected him to ask for it. He kept his speed up and didn't stop, yet kept his ears open for the sound of attack. There was still no long-term plan, but fast-thinking had worked just seconds earlier...

((1 - Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin (70) @ SpikeyC))
((2 - Guard [0-60 reflect] @ Self))
((3 - Dodge))
The attack weakens one spikey, and then two of them fire at once while one pounces. The first attack is bounced off Shinokami's barrier, deleting the weakened virus, but the second fireball hits! Taking advantage of the opportunity, Shinokami managed to escape through the gap in the circle before the third struck.

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP

Shinokami.exe: 90 HP
The fireball had knocked him off his feet and into the air, tumbling forwards. His programming recognized and processed the pain, but then turned back to the task at hand.



Kamoku thrust the chip into her PeT, transmitting the data as quickly as she could to Shinokami. He still tumbled through the air, but he was waiting for the right moment. He looked up (which was really down, given the angle he was at) and stared into the eyes of one of the passing Spikeys, before pushing out his free hand. The force shot towards the Spikey, but also sent Shinokami skywards. Cannons were never meant for close range.

"Shinokami! I'm sending the last chip!"

Shinokami grinned as he shot upwards, slowing at the apex of his jump. He held out Kafziel, channelling the RageClaw into the blade, then holding it behind him. Gravity took over soon after, as he began his descent back to the ground, using his wings to correct his aim towards the wounded Spikey. At the last moment before impact, he slashed his scythe at it, before using the change in momentum to put some distance between him and the virii.

((1 - Cannon[40] @ SpikeyB))
((2 - RageClaw[40] @ SpikeyB))
((3 - Dodge and plan))
Beating the Spikey mercilessly to the ground, Shinokami senses rather thanm sees an attack coming from behind. He dodges to the side, and a fireball passes through the space where his head had occupied only a second previously.

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 10 HP

Shinokami.exe: 90 HP
Things were going well, so far. One left unscathed and one mortally wounded. It wouldn't be long before the last two fell. In fact, the first one would probably fall soon. Shinokami spun on the spot, facing the virus emerging from the impact crater he just left. That one will die.

He ran forward and jumped, flipping over in the air with Kafziel outwards, however he didn't attack the wounded virus. Instead, he slashed at the untouched Spikey twice in succession, before rolling underneath it.



Kamoku pushed the final chip. Shinokami threw out his arm, throwing a fireball towards the pair. Fire-attacks against a fire element virus? They may resist, but they probably didn't absorb the damage...

((1 - RageClaw[40] @ SpikeyA))
((2 - RageClaw[40] @ SpikeyA))
((3 - Heatshot [40] @ Both Spikeys))

Rewards: 300z
Shinokami picked up the zenny data, before looking around. There wasn't much here, but other matters had arisen. It was time for him to leave. With a flap of his wings, he flew upwards and out of sight.