Let's Juggle.

Juggle warped in, and looked around. The place was a little hub of nothing, and he couldn't see anything for miles. He took three balls out of his belt and started to juggle. No matter what happened, hew had to juggle.

"This place seems exciting, what are you trying to do, BORE me into deletion?"

"Shut it Juggler..." Kyle was still getting used to Juggle's attitude.

Juggle rooled his eyes and started to juggle again, he started regular, and then behind his back, then inbetween his legs. All he could do was juggle and wait for things to happen.

((Battle 1))
((Er, could you put links to your Netop and Navi profile please.))

It looks like you found some mets.

MetA: 40
MetB: 40
MetC: 40

Juggler: 100
(( What do you mean? I thought I did that...Is there anything I overlooked? D: ))

"Oh no, Mets..." Juggler was more focused on his juggling more than the mets next to him.

"Juggler, pay attention!" Kyle screamed, trying to get Juggler to focus. He started to thumb through the chip folder to see what to give him. "I'm going to send you a cannon chip, stay alert and attack the met..."

Juggler threw all three of his balls on the ground and they bounced up. His hand turned into a cannon and he pointed it at the first met. "Welcome to the blast shorty..." Juggler smiled and took a shot at the met. His cannon turned back into his regular hand and Juggler caught the falling silicon balls and started juggling again.

Kyle looked at his chip folder again. Shotgun or rageclaw, Shotgun or rageclaw? He closed his eyes and picked out a chip. He opened his eyes to reveal that he picked the shotgun chip. "Ok, Juggler, here comes the shotgun..." He put the chip in and started the download.

Once again, Juggler threw the balls up in the air. His hand turned into the shotgun. He looked at the next met. "Jeez, I would perfer a good juggle, and I want to show them my cool trick..." Juggler looked down, trying to conjure some feeling of sadness. This didn't happen, so he got on to targeting the next met with the shotgun. "Steady, Steady, Die!" Juggler fired his shot at the met, hoping that this shot would work it's magic.

Kyle sighed a sigh of relief, now he didn't have to decide which chip to send. "Here comes the rageclaw Juggler..." Kyle put in the chip and started the download. "This should do it. You know that this leaves you open to attack..."

"Yea, I know that if I don't deal full on damage, I am open to a full attack." Juggler looked at his silicon balls. I don't have too much longer before the balls hit the ground. Juggler ran right up to the last met. "TALK TO THE HAND!" Juggler ran the claw right at the met, smiling as he caught the falling silicon balls. "Never disturb my juggling..."

Turn overview.

1) Cannon to MetA

2) Shotgun to MetB

3) Rageclaw to MetC
((Yeah, you didn't put a link to the profiles D:. Also, state the damages your attacks do in your turn summary. Also, don't autohit, "Juggler ran the claw right AT the met" is fine, but "Juggler ran the claw right INTO the met" is not.))

Juggler finishes his enemies off in a breeze.


Juggler: 100

Get: 150z

((Also, keep your zenny amount out of the tabs. Have a nice day.))
(( Oops, sorry. D: ))

Juggler smiled as the pile of money was sent to Kyle. "Score." Juggler stood and waited for the next battle.

(( Ok ))

((Battle 2))

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyC: 50 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP
SpookyE: 50 HP

Terrain: 10% Missing, 30% Cracked, 60% Normal

Juggler.exe: 100 HP