Getting the Bearings...

Red and Blue data streamed into existance, slowly taking the approximate shape of a humanoid figure. Zombieman turned and took in the landscape with the one pale eye in his socket. The other, after being cleaned by the sleeve of his leather jacket, was slid into his barren eye socket, and tapped into alignment with the other.

"Well Zombieman, look familiar? or has ACDC net changed too much in the hundred or so patches since last you've been here?"

Zombieman crouched down to feel the virtual durt beneath his treaded boots. Looking over his shoulder, he remarked,

"This really is quite amazing. When I was operated by David, the actuall coding of the Net was visible. Programmers really have advanced since then. When was the last server crash in the area? We used to have them quite often."

"Haha! an actual serverwide crash? thats practically impossible now! What kind of hodunk Net did you and Dad operate in?"

Zombieman let out a raspy chuckle, and stood up. The twisted pipe's code finally caught up with the rest of him, and streamed into his 4 fingered hand. Seeing a trail of sorts up ahead, he strode purposefully into the unknown.
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Zombieman encounters viruses! Looks like some things about the net never change.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
Bunny: 50

Zombieman: 100

Battle 1, FIGHT!
"...and so the Lab never really forgave Davi-"

Zombieman's story was ended abruptly by the approach of the trio of viruses. The small holographic screen containing the now serious face of Archard Ritter, his laugh ended cold.

"Dont worry Zombieman, you've done this before, you can take these easily and get back into the swing of the Net. Im uploading our three Battlechips, hopefully it will be enough to destroy them."

Zombieman quietly ducked behind a rockface and took several, deep raspy breaths. As a large gray cannon materialized in his ashen palms, he slung the oversized firearm over his shoulder and, resting on the rock face, the bright orange Holographic Targeting Program flashed its red bloodlust, crosshairs centered over the nearest Metool.

Vaulting over the rock, the Cannon dematerialized as it was sent crashing to the ground, Zombieman raged toword the remaining Metool. Dull red blades formed over his hand, opening and closeing menacingly. His combat boots uncomfortably loud to his ears as he slashed wildly at the Virus. Spinning around, Zombieman leveled his newly formed shotgun at the Bunny, filling the air with a hail of deadly bullets.

But as quickly as he was in the fray, he was out, landing in a ready stance a few meters from the besieged Viruses.


1. Cannon Chip to Metool A (40 DMG)
2. Rageclaw Chip to Metool B (40 DMG)
3. Shotgun Chip to Bunny A (50 DMG + Splash)
Everything dies in one hit. That was just sad.

MetoolA: blasted
MetoolB: slashed
Bunny: shot

Zombieman: 100

GET: 225z

Archard's sigh of relief became a grin as he wirely transferred the Zenny left behind by the trio of viruses to his PET. He quickly wiped his palms on his pants, as he found they had become thick with sweat. The anxiety had made his posture ramrod straight with tension. He disquised the concern in his voice as he joked,

"See Zombieman? Even an old man like you can handle yourself. You have nothing to worry about! Didn't you do this all the time with Dad?"

Zombieman eyed the floating screen that currantly floated over his head. He stooped low, resetting the knee-cap that had come loose in his furious charge.

"Indeed I did Archard, it is just unnerving to begin once again after being unactivated for so long. Have you ever torn apart a Metool with your fist?"

Archard chuckled.

"Guess not old man, come on, we have more to do."

grinning, Zombieman continued in his explorations of the Net.
Continuing on, the dilapidated old navi comes across more viruses!

CanodumbA: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

Zombieman: 100 HP

The Shrubbies are behind the Canodumbs!

"...and so, he never could show his face around there agai-"

Zombieman stopped short, uttering a terse word to Archard to end his retelling of his schoolmates. Before him, two Canodumbs stood, revolving their cylindrical heads, scanning the area for Navi's, as their targeting systems blinked red, Zombieman swore violently. Two Shrubby's perked up, leaves bristling with anticipation.

"Zombieman! Move! Try to Disable those two Canodumbs, we dont have the firepower to survive a shootout!"

Zombieman grunted, dropping to paneled ground with a loud thud, just as his own Cannon materialized, set up on a tripod infront of him. With a word of thanks, to Archard, the targeting reticule blinked once, then the canon burst into life. Aiming at the base of the Canodumb, Zombieman hoped to maximize the damage of the screaming shell.

the Cannon Chip's base coding disentigrated, allowing Zombieman to burst forth. Halfway to the viruses, and only after drawing a gleaming shotgun, Zombieman realized that his trigger finger still rested where the Cannon dematerialized. Skidding to a halt at and angle a few meters from other Canodumb, his shotgun bellowed it's particular form of loud, and painful, hatred.

"Dodge the counterattack Zombieman!"

Zombieman agreed. Allready missing his trigger finger, and not particularly wanting to lose much more, he doubled back, hoping to avoid the shots soon to follow.


1. Canon to Canodumb A (40DMG)
2. Shotgun to Canodumb B splash to Shrubby B (50 DMG + Splash)
3. Dodge
Blasting the Canodumb to near-deletion, and destroying the other two enemies, the Shrubby fires off a retaliatory strike, only to miss entirely.

CanodumbA: 10 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: DELETED

Zombieman: 100 HP
"Archard, do you think that the Shrubby can be destroyed in one good slash of the Rageclaw Battlechip? I dont recall just how powerful they are. Most likely been patched as well."

Zombieman casually surveyed the line of projectiles shot by the spiky that lay a few feet from his position.

"Im not sure, it doesn't seem that durable. and the reports of Shrubby health are mixed, I can't really tell. Id say to finish of the Canodumb and hit the Shrubby. Work from there."

Zombieman crouched into a sprinter's stance, preparing to charge the enemy. At Archard's last word, his combat boots thundered across the panels closing the distance from the viruses to the sprinting Navi. A dull tingling traveled down his arm, Red code forming the tell-tale gauntlet of the Rageclaw. Zombieman used his Pipe to vault the Canodumb, bringing the claw down across it's form. Facing the Shrubby, he circled the plant, finding a vulnerable looking spot, slashed to dig deep.

Taken in his rage, Zombieman growled fiercely, striking again, as if trying to neural programming itself. Chest heaving, he half stepped back, stooped like a ghoul of legend, prepared to leap on the viruses, should they dare stir again.


1) Rageclaw to Canodumb A (40 DMG)
2) Rageclaw to Shrubby A (40 DMG)
3 Rageclaw to Shrubby A (40 DMG)

((sorry about the attack spamming, I tried to roleplay it off well, but may have failed))
(Well, considering it's all you had left... Still, no dodging leaves you open for attack.)

Zombieman tears through the viruses, but the vault weakens his arm.
It falls off, as the battle ends.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED

Zombieman: 100 HP

Prizes: 150z, Ringlog1
Slowly reattaching his arm with an unpleasent "squeltching" sound, Zombieman struggled to regain control of his breathing. With A final, loud crack, the ball of his shoulder finally rejoined his joint. Shrugging his leather jacket on, grinned at the news given to him by Archard.

"Haha! The base code of the viruses contained data for a Ringlog1 chip! Great work!"

"It is good to regain some of my former ability."

a puzzled look sidled across Archard's face.

"You mean, you lost ability?"

Zombieman nodded, beginning to walk forward again, telling his story and spinning circles with his arm.

"To fit in my data drive, David had to..."

SeedbatA: 50 HP
SeedbatB: 50 HP
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Zombieman: 100 HP

This time, it was Archard who warned Zombieman of the 5 viruses that lay infront of him. The Navi animately miming out what certainly was an epic battle of a Navi long gone. Zombieman looked ahead of him, popping the bone that previously had been used as a prop, back into his forearm, he readied himself. Three small domed viruses huddled together, as two airborne programs beat at the skies.

"Archard, may I upload our new weapon? I always try to become aquainted with new programs in a way that reading code never seems to."

Archard rubbed his hands together in excitement. reaching into his pocket, he began to upload the Ringlog1 data, aswell as their other ranged chips into Zombieman.

"Remember, I doubt that Ringlog1 would have much effect on those airborn viruses, so im uploading the Shotgun data for them. Be careful, Zombieman."

at the tell-tale glimmer of data streaming into existance, Zombieman readied his shoulder-borne Cannon. Calculating the tilt of the Ringlog program, his crosshair flashed over the Metool least likely to be hit. Only a second later, the muzzle flashed as well, sending it's payload streaking forward, burning the air in its wake.

As Zombieman readed his other weapon, a low rumble filled his ears, loud enough to penetrate even Zombieman's worn eardrum. A large log careened toward the Metools, two of them covered by the bludgeon's shadow. By the time the Ringlog rolled to a halt, Zombieman had fiercely brandished his Shotgun at the airborn viruses. Firing when it seemed the two flew in a tight pattern, shrapnel and pellets filled the sky.

With his onslaught finished, Zombieman found himself vulnerable, open to any counterattack that may be offered in retaliation. Summoning his remarkable pain tolerance, he readied himself for the worst, snarkily muttering under his breath,

"Joy of Joys"


1) Cannon to Metool A (40 DMG)
2) Ringlog1 to Metool B and C (50 DMG)
3 Shotgun to Seedbat A with Splash to Seedbat B (50 DMG + Splash)
Blowing away three of the enemies, the Ringlog does not hit all of its targets as a metool dodges to the side, sending a slightly damaging shockwave directly into Zombieman.

MetoolB: 40 HP

Zombieman: 90 HP
Zombieman grunted in pain as the shockwave ripped into his body. Giblets and pieces lay littered around him. Glaring murderously at the short helmeted virus that stood on the trunk of the fallen Ringlog, he channeled a portion of his central programming to restore the data lost by the attack.

the various pieces formerly attached to his body dematerialized, streaming into existance back upon his form. Looking up from his hologram, Archard sighed in response to the small Metool's tenacity.

"Uploading a rageclaw for you Zombieman. I think you can figure out what to do."

Zombieman stared down the Metool, as red data streamed around his four fingered fist. His claw formed, he grimaced at the difficulty of leaping the log. Booting the metool off the wood, Zombieman landed over it, slashing downward with leathal intent.

"Yeah, I think I have a good idea."

Spinning away, Zombieman remained agile, so as to deflect any further attempt on his life at the pickaxe of the persistant virus.


Conversion) Charge Attack for (2x2x8=32/2=16 HP Restored)
1) Rageclaw on Metool B (40 DMG)
2) Dodge
3) Dodge


Zombieman: 100 HP

Prize: 375z
Transfering the Zenny to his account, Archard grinned,

"Way to go Old Man, try to bore the viruses to death next time. Might be more effective."

Zombieman rolled the one eye resting in his head. Pulling the other from his pocket, he deftly switched them with a dull squish.

"Clearly, as Old as I am, I would trash you at anything, Archard."

A challenging grin came to Archard's face,

"And can you do this?"

Performing a series of rather impressive dance maneuvers, Archard sank back into his chair, looking triumphant. Zombieman just shrugged, reaching into his mouth, and unhinging his jaw. Placing it on his head, he cracked the parody of a goofy smile infront of the screen. Archard looked dumbstruck

"Right, I have to give you that one."

laughing echoed around the area, Zombieman's walk broadcasted his victory, even with his jaw still on his head.

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP

Zombieman: 100 HP

Zombieman looked around wearily, the pack of spikys surrounding him. Flame snorted from their muzzles, their powerful paws leaving steaming tracks in their wake. Thier slow lope slowly forming a net from which Zombieman knew he would be unable to escpae.

"Listen Zombieman, you need to get out of there, dont let their circle close you in! Im uploading a Shotgun and Ringlog, try to blow through!"

Archards carefully brought up his PET menu and began transfering the Shotgun and Ringlog data. Familiar silver data streamed into the net, his Shotgun forming in hand. When Zombieman could feel the heat of one of the Spiky's plume of flames, he filled the air with pellets, dashing through the circle, he heard the rumble of the Ringlog forming from its swirling green data, and sent careening down upon the pack.

As Zombieman regained his balence he span on the spot, seeing the fallen log and a cloud of unsettled dust, he remained nimble, so as to dodge an attack sent from the cover of the dust.


1) Shotgun to Spiky A, splash to Spiky B (50 DMG + Splash)
2) Ringlog1 to Spiky A and Spiky C (50 DMG, can hit two targets)
3) Dodge
Deleting the first Spikey, but only weakening the other two, Zombieman then gets a large chunk taken out of his HP as a Spikey hits.

SpikeyB: 40 HP
SpikeyC: 40 HP

Zombieman: 70 HP