First Hunt.

Huntsman warped into the ACDC net. "Hmm, I wonder how the hunt will go today." Huntsman took two steps and looked around. "This place is really odd for normal ACDC..." Huntsman wispered to himself. He decided to walk around some more. Nothing caught his his eye really, so he just went on to the next section that he had his eye on.

Huntsman reached his destination, and looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary he thought. That stopped when he heard a movement. Crap! He turned his hand into his crossbow and looked where he thought the noise was, but much to his surprise, nothing was there. He walked around looking for what that noise was. The noise faded, then grew louder. "This is to hard of a prey, I like that." Hunts man slowly advanced, hoping to find out what that noise came from.
Then.... out of the blue, mets appeared.