Arch's first day in ACDC Net

After a few seconds had passed Archblade.exe's body finished loading into ACDC Net from his new net homepage. "How does it feel?" Came Kelarion's voice came in loud and clear.

"I like it!" Arch exclaimed with great enthusiasm.

Archblade.exe continued looking around impressed with his new home. ACDC Net was very different than his previous main zone. ACDC was more lively, and more clustered! After taking in the inital sights of his ACDC Net he began to travel toward Netsquare.
But unfortunately, the viruses don't have any intention of ever letting him get there!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Arch: 100 HP

"Alright! A battle!" Archblade.exe hollered excitedly.

Kel looked down to see what virii Arch was preparing to rush at. "Metools, huh, this shouldn't be that hard. Get them Archblade.exe!" Maybe I should. Kelarion quickly uploaded the Rageclaw chip from his PET's folder.

Within seconds of getting the go ahead Archblade was charging headlong in to the Metools. A gleam of verocity came to Archblade's eyes as the Rageclaw chip downloaded onto his buster arm. With the strength and ferocity of an animalistic rage he cocked back his arm and made a mighty swing at MetoolA before moving on to Metools B and C.


Rageclaw: MetoolA (40)
Rageclaw: MetoolB (40)
Rageclaw: MetoolC (40)
(*Narrowed eyes*
Alright, I'll let you use the Rageclaw for all the enemies... this time. Just keep in mind, if you use another chip, the Rageclaw is gone. And if you use the Rageclaw too much, it may break prematurely.

On a positive note, Good RP'ing.)

Slicing and Dicing, Arch blasts his way through his first battle.


Arch: 100 HP

Prize: 100z
With the battle finished Arch stood the victor and as the last virus finished fading away. "Metools... hah! It will take more than that to slow me down." Arch exclaimed with great vigor.

"100z, alright! Now Archblade let's get a move on before we get to far ahead of ourselves, Okay?" Kel's seemingly echoed around him.

"Okay." Came Arch's response as he began to head deeper into ACDC Net and closer still to the Netsquare. "I wonder just how far it is from our new homepage?"

Kel looked around his box filled house as if looking for an answer. "Not far. It should be as far as our old hompage." Kel stated as if he had found the answer of some wall of his new house.

"Alright then!" Archblade.exe started off again. "Now let us hope there aren't many more interuptions." Arch smirked as he knew the Net just a little bit better than that. Up and down, back and forth Arch continued, running in what most would see as a full on sprint.
As Archblade moved closer to the NetSquare, three more viruses popped up to challenge him. There was the same number as his last encounter, but these viruses looked a lot more vicious.

Viruses Attack!

Spikey: 90
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50

Archblade: 100Hp

Battle 2! Fight!
Arch continued on at his rapid pace not paying any heed to the viruses in front of him. That is until Kel's voice came raining down around him. "Hold up!" Kel shouted at his Navi. With a sense of style all his own Arch skid to a stop with cloud of digital dust billowing behind him just a few meters from the viruses. "I recognize the Bunnies, but the other one I haven't seen for a while. Do you know which one that is?"

"It looks like a Spikey, but I don't remember how they attack. I think that shoot out a ball of fire of some type. It does something else but I don't think it that big of a deal." Arch stated as he took a offensive stance to the viruses. "Now your options are fight or Jack me out, but I am not quite ready to leave yet." Arch smiled. "This will still be easy."

Kel looked at his chips and then around the his room again. I really need to unpack all of this stuff. "Alright! Lets do this!" Kel exclaimed as he inserted the Shotgun and Cannon chips. "They are all yours Archblade.exe!"

Archblade knew the incoming chips and how to employ them in this battle. "Here goes!" Arch lowered his blaster down at the Spikey and unloaded the Shotgun chip and turned to fire on BunnyB with the Cannon chip. "And now to make this a little more personal." Arch said as he rushed toward BunnyB sword arm cocked back for a mighty swing.


ArchCounter! is active.

Shotgun (50): Spikey (and virus behind if any.)
Cannon (40): BunnyB
Buster Attack (Sword): BunnyB
It seems the Spikey took the hit head on, the splash killing one of the poor bunnies as well. Your follow up ended up taking out that last Bunny, and the Spikey just growls at you.

Spikey: 40
BunnyA: dead
BunnyB: dead

Archblade: 100Hp