Jacking in/ the best.

Raziel finally made it through the jack in port and sat down to wait for a friend.
But lo and behold. Looks like viruses don't really care!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Raziel: 100 HP

Raziel jumps up and uses

battlechip-rage claw (40) metoola
battlechip-rage claw(40) MetoolB
battle chip-Rage claw (40) metoolC
((More description please, You can't just say. Raziel jumps up and uses, because
1) Not a complete sentence
2) Your Turn Summary isn't in the actual description.
3) It should be more like this.
Raziel jumps up towards the Metools, activating his Rageclaw. He slashes at all three one-by-one.))
(sorry, i will try again)

Raziel stands to his feet looking at the metools with little interest and starts laughing. he say out loud. " I finally have a challange" he activates his rage claw as his eyes glow red and jumps toward them slahing all three 0ne by one.

Battle chip: rage claw(40) on metools A,BandC

(is that better...)
(Better. Live and learn, they say. Just remember, good grammar is your friend.
God, that sounded corny. Anyways...)

Swinging and slashing, Raziel takes out two of the metools before the third takes out his rageclaw.

MetoolC: 40 HP

Raziel: 100 HP (Rageclaw broken!)
raziel looks at the last metool with great intrest and then says "its time for you to perish" he pulls out his cannon battle chip and aims at the metool then he fires.

cannon (40) on metool c

(there we go)

((Meh, it works :3))

The cannon shattered the Met into nothing, just leaving a dust of the virus datas...


Raziel: 100 HP


Raziel deformed the cannon and sat down he started talking to his op. "master Sicon our first battle turned out to be a little more difficult then we thought."
((Sicon: keep your mind in the game Raziel more viruses could be on the way.))
"yes master Sicon." raziel replied
Mind in the game indeed. Four viruses come, determined to put Raziel into an EJO mode.

BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP
BunnyD: 50 HP

Raziel: 100 HP

(Uh... you really need to fix your sig. A place to put images? Try imageshack. But get your op data, an actual chip list, your navi data, and navicust program list INTO YOUR SIG. The current one is way too long with images, and has practically no data.)
Raziel laughed at how his master knew the viruses would come and said
"master I will delete these now"
He is then suronded by a black aura signifing that he was activating his sig attack

Activating sig attack (2 turn count down. after that it slashes for 60 dmg)
((I really really have to recommend you to change your entire sigatk...If it's only attack, there's no need for count down or chartes unless it's heavy damage~))
((*sigh* i have done everything about my character ok - the 2 turn count down it does 60 to the bunnys))
((sorry i mistaked count down with cool down well anyway))

Raziel charhegs his aura and slahes does


Raziel laughs as he slahes away at the viruses

((hows that))
(Uh... we're back to the "Jumps up and uses <Overview>" again. Try to just RP the attack, use all three of your actions, even if it's just dodging, and don't use your overview of your attacks to describe them.
And an FYI, since Sigs seem to be confusing you, Cooldown is simply the number of turns until you can use your sig again. It doesn't use up actions. The only action you need for a sig is the action using it.)
((fine lets try this again))

Raziel downloads a rage claw hip his eyes start to glow red and he yells "Rage claw and starts to attack the bunnyA when all of a sudden he is surronded by a black aura and he screams for everyone to here "DEMON AURA!!!!!!!!!!!!" the aura spreads across the ground and starts to attack bunnys B and C

Battle chip (rage Claw) {40 damage} Bunny A
Sig attack (Demon Aura) { 60 damage} Bunnys B and C

((better? im not very good at this am I?))
(( i just got done reading some and i am going to add more description))

Raziel gazes at the bunnys with great interest and then he raises his sword toward the sky and says "Master Im ready whenever you are."

"Ok RageClaw chip in Download" Sicon says in a cool voice

Raziels sword turns black and his face spreads into an evil grin his eyes turn red and he lunges toward the bunnys. In a fierce rage he slashes at bunnyA with intensity. Then all of a sudden Raziel is surrounded by a black aura, the air around him grows thick and cold,and shadows spread from his aura to attack bunnys B and C.

Battle chip (rage Claw) {40 damage} Bunny A
Sig attack (Demon Aura) { 60 damage} Bunnys B and C

(( better? i added more description))
((Good enough >:3))

Raziel succesfully connected his rageclaw along with his personal attack to lay a heavy damage to the group of virii. The unscratched Bunny courageously spat a ring of electricity and hit Raziel over his torso!!

BunnyA: 10 HP
BunnyD: 50 HP

Raziel: 80 HP
Raziel winced from the shock as his aura dissapated. He became angry and yelled to the bunny who shot him "you will pay for that!!" all the while Sicon was screaming "Raziel calm down" but he ignored his netops orders. so instead of trying to reason with his navi Sicon decided that mabye it would be better if Raziel just finished the battle so Sicon input the battle chip shotgun "Shotgun battlechip in download." Raziels sword glowed blue and he fired off the shotgun at bunny D and A then he loaded the cannon chip took aim and fired at the bunnys.

Battlechip: shotgun(40) BunnyA and BunnyD
Battlechip: Cannon (40) BunnyD