America, my name is American

American beamed down in the wonderfully bright red and blue that has become his trademark. The white hot stars were seen fading in and out of view when he beamed, but they were still there. Still viewable by the few that payed attention when he was jacked in, or even when he was logged out. American finally hit the ground, and the beam dissipitated leaving a prepared warrior of Patriotism, one that would fight and die for what he believed was the right cause.

He was prepared now, fully healed and rested from the previous battle in Electown. Not knowing what wonders lied infront of him while he was in ACDC, his old stomping grounds. The place where he learned his combat training, anything he used in any fight, he had learned here.
Virus Attack

SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 90

American.exe: 120

-Fight Fire, with guns and missiles-
He looked onward towards the Spikeys that were coming at him. They seemed ferocious to him, practically calling him to put them down with one powerful shot from his rifle. He had always wondered why he never used his instinct to just fight, he always thought his plans through. Thinking, something I do a little too much of. That is what he thought of most of the time also, why he thought things through. That was one conumdrum he didn't want to put to much thought on at the moment. Right now he just wanted to delete this sons of bitches and get home before his favorite came on. Which would be pretty soon, and hopefully Bo remebered that it was on tonight.

Bo was thinking practically the same exact things that American was at the moment. Except his were more attuned to him instead of a computer program. He was also thinking that he had to get done with this fast so he could catch his and American's favorite program. "Shotgun, and boomerang sounding good to you American?" Bo asked before he slotted the two chips into his fading PET. After he did, he flipped through what other chips he had for some diversity after the initial chips were used.

American slammed in another cartridge into his rifle, and then braced on his shoulder. He bent his neck so he could see through the laser sight, a special little addition to his rifle he added a long time ago. He lowered it once before he fired, taking an eye of the situation, finally he raised his rifle up to his eye. He squeezed the trigger and let loose the shotgun blast from the cartridge. The cartridge popped out and onto the ground, the rifle now empty.

American's left hand to his elbow morphed into a normal buster cannon. He lifted it, now holding a boomerang in the barrel, he swung his arm. The boomerang flung from the buster and spun towards the Spikeys. It returned to him after it made it's run around. American jumped back, and then began to strafe, trying to load a second cartridge into his rifle.

1_ Shotgun (50dmg) SpikeyA
2_ Boomerang (60dmg) SpikeyA-C
3-4_ Dodge
The first Spikey was deleted by American's great efforts, the other two Spikeys attacked, one missing, due to American dodging, and the other missing, just due to poor aim.

SpikeyB: 30
SpikeyC: 30

American.exe: 120
American knelt down on his right knee and hit the dirt. His back on the ground, holding his weapon in the air, he was trying to reload with out cover. In a battle cover is your best friend, no matter what you always want something taking the blows for you. So that you don't go home in some type of body bag dead, or in this case a bunch of data added to the surrounding area. These dogs weren't taking down a trained soldier, that was trained to take down things like these. Especially since a virus could never stand up to the Patriotic levels of American. "Bo, Shotgun and Thunder. Now hurry up, I don't know how much longer I can last out in the open."

Bo dropped the chips into his hand, into a small pile on the ground. He knelt down looking for the Thunder chip, not sure how he was supposed to find it in the vast array of Shotguns. "Too many Shotguns, not enough diversity. Damnit, where is it." Bo yelled out as he sifted through the Shotguns to find the Thunder. When he finally found it, he slotted the two chips in quickly trying to make up for lost time that he had wasted sifting. "There it is American, a couple quick blasts and you should be out of there."

American wasn't as optimistic as Bo was at this point, the battle may seem winnable, but every battle does. His battle hardened soul had been through more operators then Bo, and Bo was his latest at this point. That was unimportant in a battle of this type of calibre, this was to show that he was still good enough to defeat Virii without a partner with him. He rolled onto his belly and began to aim, his sight was almost pinpoint so he let loose and squeezed the trigger of his M16. The recoil sent his rifle back a ways, but not far enough for him to loose the grip and let it go.

American rolled back onto his backside, and raised his head to see what he was doing at the moment. Trying to reload his M16 took some type of concentration, and this battle wasn't letting his focus enough to get the cartridge in fast enough. He finally was able to get the cartridge in with some unneeded force that may have been bad if it was a real weapon. Luckily for him it was data and that it could easily be fixed by Bo. Problem was the Thunder chip didn't work with his rifle, so the buster that morphed from his right arm for his Boomerang was needed. The slightly painful morph took place leaving him an eletrically charged right hand. He raised his arm, and took careful aim at the Spikey. "Fry in hell punk." American spoke before he pulled the trigger letting the Thunder ball flow towards the Virus.

1_ Shotgun (50dmg) SpikeyB
2_ Thunder (40dmg) SpikeyC
3-4_ Dodge
They die


American.exe: 120

Get: Heatshot, 200z
American turned his back on the newly created graveyard for the Spikey's that he had just deleted. He began to work up some spit, after he did he begun to spit on the ground. Only twice until he ran out of good spits, so he began to walk away from what he destroyed. Leaving nothing but cartridges in his wake after the battle. He wasn't ready to leave just yet, he kind of liked it here, nothing to strong or powerful to hurt him.

Virus Attack!

BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP
CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP

American.exe: 120 HP

-Oh look! New viruses!-
American pondered at these newly formed virii that had popped up before him, trying to oppose him as they stood infront of him. They stared him down terrifingly as he stood there looking back at them with his gaze set on all the virii. He raised his rifle up and then squeezed it between his arm and body. He wasn't going to take his eyes off of the virii while he was fighting them. They had no reason to take him down without him putting up a fight before dying. He squeezed the trigger and let out a spray of bullets from his rifle, aimed at only one virus. He then dropped his rifle to his side, and lunged his body to the left. Jumping off the ground, he was paralell to the ground when he leapt.

He grabbed a cartridge from his pouch when he was in the air, never taking his eyes off the group of virii that were so possibly bent on his destruction, possibly bent on world domination. Or he was overreacting to something that he knew he had just made up off the top of his head to keep calm while in a battle situation. So he backed off once he hit the ground, his shoulder making contact and then he rolled off his back onto his stomach.

"Bo, it's time to try that chip we got from the Spikey's a little while ago. Think it will work on one of these guys?" American said with his focus mainly directed at the Shrubby.

Bo pulled the newly gained chip from his batch of Shotguns and Shotgun like chips. Then slotted the chip into his PET, he then pulled the chip from the slot, and pushed the download button to give it to American. He threw the chip back into the sloppy-mistrewn pile, then pulled three shotguns from the pile for his next chance.

"Hope you like that chip, I'm not sure if it's to your standards though." Bo said as he sadly looked over at the pile of Shotguns that he had in his folder. He then jokingly began another sentence "I figured as long as it shot some type of blast, you'd like it."

American smirked to himself as he heard Bo say his last sentence, he wasn't sure if Bo was trying to hint at something or if it was just some random banter they did. "You saying I have to many Shotguns? Well I say you have to many socks, how about that Bo?" American knew this would tick Bo off at least a little bit, no one gave a comeback to Bo about his socks.

"Goddamn it American, just use the chip and lets go get some diversity into our chip selection. Maybe some type of power that isn't mainly bursts of gun fire." Bo said as he stared down the three Shotguns that he had left in the spot he had picked up the Heatshot and the three other Shotguns he was holding.

American nodded in agreement and quickly rolled to try and evade something, but he only ended up about four feet away from where he was and back on his stomach again. He lifted his rifle up again and lowered it so he had it braced on the ground. He looked through the scope on his rifle to make sure he had the Shrubby in his sights and that he had the highest chance of hitting it he could possibly have. He finally had the Shrubby in his sights and he quickly squeezed the trigger, the large fire ball erupted from the barrel and zoomed towards it's target, leaving a streak of smoke in it's wake.

1-3_ Charge Shot ((48dmg)) BandcoonA
4_ Heatshot ((40dmg+Elemental+Splash)) ShrubbyA + Splash to BandcoonA
4+_ Snipe ((Increase accuracy of Heatshot))
The Bandcoons weren't paying much attention, as the first one got a face full of lead, and it and the bush got burned down together. The second one, because it failed to do it's job. The two cannons fired their rounds at America, but only one hit.

BandcoonA: dead
BandcoonB: 50 HP
CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: dead

American.exe: 100 HP
The dwindling number of virii that were opposing American's patriotism were now probably rethinking their decisions about attacking him. He was on the verge of defeating them, but he wasn't sure if they would all ban together at once. So he had to do this quick and by the books. He could always just use three Shotguns to get the job done like he would do usually. Or he could just use the boomerang and see if that one chip would be able to spin just enough for it to go all the way around.

"Bo, I know this last Bandcoon could probably steal our chips, but I'm going to need a Boomerang. If that misses something I'll resort to my rifle to stack up the rest of the damage." He said it as if his tactics were flawless at this point, and that he wouldn't need a back up plan. Or he did have a backup plan and that he wasn't going to throw it out there for Bo to mess around with it.

"American, if that thing gets your Boomerang, we ain't going to get it back. You'd probably have to rely on you Shotgun stash you revere so god like." Bo said without hesitation as he pulled the Boomerang from his pile and quickly slotted it into his fading PET. The chip was downloaded and Bo pulled the chip from the slot it was placed in before. "Go ahead though, we have plenty of Shotguns to blow those virii to smithereens if you mess up with the Boomerang."

American looked on in disgust as he heard what Bones had said to him, he didn't trust him with one chip. He trusts him with three Shotguns but one Boomerang was something American knew he could handle in a fight. Why not just trust him with something that blew up the whole field, maybe then he wouldn't miss such high stakes shots. Even though American hardly trusted himself with shots like these, but still he was shocked that Bo didn't even trust his own Navi with this chip.

American's left arm morphed into his buster which only happened when he used certain chips. The Boomerang slid down and flipped out into place at the barrel hole of the buster, fitting nicely into his buster. He raised his left arm up and began to take whatever aim he could so he wouldn't miss this shot badly. He couldn't do much without a scope on his arm, but he still had his eyes which were enough for him at this moment. He swung his arm back, and then flunged it forward once he had it all the way back that he could do. The Boomerang let loose and began to spin towards the virii, it made a turn when it did and returned to American's buster. It folded up and slid back into the barrel hole. Finally his buster morphed back into American's blue gloved arm.

American grabbed his rifle off of the ground, he had placed it there before his arm morphed. He began to charge his rifle, he hadn't placed a cartridge in yet. He wanted to have a full charge before he let the shot loose. He remembered when he had the Patriot Lazor, which was his very first custom weapon for him. It took alot out of him with the recoil, but he always looked past it. He finished charging and then lowered himself to the ground to prepare himself for a large leap.

1_ Boomerang((60dmg)) BandcoonA, CanondumbA-B
2-3_ Charge
4_ Dodge
(Assuming you're aiming at the live Bandcoon)

The boomerang sweeps through the unsuspecting viruses, just as the Bandcoon charges at American, a glint in its eye. But deletion comes before theivery.

BandcoonA: DELETED
BandcoonB: DELETED
CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED

American.exe: 100 HP

Prizes: 200z, Ringlog1
"American, we have a mission, it's actually in that exact same spot your in. Pretty near it also, so you might as well run on down there and clear that shit out." Bo said after closing a screen on his PET, he had just checked the post he had made to the BBS. He then recorded the data from the fight, and added to his zenny total. "So get your soldier ass moving and continue down the way."

American stood up and looked at the window that had Bo in it. He lifted his hand at flipped Bo off, he hadn't liked the soldier ass comment that Bo had just made. It tipped the scales in his favor and gave him the confindence to do that. "You know we have a hate-hate relationship Bo. I hate you sometimes, you hate me sometimes. This is that we hate each other moment." American then stood with his arms crossed for a moment, and finally gave Bo another response. "Your lucky I feel like killing something, I'll go."

American began to jog quickly, trying to keep a fast pace that he could hold. He was headed towards where Bo had said he had to go to see the anomaly. He was going to fix this corruption then get his soldier ass as Bo said back into his warm safe PET.
A strange purple area was up ahead, massive tears and rips in the fabric of the net littering the glitched block of space. Movement is barely visible among the purple haze, but there's no doubt what they are.

CorruptedMetA: 400 HP
CorruptedMetB: 400 HP
CorruptedMetC: 400 HP
CorruptedMetD: 400 HP

American: 120 HP

(Don't worry. Trust me.)
American's jaw dropped as he took notice of the purple haze that was now infront of him.

((Working on it.))