With a beam of light, Capuchin materialized into teh net. Sh immediately let her pole appear and she hollered, "EEP EEP! Lets get stronger! I refuse to get beaten again!"
As if responding to her call three viruses that Capuchin has never seen before appear before her.

Quote ()

A small virus, about two and a half feet tall by Real World standards. Its fur is grey in colour, and black rings wind around the circumference of its round body. Its limbs are short and stumpy, tipped with tiny black claws. A huge bottlebrush tail hangs behind it, often curled into the shape of a question mark. It looks to be more adept at rolling rather than walking, but it waddles about regardless. Its entire face is hidden behind a huge red festival mask, covered in decorative beads, hanging tassels and soft feathers.

Looks like it's time to rumble

BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP
BandcoonC: 50 HP

Capuchin.exe: 100 HP

Capuchin looked at them in confusion. She had seen many different things on the net....but this....this had to be one of the most strangest. "What the heck are those?!" She cheeped.

"I th-think that they a-are....our op-opponents." Aida said a bit confused herself.

"Well....those are some odd looking viruses...but hey! I wont be picky! Wed gotta train. Send me a chip!"

"R-right! Let's!" Aida immediatley pulled out a boomerang chip and quickly slotted it in. The stream of data formed into Capuchin's hands forming the weapon. Capuchin hoisted it into the air with her arms outstretched. She charged, giving the boomerang more momentum and also a chance to dodge. She thrusted it out of her hands and into a spinning motion towards her enemies in hopes of it making contact. Her body hung loose in order to jump away from any attack that would be thrown back.

1. dodge
2. boomerang (60) Bandcoon group
3. dodge
4. dodge
You hit two of them... and one is now sniffing your foot.

BandcoonA: dead
BandcoonB: dead
BandcoonC: 50 HP

Capuchin.exe: 100 HP
Capuchin looks down in a confused manner. The virus wasn't even attacking. It was just....sniffing her. ".....Okay...this....is weird. It makes me feel like I shouldn't even delete it!"

Aida said nothing as she downloaded a shotgun to Capuchin. Turns out she felt the same. "I h-hope it can forg-give us."

Capuchin's left hand morphed into teh weapon and she aimed the barren straight at the opponent. "Alright then...sorry little buddy...but its byebye!" She then fired at it.

2.shotgun (50) badcoon
((Aren't I prompt?
And I'll try not to make any fatal mistakes, either. But, seeing as I'm only modding rewards, and don't feel mean enough to have him attack you...))

As Aida sent the chip, the Bandcoon leapt into action, running full tilt at Capuchin, tiny paws outstretched as if to steal something... But it was too late. With a loud blam, it was reduced to a cloud of fluff.

BandcoonA: DELETED
BandcoonB: DELETED
BandcoonC: DELETED

Capuchin.exe: 100 HP


Rewards: 230z
Capuchin stared at where the virus used to be. "WOW! Those things looked pretty odd! They were kinda cute though."

"Y-Yes...they were k-kinda adorable."

"Yeah...UNTIL THAT GUY TRIED TO POUNCE ME!" Capuchin growled, "I almost felt sorry for it too!....Now I feel bad...."
After going through all of the accident, Capuchin made her way through the ACDC net in search of the construction's computer.

Oh noez! Looks like Metools are wreaking havoc all over the construction area.
Well, not that much, but still 5 viruses work very efficiently, let's say.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40
MetoolD: 40
MetoolE: 40

Capuchin.exe: 100

Capuchin looked at them with determination as she went into a fighting stance. "Alright Aida, can you send em a chip?"

"RRGH!" Aida struggled but no use, "I can bar-rley reach t-the PET!"

Capuchin was shocked but calmed down. "Its ok. I can handle em myself!" She cried making her pole appear. "Ill hit two at once." She lengthened her pole at that moment and went to hit two of the mets next to eachother. She then charged up her buster and let out a blast at the next virus.

1.sig (40-split) metA &B
2-4. charge shot metC
(i think i did this right)
(You did. And I'm assuming that you CAN split the damage.)

BOOM! BANG! SPLAT! Two of the metools are taken down as a third is damaged severely! The other two virii attack, but only one hits.

MetoolC: 4 HP
MetoolD: 40 HP
MetoolE: 40 HP

Capuchin.exe: 100 HP
"Crud..." Capuchin cursed. "I have no chips, Aida is going to drown soon, and I used my special." She looked at the mets with determination, "I gotta call for help." Looking through all the addresses Capuchin quickly sent three e-mails to some close friends then gave a look at the viruses. "What if they don't come in time....better get some more help...though I should wait and see though." She then went into a defensive stance. She needed to save up her strength.
Junior ran off from the square. He saw an area with a construction-like theme and headed immediately there. It didn't take him long to find Capuchin, "Damn... she's left herself completely open.... gotta take them all out with one shot!" Coming from the side, he gathered energy. He was going to need all he had to pull this off... WHile still prepping his other attack, he decided to use another technique before hand. Pulling off his glasses, he gave the unsuspecting viruses a yell, "Hey you three.... Sexy Wink!" Putting all his charisma into this one, he released the hypnotic energy before replacing his eye-wear. Now for the second blow. His attack was ready, all he need do was aim. He jabbed both hands outward towards a Met and fired a laser from each, "Soul Finger Shot!" He kept pouring out the energy until there was no more, hoping to annilate the enemy forces. That still wouldn;t be quite enough, though. One last tap might do it.... Grabbing a small amount of energy and focusing it into a blast, Junior fired a small shot from his palm at the severely weakened Met. Did he get them all? Whether he did or not wasn't the point though. If one escaped or something else showed up, Capuchin was still open. He dashed over to her and hooking one arm under her neck and the other under her legs, lifted her up before sprinting off again. He kept his back turned to the battle, keeping himself between the enemies and his companion. Her added weight made dodging a bit more difficult, but with his new upgrade, he could probably pull it off, "Sorry I took so long... are you okay?"

((1.) Sexy Wink, Stun or lowers accuracy to all
2.) Soul Finger Shot, 60 to MetD and E
3.) Palm Shot, 8, MetC
4.) Grab Capuchin
5.) Dodge/block))
Everything dies, it looks like the central control system for the construction device is a little bit ahead. An odd key lies where the viruses were.


Capuchin.exe: 100 HP
Soulman Junior.exe: 120 HP
Soulman Get: Construction Key
Capuchin Get: 200z
"Eh? A key?" Junior mumbled as he recieved the item. He then noticed he was still holding Capuchin, "Gah Sorry! We better get going." Junior said, placing her back down, "Do you have an estimate on how long we have?"
"Th-Thanks." Capuchin gasped as she regained footing, "Aida doesn't have much time left! She'll drown at this rate. COME ON!" She gestured for him to follow.
Looks like Capuchin and Junior made it, but D'OH! More viruses! >.<

SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 90
CanondumbA: 50
CanondumbB: 50

Capuchin: 100
Soulman_Junior: 120

Control Panel: 100

Oh shit, looks like the viruses are attacking the control panel! You've got to stop them!

-The timer is ticking-
Capuchin gave a growl as she glared her teeth. "DAMMIT!" She made her pole appear, "I WONT LET YOU Get away with this!!!" she then attacked one of the Spikeys with her pole strike then charged up a blast. "YOU ALL WILL PAY!!!" She hollered as she fired teh shot straight at the first cannondumb that came into view. She was downright furious. The fury in her eyes revealed that she didn't like what they had done.

1.sig (80) spikeya
2-4.charge shot cannondumb
"Time is a factor here.... Wes is too busy to send me anything. I better break out every trick in the book." Starting things off, Junior unocovered his eyes and gave the crowd a wink and smile. That should stall them long enough for the pair to take them out. Now, for his other super-cool technique. Gathering force in his hands, he prepared to launch a two pronged attack. Both Canodumb sat right in front of him.... they should be easy to hit. With this in mind, he took aim and fired two shots. The beams lanced from his fingers off towards the sitting enemies. He had two attack left. Normally he'd feel bad about using all his attacks at once, but this was an emergency. He walked to the left, reangling his line of sight. The last thing he needed was for the dogs to move and make him hit the control board instead. A light glow came from his emblem as he gathered his inner strength. Once he was sure that he wouldn't hit the panel, he released the blast in a pale beam of light, "That'll learn 'em..... now, time to strike again!" Junior concentrated his power once again. This time his entire body lit up, just not his symbol. Once his power reached its peak, he fired! A large, bright beam of light raced off in an attempt to take out the Spikey. A cheerful glow surrounded the otherwise gloomy area. He was out of attacks... in a minute, he'd have to rely on just normal attacks, unless Wes could get back to his moniter.

((1.) Sexy Wink, stun/lowers accuracy to all
2.) Soul Finger shot, 60 to CanodumbA and B
3.) Reposition
4.) Soul Assimulation, 90, SpikeyC
5.) Soul Flash, 90+lowers accuracy, SpikeyB))
A wave of sexiness stuns the Spikeys, but the Canondumbs are motionless already, so they can't move anyway. Capuchin's and Junior's fierce attacks manage to wipe out most of the viruses, but one is left, better take care of it while it's stunned.

SpikeyA: 10 (stun)
CanondumbA: FINGERED
CanondumbB: FINGERED

Capuchin: 100
Soulman_Junior: 120

Control Panel: 100