Mission 2

Arbalan, Kojiro said through the PET, as the Marine Navi drove his bike through a digital plane, Our Database is being harassed by some kind of Virii. Being the ONLY Navi on shift, your mission is simple; kill them all, let Suzumiya sort them out. Arbalan let the false worship go as he took a sharp left, his tyres squealing against the artificial asphalt.

"Affirmative!" He said, drawing his chainsword as he began to close in on the location. "Approaching targets now. Shouldn't be too rough; the files are in ACDC, after all!"

Arbalan considered his method; this time, he thought, the blunt assault may not work. Tougher enemies, tougher firepower required. His buster could end up being his last weapon, if his Rageclaw broke.

The Rageclaw. Not his perferred weapon; Arbalan was a Sword type, and Rageclaw was NOT a sword. It was a lightning claw. He could USE it, after all, he was a marine, but still...

There. Virii... Arbalan revved his Chainsword as he closed in...
Seems to be you are getting invaded by two mets, and something you have never seen before.

((A small virus, about two and a half feet tall by Real World standards. Its fur is grey in color, and black rings wind around the circumference of its round body. Its limbs are short and stumpy, tipped with tiny black claws. A huge bottlebrush tail hangs behind it, often curled into the shape of a question mark. It looks to be more adept at rolling rather than walking, but it waddles about regardless. Its entire face is hidden behind a huge red festival mask, covered in decorative beads, hanging tassels and soft feathers.))

MetA: 40HP
MetB: 40HP
Bandcoon: 50HP

Arbalan: 100HP

Ready, Steady, GO!
Arbalan saw the Virii up ahead. Only three, and they didn't look like they could withstand persistant firepower. At least, not like the kind he applied.

"Cannon, please." Arbalan said, and soon the bolt pistol appeared in his hand, locked and loaded. Three... two... one... NOW! Arbalan quickly emptied the clip into the met on the side, the gun firing loudly and explosions and craters obscuring the met he targeted.

He continued to drive at full speed, getting dangerously close to the last two virii. "Shotgun, NOW!" Arbalan roared, and slide his bike to the side, so the tyres would be facing the enemy, and jumped off, letting the bike slam into the two Virii.

It exploded, shrapnel and burning fuel spreading everywhere. Arbalan grinned inside his mask even as he hit the ground hard, rolling to lower any sort of damage impact would do to him.

"Get ready to give me Rageclaw, My Lord." Arbalan said, standing up and awaiting the damage results. Supposedly, the attack should have killed them all, but still... Arbalan stood before the flames, awaiting a counterattack, his muscles ready to move at the hint of a possible counterattack.



Cannon: 40 dmg to Met A
Shotgun (Yeah, that's the bike): 50 DMG to metool B and Bandcoon.
The Cannon hits dead on... But the bike failed... Because you had to go off course to avoid the Bandcoon that was FLYING RIGHT TOWARDS YOUR FACE!!!!

MetA: dead
MetB: 40HP
Bandcoon: 50HP

Arbalan: 100HP
What the fu- Arbalan rolled to the side, dodging the charging Bandicoon, and began furiously praying to the Emperor, drawing and revving his chainsword.

"In the name of our Eternal Emperor, who sits on his Golden Throne on Holy Terra," Arbalan cried, as his chainsword revved to full power and began to glow with white light, "I deem you hereticus! May the Emperor forgive you, because I do not!" With that, Arbalan took his chainsword in both hands and slashed once, twice, three times into his maxim foe, before dropping his weapon and moving on to the last met.

Rageclaws appeared in his hands, represented with lightning claws, a pair of three-bladed gauntlets with the weapons extending past his arm. With quick haste he swang twice into it, the first strike a thrusting slash, and the second a sort of uppercut towards the met.

Would that kill the damn things? That Bandacoon, was it, was a strong foe. It could dodge area attacks it seemed, even managing to defend allies also targeted. Arbalan would have to remember that such foes were dangerous, and how to properly dispose of the durable creatures.



Bandacoon: Sig attack (70), 2TCD. Not sure how legal using a Sig attack on the second turn is, but..

Met B: Rageclawed (40)

Met B: RageClawed (40)

Durable little tyksters.
((You can use your sigs turn one man, the cooldown starts when you use it.))

The foes are more dead then a Necron that failed it's will be back roll

You gets 150 zenny