Checking out the Network

Bweem! After a short light show, Basilisk finally materialized in the Net.

"Hm... Not exactly the fanciest of networks, is it?" The Navi stretched all six of her limbs, exhaling loudly. "Wow, it feels GOOD to get out of that PET... hey, can't you increase my space on it or something? You've got all those other additions to it..."

"I'll consider it." Sarah was fumbling about on her desk, collecting her battlechips. "How about we find some viruses to fight so you can work off all that extra energy?

Basilisk silently pumped a fist. "I thought you'd never ask. Let's go then!"

And so she was off, walking at a somewhat brisk pace as she scouted for viruses or other interesting things.
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MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP

Basilisk.EXE: 100 HP

"Sarah, looks like we've got some viruses here!". The navi skimmed over the four newcomers. "Looks like... two Metool, and two ghost things. Ready when you are."

Sarah nodded, looking at the meager three chips she had. "Let's take out those Mets first. Split a Wavedash at them and then fire off some shots. We'll save the chips for later.

"Right then!" The Navi began to focus for a moment, a faint aura of greenish-blue energy gathering around her wings. Wavedash executing!"

Basilisk began skimming the ground, moving towards the first Metool. As she reached it, she paused for a second, and the aura around her wings dimmed as a sudden wave of energy shot out at the Metool like a knife. She was off again after the release, skimming towards the second Metool and letting off yet another wave of blue energy.

"I've got a bit of energy left. I'm going to create some distance."
"Go for it.

There was a slight shimmer as busters materialized on both of Basilisks hands. She glanced at the Metool beside her, firing off a shot, and started skimming backwards as she fired a second shot at the other Metool.

Action Summary:

1. Wavedash on MetoolA and MetoolB, 70 damage split to 35 each.
2. Regular buster shot to MetoolB [2 attack x 2 rapid x 2=8 damage]
*Gust: Dodge
3. Regular buster shot to MetoolA[8 damage]
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Basilisk takes the initiative and runs with it - literally. A single speedy surge of energy pours over the metools as she passes by, and the agile aqua-type aces the helmeted duo with a pair of buster shots. As the construction-helmeted viruses explode in a burst of light, the two ghosts look at each other with worried glances, as though having second doubts about taking on the harmless-looking female navi. Both launch an assault, and though one connects (10), the other misses badly due to Basilisk's adept dodging.

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP

Basilisk.EXE: 90 HP
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"Alwight! Two down, two to go, and with minimal damage!" Basilisk looked at the Spookies. "When I say when, send me that Rageclaw chip of yours, kay?"

Sarah shuffled through the stack. "One Rageclaw, ready for action!" She left it near the slot, ready for the signal.

Basilisk turned towards the two ghosts. "Incoming!" Without thought to the fact that announcing one's actions was bad battle form, not to mention the blatant ignoring of the second Spooky, she dashed towards the closest Spooky, firing off two buster shots at it."When!"

"Har har, Basilisk! Rageclaw slotting in!" The Navi's right hand lost it's buster, glowing a pale blue as it stretched into a wicked set of claws. Approaching the Spooky, she brought the claws down towards it.

1. Buster SpookyA [8]
2. Buster SpookyA [8]
3. Rageclaw SpookyA [40]
The Spooky was sent spinning through the air as if in the clutches of some odd dance routine by Basilisk's buster shots. Stop, hammer time; just as the Spooky managed to right itself, Basilisk tore it to pieces with her Rageclaw.

SpookyB: 50 HP

Basilisk.EXE: 90 HP
"Alright! One to go! Basilisk was feeling confident right now. "I'm ready for it!"

Sarah grabbed on of her two remaining chips. "Hold on a second, Basilisk. I'm sending a new chip. Shotgun, slot in!"

"What? Aw..." The curved claws shrunk away, replaced by what appeared to be a larger version of her dragon buster. "I liked that Rageclaw. But eh, variety is good, right?"

She pointed the Shotgun at the Spooky, wings glowing as a gust of wind suddenly spun around the ghost in an attempt to spin the virus around itself. As the wind faded off, the Navi fired off her shot, and mentally prepared in case it missed.

Battle Summary:

*Gust on SpookyB (Round and round and round we go...)
1. Shotgun SpookyB [50]
2-3. Dodge.
Just as the Spooky was about to attack, Basilisk fired the shotgun at point blank range, deleting it instantly.

SpookyB: Deleted

Basilisk.EXE: 90 HP
Rewards: 90z, Guard1
"And we are DONE!" Basilisk pumped a fist in the air. "Now let's see what we've won..."

The Navi's eyes misted over for a bit. "Looks like... 90 zenny, and... battlechip data. I'm sending it over now."

The PET dinged, signalling that it had gotten the data. Sarah opened up a drawer and dug out a blank chip, slipping it into the PET and downloading it on. " Data recieved, chip written looks like... a Guard1. So, how was that for some time to stretch?"

Basilisk's eyes cleared up, and she crossed her arms. "Hm... how 'bout another run? The rewards around here seem decent, and I wouldn't mind some more exercise... I've been stuck in that PET way too long!"

Sarah sighed. "Alright, alright... but if it looks like you're getting low on HP, I'm going to pull you out. I would like to explore where I've moved too!"

Basilisk nodded, running off again as she scouted for viruses. "Deal!"

[Battle 2?]
VIrus Attack!

CanodumbA: 50
ShrubbyA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
ShrubbyA: 50
Spikey: 90

Basilisk: 90

The shrubbies are hiding behind the Canodumbs!

Battle 2 Start!
[You've got 2 ShrubbyA there.]

Basilisk came to a halt, skidding at bit as she did. "Looks like we've got viruses!"

Sarah nodded, looking down at the chips and glancing back at the screen. "Nice. So, what do we have to fight?"

"Looks like... hm. Two Canodumbs, and a Spikey."
"That it?"
"Yeaaaa....wait. Looks like there something growing behind the Canodumbs... can't tell exactly, though." She squinted and leaned to the side a bit to try and get a better look...

"Oy, stay alert! I'm sending a Shotgun chip, it might hit whatever you think you're seeing behind the Canodumb!"

Basilisk straightened up as her buster formed, modified slightly to fit with the Shotgun chip. "Why didn't I think of that... firing now!"

She whipped the buster towards the first gun virus and fired it off, aiming slightly downwards to hit the mysterious bush. "Sarah, send me a Rageclaw in a bit!"

"I'm guessing you're pulling a Wavedash, then?" Sarah grabbed a chip from her collection.

Instead of responding, Basilisk focused for a second, her wings glowing. "Executing Wavedash!" She shot forward, avoiding the Canodumbs and Shrubbies as she targeted the lone Spikey. A pause, and a wave of energy rushed out towards the target. As she faced it, Sarah slotted in a Cannon chip.

Basilisk seemed to falter for a second, but shot the Cannon at the Spikey before pulling back with a gust of wind. "I said Rageclaw, not Cannon!"

"Saving that chip for later, you always override it before you can get any decent use out of it."

Battle Summary:
1. Shotgun CanodumbA, possible splash to ShrubbyA [50]
2. Wavedash Spikey
3. Cannon Spikey [40]
*Gust: Dodge
((Forgot the damage for your Wavedash. Since you put only one target, I'm assuming that you're doing the full 70. Also, A switched to B in this post.))

The shotgun blast hits the Canodumb and the resulting explosion destroys the Shrubby as well. The navi then used her special to damage a Spikey before finishing it off with a projectile. The canodumb attacks, but it misses due to weather.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
ShrubbyA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: 50
ShrubbyB: 50
Spikey: DELETED!

Basilisk: 90
"There! I deleted those viruses!" Basilisk looked up in a 'shouting to God' sort of way. "NOW can I have that Rageclaw?"

"Fine, fine... Rageclaw slotting it!" The dragon-shaped buster was replaced by three long, curved claws, and the Navi grinned before running towards the final two opponents. "BOOYAH!"


Following the... rather odd battlecry, she set upon the Canodumb, ripping at it twice with the claws. Then, in a display of acrobatic skill, she flipped over the first target with a nice little wind-assisted backflip and landed behind the Shrubby with a grin.

"Why hello there!" With that, she swiped the claw at the bush, determined to... cut it down to size.

Battle Summary:
1. Rageclaw CanodumbB [40]
2. Rageclaw CanodumbB [40]
*Gust: Fancy-shmancy backflip behind ShrubbyB
3. Rageclaw ShrubbyB [40]