Online, Again, with Lux

As Lux sped from his Pet, a lightning bolt struck the ground on the net, as it faded, Lux appeared on the net. I still think I have a far cooler way of appearing than many people. Well, atleast better than any human. How many Human's do you know who can do that? Lux thought to himself.

"Alright, I have arrived on the net." Lux informed his Operator.

"Great." Gray replied. Well, atleast we know my wireless internet works. He thought.

"So, I will begin looking for some Viruses to battle." Lux said.

"Sound's good. Just be careful. I'll be right here waiting. Well, and enjoying this nice weather, but mainly just waiting for you." Gray responded.

"I will be careful, and I will alert you when I find something. Enjoy the weather." Lux said, happily. He's awfully funny sometimes. I mean, he could have just said he'd be waiting. Hah, that's one of he reason's I like him. Becuase he's so funny and honest.

And with those thoughts, Lux headed off in search of a battle, as Gray sat on his porch, watching the Pet and enjoying the weather, as he said he would.
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
CanodumbC: 50 HP

Lux.EXE: 100 HP

"Gray, I have encountered a few viruses." Lux informed his operator.

"Yeah, looks like it. Hey, they don't look too hard, this fight should be managable." Gray responded."Here, try the whole 'Triangle Shotgun' manuever again. You know, Where you shoot Enemy A, try to splash damage to Enemy B, the shoot enemy C, and again try to splash Enemy B. You know what I'm talking about?" He inquired.

"Yes, I do remember trying that, and, if I recall correctly, I think that it did work out quite nicely. It should work well on the stationary Canodumbs." Lux answered.

"Alright then, I'm glad you know what I was talking about. Well, here you go." Gray replied, as he sent Lux the shotgun data.

"Thank you." Lux responded. Grasping the shotgun that had appeared in his hands, he started booking it towards his left. He tried to line him self up as well as he could so that the farthest left Canodumb and the middle Canodumb would be lined up. Gripping his shotgun tightly, he pulled it up to eye-level. Then, carefully lining up his aim, he pulled the trigger, and fired.

"God job, now for the next one. You can can do it." Gray encouraged, as he sent Lux the second shotgun. Now running to his right, Lux tried to line himself up again, but this time with the canodumbs on the farthest right and middle. Once again pulling his shotgun to eye-level, he took a second to line up his aim with the things "head", and fired the gun.

Well, it would be great if that worked. I hope it did. Let's see, what to try next? . . . Ow, I know! Lux thought. "Gray, could you please send me our new Guard chip?" he asked.

"Sure, I'd like to see how it works, too. Alright I'm sending it now." Gray answered. And with that a large yellow sheild appeared infront of Lux, with a handle on the back of it for him to hold it with. Wow, that is awfully large. Lux thought. I'm sure I can lift it, but it looks heavy. And it's as big as me. Well, I guess that's good, becuase its supposed to sheild you from damage. Alright, here I go. Lux thought, as he moved the sheild. Lining it up in the general direction of the Metools, he stood behing his large sheild, holding it infront of him.

Wow, i'm happy I don't need to carry this around always. He thought, as he stared at the guard. But atleast it should stop a little damage from harming me.

1. Shotgun to CanodumbC, hoping to splash CanodumbB [50 dmg, possible splash]
2. Shotgun to CanodumbA, hoping to splash CanodumbB [50 dmg, possible splash]
3. Guard1 attacks from Metools
Two Canodumbs immediately fell to the wrath of Lux's Shotguns, striking before the viruses could get a shot in edgewise. A Metool slammed down its pickaxe, sending a shockwave his way, but his Guard bounced the attack right back to the virus.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 30 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: 50 HP
CanodumbC: DELETED!

Lux.EXE: 100 HP
Seeing that the shotgun's shots had had no effect on the middle Canodumb, Lux started thinking.

"Oh well, looks like it didn't work. But, come on, you can't complain. I mean, in one turn, you deleted two enemies, damaged a third, got to try out a new chip, and along with all this, you didn't take a scratch. That is awesome, and you did great. Keep it up." Gray encouraged.

"Thank you very much." Lux replied. He wanted to come up with a good way to defeat the remaining Canodumb. Hm, what should be strong enough to kill a Canodumb? Well, what chips do I have left? Oh, I know! Rageclaw should work nicely. He decided.

"Gray, could you please send me our Rageclaw chip?" Lux requested.

"Sure, here you go." was the answer Gray gave. As Gray finished saying this, Lux looked down to see his right glove grow and the blade split into three smaller blades. As they appeared, he started running towards the last Canodumb. With both arms trailing behind him, he rapidly shortened the length between him and his target.

Once he was within range, he stopped short, swinging his rageclaw arm out infront of him, attempting to slice across the virus horizontally. Then, soon after he had swung up his right arm, he followed it up with his left arm, this time attempting to slice the virus with his normal blade. Once his swings had both been finished, he leaped back, and with that sudden backwards jump, he hoped to avoid some attack.

Whew, I hope that worked. But even if it didn't, it was still pretty cool. Lux thought to himself.

1.Rageclaw to CanodumbB (40 dmg)
2.Normal Attack to CanodumbB (11 dmg)
The combination of a Rageclaw slash and a sword stab took down the Canodumb. A Metool fired a shockwave at the Navi, but Lux was already well out of the way by the time it had passed.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 30 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
CanodumbC: DELETED!

Lux.EXE: 100 HP
"Great Job, Lux. Three down, three to go." Gray said.

"Thank you." Lux replied. He started thinking on what his next move could be. Well, There are only three virus left. And to make the situation better,, all three are Metools, who happen to be one of the easier sets of viruses. Well, I could try to very quickly finish them off, kill them off interestingly, or continue in my slow and steady manner, making sure to dodge as I fight them, which will take a little while longer. Lux thought of his remaining chips. Oh, I have three Cannons remaining. They can take out a Met apeice, which would win this for me. Lux realised.

"Gray," he said, "Could you please send me the three Cannons?"

"Sure, but not at once. I can do it one at a time, if you'd like." Gray responded, chuckling slightly.

Lux felt slightly embarrassedfor his slight error. Of course they both knew that sending three cannons at once was impossible, but he had neglected to say that last part. "Yes, of course, that would be fine." He said, in a more quiet, meak voice.

"Don't worry about it, I was only jokinbg around. I knew what you meant." Gray told him.

"Yes, okay." he said, more happily. However, I did make a mistake. And maybe I can make up for it, even if only to myself, if I do this right. Okay, that sounds like a plan. Looking at the three Metools, he ran to line himself up with them. Once he arrived infront of the viruses, and was lined up directlyt infront of the middle one, he held up his palm. With his Cannon chip implemented, he lined up his aim. Once he had gotten himself targetted on the middle Metool's black shadowy orb of a body, he said "Three . . ." quietly to himself, and fired the blast of energy.

Once he had realeased that blast, Gray slotted in the next Cannon, and Lux turned to the Metool to his right. Once again carefully lining up his aim, he said "Two . . .", and fired another blast of energy from his palm and at the metool.

After this shot was fired, Gray once again slotted in a Cannon chip, the third and final one, as Lux turned to face his third and final enemy Metool. Lining up his aim just one more time, he targetted the little virus, aiming a shot between its eyes, said "One . . .", and fired off the blast of energy.

I hope that that worked. If it did, this battle will have been one of our best ones yet. Lux thought to himself.

1.Cannon to Metool B (40 dmg)
2.Cannon to Metool C (40 dmg)
3.Cannon to Metool A (40 dmg)
With three quick Cannon blasts, the fight was over.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
CanodumbC: DELETED!

Lux.EXE: 100 HP


Get: 280z!
"Good Job, Lux, that was pretty cool." Gray said, after witnessing the battle's conclusion.

"Thank you. I thought I did well too. And the ending did turn out incredibly." Lux replied. "You did a great job as well."

"Thanks, but you really deserve all the credit. So what did we win?" Gray asked.

"Oh, I will send that to you now." Lux answered, as he did just that.

Looking at the Pet, he looked over their prize. "Oh, 280 zenny, that's pretty good."

"Yes, we have made a relatively large amount of money for just one day." Lux responded.

As they spoke, Gray's Mother opened the door. "Hey, Gray, time for supper." she informed him.

"Oh, ok. Thanks." Gray said. "Well, looks like that's enough busting for today." he said to Lux.

"Okay". Lux replied, as he jacked out of the net.