So you know how subtypes were the only real big systems thing so far this year? Yeah, here's the rest of it. XD


The buster is finally getting separated from the NC, everyone. Wowzers. The buster now is built through PowerUPs (a la BN1 and 2), and additional Element Upgrades and Effect Upgrades, which let you modify your buster to do fun things like Fire Splash, Aqua Phasing, Elec Break, and Wood Homing. A full explanation can be found in the buster rules topic, and all the necessary buster upgrades are now available in the Navi shop. The list of these new Element and Effect Upgrades can be found here.

Of course, that means we need to have some sort of transition from the NC buster system to the new standalone one. And here's how it plays out:

There will be a topic in the Profile Edit registration forum, similiar to when we did the subtype conversion. There, you will be able to choose from 1 of 2 options: exchanging all NC buster parts and NC Expansions related to those buster parts for an equivalent exchange of buster upgrades, or liquidating all NC buster parts for 1000z a piece. Post with your choice, and we'll approve the change.


Programs, programs, and more programs! Yes! I'm too lazy to list them all out here, so check the program list and try to see what's changed. The Attack, Rapid, and Charge programs are gone for reasons seen above. Some of the new programs are available in the shop, as well.

With the Attack, Rapid, and Charge programs gone, something was bound to change in the starter pack. We ended up decided to give everyone a choice among select NC programs to go along with your UnderShirt. Check here to see what your options are.

And NO, this is not retroactive. So all you regular members, I don't want to set Set Glass programs popping up in your NCs for no reason. XD

Because we couldn't leave well enough alone. SPs now have new attack abilities similiar to the new buster upgrades, along with 2 new Special abilities that everyone should like. Check them out here.