Training Battle!

"Plug-in! Eriol.EXE! Transmission!" Hatsuya shouted as he sends his Navi to the ACDC network...

In the ACDC Network, a large, blue circle with odd symbols appeared on the floor and then blue fly-sized dusts flew upward and it was Eriol.EXE coming to ACDC Network...

"Cool, Eriol! You have your Cardcaptor-ish stuff eh?" Hatsuya was amazed.
"Yep, you got that right, Hats! OK, let's find some viruses in order to start..." Eriol.EXE replied.
"OK!" Hatsuya agreed.

Eriol.EXE began wandering around the network...
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP

Eriol.EXE: 100 HP

"OK Hatsuya! I think we have company! Are you ready?" Eriol.EXE asked his blue-haired operator
"Yup! Let's go!" Hatsuya replied with excitement...

"Clow Rifle, full-auto!!!" Eriol.EXE shouted as he brought out his blue rifle, sets its firing method to full-auto and he fired his rifle to the group. After firing his Clow Rifle to the mob, Hatsuya prepared his Cannon chip and asked Eriol to dash backward and the blue-haired operator shouted:

"Cannon chip! Slot-in!" Hatsuya shouted and inserted the chip to his PET and he noticed Eriol's Clow Rifle glowed and it morphed into a green, long-barreled gun and fired it to the Shrubby...

After attacking the Shrubby, Eriol moved back...

Turn Summary:
1) Eriol fired his Clow Rifle, damages the group (10dmg to the three? Is this allowable?)
2) Cannon to the ShrubbyA! [40dmg]
3) Dodge
[There are two types of actions that you can take with your Custom Weapon. You can made a standard attack, which deals damage equal to your Attack x Rapid + 5--in your case, 9. This costs one action to do. You can also charge attack, which deals Attack x Charge + 20. In your case, that would be 24 damage. Charging takes three actions, though; the first two actions are spend charging, and the third is spent unleashing your charge attack.]