Battle routine set..EXICUTE!

Zexis.exe's body started to a pear as he jacked into the net. The feeling of being half one place and half the other always gave him the willies. As soon as his eyes appeared he stared survaying the area around him. He was in a net square of some kind right next to a pleasant caf`e that smelt of hot cyber coffee and delicious cyber treats. The net square was crouded full of navis rushing hither and thither in all directions. As soon as stepped into the throng he was swept towards a large building with a neon sign proclaming "CLUB NAVI". Zexis realized that he was not going to get out of the square unless he did something fast, So he did what came natural to him. He let out a giant roar. The dense pack of navis sournding him had thin enough for him to slip down a side allyway. He could hear Septimus chuckling from the other world. Zexis clenched his jaw and sped down the ally and went into another and another until he could only hear the sound of the ocational cyber breeze. He started the hunt.
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MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP

Septimus.EXE: 100 HP

((ok i just did, also it is Zexis.exe Septimus is his op.))

Zexis survied the area. He could see mounted cannons on one side and ridiculous looking creatures with hard hats o n the other. The allyway was small and the had him trapped. Puffing himself up Zexis let out a monstrous roar and started advancing towards the nearest meattar. Zexis's claws turned red as he got closer to the virii.
"Be careful." Septimus warned "they are stronger than they appear." "now i am going to give you the cannon chip attack the first meatar with it" Zexis's arm twiched as the orders were given.
"roger" he said and leeped into the fray as his arm turned into a cannon. He fire a powerful blast at the virus.
"now for rage claw." said septimus as he slotted in the chip. Zexis's arm turned into its normal self except both arms had huge claws on them. Bellowing he dashed forwrd tring to slash at Meattar B and cannonA

1. Canno to metA
2. Rage claw to met B
3. Rage claw to cannonA
The Cannon tore up one Met, and the Rageclaw ripped open the other. However, Zexis' third Rageclaw slashed swung just wide, barely missing its Canodumb target.

CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP

Zexis.EXE: 100 HP
Zexis cursed as he missed th cannon by inches. Growling he ran toward the cannon again from a different angle and slashed twice. He then ran towards the next cannon his red streak pulsing with a dangerous arau((sorry i can't spell)). He slashed at the remaning cannon with as much power as he could.

1.Rageclaw to cannon A
2.Rageclaw to cannon A again
3. Rageclaw to cannonB
The first Rageclaw slash cut up the Canodumb, but the second missed it, unable to finish the virus off. Despite that, Zexis moved onto the next Canodumb, severely slicing that one up as well. One of the Canodumbs fired a shot at him, hitting the Navi.

CanodumbA: 10 HP
CanodumbB: 10 HP

Zexis.EXE: 80 HP