Midnight Busting Run

Phoenix was beamed into the Net, or rather, flown into the Net by himself. "Hmm, well, glad to see that the scenery changes from day to night," Phoenix thought, surveying his surroundings. It was a lot darker than it had been in daytime, and the cyber sun had become a cyber moon, glowing eerily against the black sky. "Hmm, a little indulgence wouldn't hurt," Phoenix thought, activating the Spirit.GMO. Waiting for the sequence, he was counting for how many seconds it took to happen, when about when the sequence should have started, there was nothing. "What? Was that thing a once-only?" Phoenix muttered. Shrugging, he started walking off, when he froze, a look of pain and shock on his face. Then, his body rising limply into the air, like an enormous ragdoll, data started flowing off of him into the air. In the end, nothing but a small fist-sized ball of glowing blue fire appeared, which shaped itself into Spirit Phoenix. "That was fun," he said to himself, then floated off in search of viruses.


Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
Spikey: 90

Pheonix: 100

Battle 1 Start!
"All right, here it comes, niiiice and easy," Phoenix mocked in his new ghostly voice. He counted his foes: two Metools, and a Spiky. "The pup goes down first," Phoenix thought aloud, spreading his pale blue wings.

Starting by activating his level one signature attack, the Golden Wing, Phoenix started to round out. Turning into a pale blue ball of fire after about five seconds, the ball burst to reveal six identical firebirds. Soaring through the air, they arced around, away from the viruses. Flying in perfect formation, they flew in a quick somersault, now flying at the virii. Screaming towards their single target; the Spiky, all six collided on one spot, making a spectacular ghostly blue explosion. After the smoke cleared, a fine silver ash was in the air, which floated back to one spot before reforming as Phoenix, Spirit style.

"Winds, assist me," Phoenix said, floating higher and flapping his firey wings. The gentle night breeze quickly turned into a strong gust, propelling Phoenix through the night sky. It was an eerie sight to see: a pale blue figure against the pitch black sky, assisted by the winds.

Plotting out a course, Phoenix started to fly in a large circle around the viruses. "A moving target is a hard target, especially when it has intelligence, unlike yourselves," Phoenix explained to the viruses. He knew that they probably couldn't understand him, but it was fun to taunt them. Breaking out of the circle, he started flitting around in totally random patterns, trying to throw the viruses off.

0. Gust - use to enhance first dodge

1. Golden Wing (6x10 to Spiky)

2. Gust-assisted dodge

3. Dodge
Golden Wing crashed into the Spikey, dealing a devistating blow to the virus, but didn't quite destroy it. One of the Metools raised its pickaxe and sent a shockwave in Phoenix's direction, but he leapt nimbly aside.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
Spikey: 30

Pheonix: 100
"Hmm, its been a while since I've killed with my abilities alone. I guess I am a little rusty," Phoenix said, spiraling away from the Met's shockwave. "Well, time to wrap this dog up and serve it," he called to the viruses, trying to instill a little fear in with the pain he'd already inflicted. It was time to put this goddamn puppy outta its misery.

Hovering in the air, Phoenix closed his eyes and began to charge up his energy. His ghostly blue feathers began to flare up with a greater intensity. All heat in the area began to solidify into snakelike coils of flame, temporarily making the place seem almost unbearably frozen. The coils slithered through the air, towards Phoenix, who was somehow moving in his stationary position. He had the winds to thank, as he continuously gathered enough heat to make his standard programs operational for the first time in about five months. After a while, a voice in Phoenix's head said "Weapon systems rebooted," and he opened his eyes. The yellow orbs that were Spirit's eyes were literally flaming, burning along with the rest of his body. "Now feel true flame!" Phoenix yelled in a voice that was not his. Holding out one hand, every fire coil circling him shot into the flame, making it a good three times larger than Phoenix. With a mighty roar, he launched the flame.

It started as a ball, just floating on the spot, but eventually started changing shape. Wings grew out the back, feathers burst, a cruelly hooked beak took shape, until the fireball had turned into a mighty-looking phoenix. Spreading its wings, the bird shot towards the Spiky. As it exploded, millions of small ropes of flame shot out from the spot, eventually disappating and turning back into the heat of the area. Phoenix smiled. He was back in business.

0. Gust - use to move self while charging

1. Charge (also siphoning all heat from the area, just as fluff)

2. Charge (also siphoning all heat from the area, just as fluff)

3. Charge Shot to Spiky (36, heat of area comes back)
The Spikey is torched. A met attacks, but the gust shifts Pheonix out of the way.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
Spikey: DELETED!

Pheonix: 100
Feathery wings guiding him around the shockwave, Phoenix landed softly, midnight breeze blowing his long, silky hair behind him. "Let's see, now, what to do to these little annoyances," he thought aloud, emphasising on the word 'annoyance.' Pondering for a second, he opened his eyes, smirking. He'd thought of something, and it wasn't gonna be pretty.

Putting a hand against his left arm, Phoenix plucked a feather from his arm. It was beautifully shaped; a wavy-edged feather that was pale blue at the tip, then became darker and darker going down until it became black at the bottom. Taking it in his open palm, he held it up to the sky, as if it were an offering to the gods. At first, nothing happened, but after a few seconds, the feather began to shiver. It struggled to hold on to Phoenix's hand before the now-strong wind lifted it and blew it away. The winds intensified until the storm it had created was near-opaque, near-impossible to see through. Using the storm to blind the Mets, Phoenix took his sweet time floating around the storm to behind the Metools.

Upon getting behind them, the storm subsided, leaving the Mets most likely confused of where Phoenix was. Silently snickering at the Met's stupidity, he decided to do things the slow way. Lighting his arms and only his arms in such a way that at the shoulder, the flames were tiny, but increased in size until they were burning in their normal blaze on his hands. Holding his hands out, arcing waves of ghostly-blue flame shot towards the Metools.

The flames streaked towards their respective targets, but just before hitting their targets, they stopped, completely motionless. Then, they shot up, around, and shot right at their faces, in hopes of further blinding them.

Gust: Use to blind Met/Mets.

1. Get behind Mets

2. Golden Crescent to MetoolA (9)

3. Golden Crescent to MetoolB (9)
The disoriented mets are knocked around by the attacks!

MetoolA: 31
MetoolB: 31
Spikey: DELETED!

Pheonix: 100
"Ehh, this is too easy. Mets don't pose enough of a challenge," Phoenix said, spitting an ember. Sighing, he prepared to begin the final part of the attack.

Flapping his wings as hard as he could, the wind quickly intensified around him. Forming another near-opaque storm, he spun on the spot three times, turning it into a twisting, gyrating tornado. Phoenix then stopped flapping, but the tornado did not die away. Raising a hand, the storm travelled up his body and came to rest on his hand, looking like a ball of white. Pointing at a Met, the tiny ball floated at the Met, and exploded.

Somehow, the storm contained within the marble-sized ball retained all the fury it possessed when it was first created. The winds howled as they crashed around the Met, blinding it, covering it in the raging anger of the storm. Watching his handiwork, Phoenix began to glow. His blazing feathers burned with a new power; the flames growing larger with every passing second. Finally, when it was so big that Phoenix appeared twice his actual size, he let off all the excess fire in one giant fireball.

The fireball, like the last time, sat there for a while, then started to morph. The fire appeared to semi-solidify, and change color, and became....

A kamikaze watermelon?!?!?!?!

With a "Du du du DUU, du DUU!" the watermelon shot from it's stationary position, whizzing towards the most likely confused Met.

0. Gust - Use to blind MetA

1. Charge

2. Charge

3. Charge Shot: Fooby the Kamikaze Watermelon? to MetB
((Normally I'd beat people for switching their custom weapon for an attack, but what the hell, its amusing. Just don't forget damages next time.))
The bomb hits, covering the met in a spotted pink goo. The other attacks, but misses.

MetoolA: 31
Spikey: DELETED!

Pheonix: 100
<(Well, his charged attack has no set appearance, as well as his normal custom, so I have a 'little' more freedom with what I do with it. Sorry for forgetting the damage, I've been away for a week.)>

Laughing with gusto at his improvised attack, Phoenix took a few deep breaths, and returned his thoughts to the battle. About to charge up another Fooby, he then paused, and smirked. His Golden Wing was usable again. "The grand finale is imminent," Phoenix whispered.

Morphing into a large blue fireball, Phoenix shuddered for five seconds, then exploded. Suddenly, out of the blue, six firey birds flew out of the smoke. Leaving trails of glowing embers and white smoke behind them, they made beautiful designs in the air, flying in perfect unison. The six flew high, using their embers and smoke to carve the word "PHOENIX" in the sky. The letters remained in the sky, shimmering a pale blue against the night sky.

Then, the six phoenixes turned their firey beaks down and dived. Spiraling around each other, the six had one thought shared between them, "Get the Met." Upon reaching the ground, they started circling the Met. Gradually making smaller circles towards the Metool, all six eventually collided on one spot....

1. Golden Wing to MetA (6x10)

2. not-zing

3. not-zing

((Really? No set appearance, huh? A bit unorthedox, but you usually manage to do something interesting with attacks. Also, welcome back.))

The feathery attacks wipe out the last met.

Spikey: DELETED!

Pheonix: 100

Rewards: 250z
Fine silver ash floated away from the blast mark in the ground, reforming as Phoenix, now changed back to his default appearance. Scooping up the zenny, he paused, and walked over to the place the first Met had been. The pink, watermelony goo of his Fooby attack was still there. Scooping a finger into it, he licked it off his talon. "Yum," he said, scooping the watermelony yumminess into his other wing. Once tucked into the feathers, both the fruit and the zenny disappeared into the PET. Phoenix then followed the two streams of data, a red-gold streak against the midnight-blue sky.