American's Net Police Mission

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American finally reached ACDC, his panting now heavy breathing. He never really liked to run that far, or that fast. So he decided to sit down, and take a small break while waiting. "So Bo, its a cropping of Mets? What kind of lowdown mission is this?" American then layed his back against the cold hard ground, of his old stomping grounds.

Bo began to break out in a series of fast paced questions directed back at American. "So, you think your too good for this? You don't want to fight for justice, or your country? You won't fight for Netopia?" Bo, then began to curse under his breath. "Piece of shit."

"You know it, don't you Bo?" American layed still on his back. His rifle next to him, and began to sleep.
American spots... Metool. Lots and lots of Metool.

Metoolx45: 1800 (Total)

American: 120

They don't appear to have noticed him, of if they have they don't really care, and they're all simply walking towards somewhere... perhaps he should follow them?
American lifted himself up off the ground, and then grabbed his rifle. He holstered it and then ran over to a overhanging ledge over the metools. He began to stare down at them, just waiting for his chance to jump down. American had to think his plan through, for what he was going to do after he jumped down. "Gotta make sure this works, or else I'm as good as fighting now." American walked over to the ledge, and then jumped off, he held his arms up in the air. Hopefully he was going to hit a spot of no metools.
American... falls down on the helmet of a Metool, scaring the others who all quickly surround him, holding their pickaxes threateningly.

One of them shouts out a frantic stream of "Meep"s, and they all raise their pickaxes, preparing to strike... Just when they're about to smack the ground with the things, sending out about 40 Shockwaves at American, the one he omfgpwnt with his flying tackle speaks up, seemingly calming the others as it climbs out from under American.

It meeped at the bewildered navi happily, then with a few more quick meeps in some sort of odd exchange between it and the other Metools, they all walk off, heading towards wherever the hell they were going before... and leaving American behind.

American notices before they walk off, however, that the color of the Metool he fell on's construction hat tape is different... It's blue instead of green. Perhaps it's the leader of the group?

Metool Leader?: 40
Metoolx44: 1760 (Total)

American: 120
"That one seems happy to see me. Even though I jumped on top of it." American looked around, the mets bagan to presume their march leaving him behind. He began to stare at the met he had jumped on, it was kinda different. Not by much though was what threw American off. "I guess I better just follow them and see whats up." American said as he began to walk after them. If he knew how to speak Met, he would talk to them.
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Metool Leader?: 40
Metoolx44: 1760 (Total)

American: 120

The Metools walk for a while, before eventually stopping at a single point... with nothing there. They sit there for a while, and just as American is about to leave, out of nowhere a door appears, and the Mets all walk inside.
"A door, who the hell makes an appearing door in the middle of nowhere? And how do these mets know about it?" American said as his boggling mind tried to sort out all of the questions he wanted answered. If his questions weren't answered, he was going to have to talk to he Police about this. Maybe they knew something he didn't about these mets.

American began to march forward along with the mets. Even though it had seemed the mets were happy to see him. He only had to wonder, are they just trying to lead him to a trap that could possible just end up killing him. American didn't care much about that, so he decided to take the large leap into the door.
American struts in the door after the Metools... and it shuts behind him, a white corridor the only thing in the area. American walks down the corridor, to the other end... where it opens up upon a village in a green, fertile area. It seems to be mostly undeveloped, considering that there's no pavement of any kind and everything is built out of wood.

A closer look around reveals quite a few pairs of Metool eyes cautiously peering out from behind objects, all of which instantly hide the moment American spots them. Are they... scared?

A noise, followed by a look behind American reveals that the corridor is gone as well-- there goes the idea of leaving. A voice calls out from in front of American, drawing his attention forward. "What is your business here?"

It's a woman. She doesn't look navi-esque at all, though nowadays that's not uncommon. She's also draped in battle armor with markings similar to the helmets of Metools... and blue tape.

Metool Woman?: ????

American: 120
American walked closer, he had to keep his mind away from battling. He couldn't risk mistaking this woman for an enemy, and then actually finding out she was a ally from the beginning. "Well, I followed that corridor. As soon as I got here, the corridor dissipitated probably." American scanned over the woman with his eyes. The armor seemed Met like, which was pretty interesting. And she had blue tape like the one metool. Maybe this navi, was the blue taped met he had landed on earlier.

"I'm sorry if I have intruded. It was not my intentions, but I was ordered by the Net Police to inspect a met gathering."

Bo took a step back in real life, he couldn't believe this. A met girl or something, was this going to be American's fate after all of this. These were scared of him, and people could only wonder why. Bo knew American hadn't deleted many mets lately, heck he didn't even kill the mets in the beginning. But was that just smart planning, or was there something American knew and he didn't.

"I'm his operator, Bo. This is American, if he hadn't introduced himself. He'll do anything for a pretty face."
"Hm. So I see." The woman scratched her chin, and American got a better look at her. She has blazing red hair, a light skin tone, her eyes are a deep blue, like the ocean, and she has that Metool-esque armor on... but other than that, she has no distinctive features.

"I will tell you about this place, then." The woman said, her voice a calm, hushed tone. She pulled out a staff, the head from a Metool's pickaxe at the top, and smacked the butt-end of it against the ground with a loud "Thump", causing a previously unseen horde of Metool to flood into the area.

"This place... is a sanctuary for Metool-class virii who have grown sentient. I go out on a daily basis, my form mimicking that of theirs, and find the ones who are no longer mindless drones, bringing them here where they'll not be hunted by navis." She motioned to the Metools around her, "These virii... are like my children to me. Thus, I'll do everything in my power to protect them. Even if it means moving the entrance to this place."

She stepped forward through the small crowd, and stood at the front, staring at American. "My name is Metallia. I am the guardian of this place. Wouldst you be one who would cause harm to my children... or one who would protect them, saying nothing of what you have found?"

Metallia: ????

American: 120
"I wish not harm to your Mets. But, once I leave, I shall try and keep the Net Police away from here. But, if they have been tracking me. I cannot guarentee the safety or you or your Mets. But I sware, I shall direct the Police as far away from this location as possible.Just to protect you, and the Mets you love so much."

American lowered his arms to his side. He was awaiting Metallia's decision on if he could leave with his life, or if he was staying in the met village. American lifted his hand to his temple, and saluted Metallia. "I will respect your decision, even if it means forcing me to stay here."

Metallia arched her right eyebrow, and stared at American. She sighed and walked towards him, putting a hand on his shoulder. A stream of data flooded American's pathways, and in an instant, he transformed into a Metool as the transferred GMO overtook him. He had blue armor, and red tape on his construction hat, while his pickaxe was a shiny gold. Normally, Metools have a small plus on their helmets; American had a white star. ((Image))

Metallia bent down to American's new height, and gave him a light kiss on his new helmet. "Thank you. This form is not permanent-- it is what the humans call a GMO. It is a sign of your word... and like your word, it should not be broken easily." Metallia stood up, said some words that American didn't catch as she swung her pickstaff around, and lightly bopped him on the helmet with it. A bright light filled American's vision, and when it faded, he found himself exactly where he had entered the sanctuary... only the door was gone.

(Obtain: Amerimet.GMO!

This GMO transforms American into This, and gives him the ability to speak in the Metool language! Of course, that's all he can speak in while in this form, so his speech sounds like a flurry of meeps to any other creatures/navis. His custom weapon also becomes a gold Pickaxe.)
American looked around, it was like he was seeing in met vision. He began to speak to Bo, but all that came out were meeps. How was he supposed to talk to Bo if he was just a met? No matter, he knew Bo would jack him out, and then he would be back in his normal attire. American was jacked out, in a large red, white, and blue beam. The colors seperating when he hit the top of the net.

((Jacked out))