Midnight Training

a small data appears somewhere at the net, after a few seconds....the data began to formed itself into a shape of a navi....it's Arbalest.exe!, as soon as he found himself at ACDC.net, he make his movement towards the portal that connects him to other place....

5 minutes later....

" gahh, where's the portal??? it should be around here somewhere.... " Arbalest feels a bit upset, he cannot find the portal that leads him to Slade's area....

" maybe he's already detonate it.... " guessed Arch.... " don't you remember??? " he resumed....

" sigh, it was too soon....oh well, let's bust some viruses....on our own! "

((req. virii battle no1))
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
BunyB: 50
BunnyC: 50

Arbalest: 140

Battle 1 Start!
a pack of viruses block Arbalest's way, it seems that they want a fight....Arbalest get ready, transforming his right hand into a buster.... " always warm up before get into the real fight.... " Arbalest said to himself...

meanwhile....Arch took three battlechips, a different type for each of them....he want Arbalest to get used with all kinds of battlechips....he insert cannon first, followed by a shotgun and vulcan1....the coded data inside those battlechips were converted, forming a shape like a bullet and loaded into Arbalest's buster....before he begin to bust any of them, he rotates his crossbow-buster....adjust the position of the bow so he can get a better view....he take aim and fires a cannon at a bunny, then he release a blue energy shot towards another bunny....

as he's busy with the bunnies, a met trying to attack him from sideways....Arbalest spotted the met, he turned away from the bunnies and concentrate at the met....slowly he walk towards the met, picking up his speed after each second passes....it seems that he's going to confront the met face to face.... " take this, vulcan gun!!!.... " cried Arbalest while firing triple shot towards the met....

" hmm, I think Arbalest had finally mastered gun chips....he should learn something new right now, time to be my past.... "

[ cannon(50) >>> bunnyC ]
[ shotgun(60) >>> bunnyB ]
[ vulcan1(20*3) >>> metA ]
Arbalest's guns destroyed the Bunnies easily, although one did get a Zapring hit in. Shrugging off any paralysis the attacks might have brought, Arbalest managed to get two vulcan hits in on the enemy Metool: that was all he needed.


Arbalest: 140

Rewards: 200 zenny.
all shot from Arbalest hit their target, and deletes them instantly by coincidence....

" good job Arbalest.... " praised Arch...

" you think so....I never expected that I could kill them so easily.... " Arbalest pretend that he didn't know, actually he felt uneasy when people praised him....

" well you just did....anyway, go and find some more viruses....and don't worry, I won't fall asleep.... " replied Arch....

Arbalest cuts off the connection that enable him to talk with his operator, he goes to the other side of the net....

(req. virii battle no.2))
Virus Attack!

CanodumbA: 50
ShrubbyA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
ShrubbyB: 50
Spikey: 90

Arbalest: 140

Battle 2 Start!
" let the real fight begin! " Arbalest shouted as he's being sorrounded by a spikey and a couple of cannodumbs and shrubbies....he's ready to kill them anytime, it's all depend on Arch, which and when the battlechip will he insert.... " this will be easy for you Arbalest, vulcan1 double slot-in.... " words came from Arch, there are vulcan chips between his fingers....

then, all of sudden....

" wait!!! stop!!! dont slot-in those chips!!! " he shouts at Arch....he's stunned for a second, and confused as well.... " what's wrong? " Arch questions.... " I got this 'mail' entitled Attention: Sub-Type! and it seems kinda important.... " Arbalest replied, and Arch instruct him to read the mail just as he expected....he read the mail from the begining to the end and found out that there's a major changes regarding sub-type, attack damage from all battlechips are no longer affected by their types and when Arbalest starts reading it, he seems to be very not happy as the vulcan1 battlechip is most likely to be downgraded for him....but he goes on and read some more, snipe ability for mid-range battlechip " snipe ability....how to ultilize it and how does it works??? " the question keep running through on his mind....

the viruses realize that Arbalest is not paying attention towards them, two shrubbies decided to attack....Arch spotted them, " idiot, look out! shrubbies are going to attack you.... " he scolded Arbalest, the green navi woke up and the 1st thing that he saw is the shrubbies....he knew the weaknesses of shrubbies, he make a scary face and scream towards the shrubbies....they were absolutely terrified and hide behind the cannodumbs...." gotcha! ", then Arbalest requested shotgun battlechips....once Arch loaded Arbalest's buster with shotgun, he targetted it at a cannodumb on the left side....once that is done, he glanced to the cannodumb on the other side...."let's try this snipe thing and see what it can do" like he said so, Arbalest release the second blueish energy bullet towards the cannodumb together with the snipe ability....

[ haunt >>> shrubbies ]
[ shotgun(50) >>> cannodumbA, shrubbyA ]
[ shotgun:snipe(50) >>> cannodumbB, shrubbyB ]

((*still confused* if snipe cannot be used with gun-type battlechip, just assumed that Arbalest still don't know how the snipe ability should works....))
a quatrad of viruses are torn up by the shots! The spikey fires back and blasts Arbalest.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
Spikey: 90

Arbalest: 110
" amazing! you double kill each of the shrubbies and cannos " Arch praise his navi....Arbalest's tactic works just the way as he planned, and smokes are all over the battlefield....caused by the explosion from shotguns that blasted at the cannodumbs, the shot also hit the shrubbies behind the cannodumbs thus deleting all four of them....it was simply beautiful gun assault from Arbales, but he missed something, the spikey!....it make a leapt and charge towards Arbalest then opened it's mouth, launching a fireball....it goes straight to Arbalest and hit his left shoulder, the shot knocked him down and it was a terrible pain for Arbalest....he covered the wound using his right hand, it was steamingly hot.... " ouch!!! " he cried, and looked at his shoulder....it was all red, and he hardly can move.... " are you alright??? " Arch questioned

Arbalest answered the question, " not really, but im okay for now.... " then Arch told him not to move....he might do something about the injuries, he scanned and examined how well is Arbalest doing....it's very unlucky for Arbalest as his operator could do nothing except that...." okay, we attack the spikey " said Arch as he slotted in the new battlechip that Arbalest just obtained, he wonder how that thing should work.... " ayy, where's the battlechip??? " Arbalest questioned, he had been waited for at least one minute but there's still no reinforcement " I did slot-in, oh! I inserted the new chip....it's called recov10, and it seems that this new chip that you got from the ghostly-ghost virus is quite not useful " Arch answered

" wait! take a look at this.... " Arbalest showed his shoulder, the red scrap disappears slowly and eventually it healed the wound.... " how did that happened??? " Arch questions and freaked out at the same time.... " maybe the battlechip that you just slot-in did this....say, isn't recov10 stands for recovery " at that time, Arch knew what's the usage of the chip....as for Arbalest, he cannot wait any longer....he's going to attack the spikey, seeing the dog has already gone wild....because he did't have any weapon to use " markcannon! " he requests, Arch granted it by slotting in the chip that Arbalest wanted....

" you can never escape this one! markcannon, snipe ability.... " Arbalest forwarded those words to the spikey that he will blast it using markcannon....from his vision, there's a double cursor targetting the 'unfortunate' spikey....the one that belongs to markcannon looks like a yellow circle with mark at each corner, while the 'snipe' cursor appears as a 'plus' sign ....then he release the cannon from his buster and it goes straight to the spikey....if he could remember what happened last time, Arbalest knew that markcannon is not enough, so he use the weapon which is a nightmare for the spikey....the arrow!, he loaded both arrows and fires it....when he tries to use snipe ability, he's uncapable of to stack it together with the arrows.... "weird, why I can't snipe the spikey while using double arrow??? "

[ recov10(+10HP) >>> Arbalest.exe ]
[ markcannon:snipe(70) >>> spikeyA ]
[ double arrow(30*2) >>> spikeyA ]
Arbalest takes a brief moment to heal before finishing off the last enemy.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
Spikey: DELETED!

Arbalest: 120

Rewards: Cannon, 250z
boom! markcannon blasts the beast virus, but it still alive....the beast virus tries to rip off Arbalest using it's claw but it's too late....Arbalest sends the spikey to the next world using his special attack, double arrow....it struck the spikey's chest, deleting the spikey as well....

" huh, that's was close.... " Arbalest sighed, then he gathered the remaining data on the floor....and sends it to Arch before searching for any virus again....

((req. virii battle no.3))
Virus Attack!

BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
SeedbatA: 50
SeedbatB: 50
SeedbatC: 50
SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90

Arbalest: 120

Battle 3 Start!
a bunny was lurking around at the streets of ACDC and the virii just past over Arbalest....it's really quiet there, Arbalest even can heard his own footsteps....

" hey, I think my eye just caught something.... " so off he go to track down the thing....and look what he found, a bunny virus! as soon as he spotted the virii, he chased down the bunny virus and equipped his bow with arrows....when he's about to shoot the bunny, Arbalest realized something.... " shit! it tricked me.... " it seems that the bunny virus act as a bait to lure Arbalest into it's trap....now he had to confront with viruses and to make things become worse, there's no way out and no one around that can help him....it's a very tight situation, Arch decided to jack-out Arbalest but he don't want....he's confident that he can take down all the viruses.... " give me Rage claw.... " Arbalest requested as he put back the arrow into the case....

" I thought we've that agreed you only use rageclaw if we're out of battlechips.... "

" got some changes around here....quick! "

Arch listens to his navi and slot-in rageclaw chip.... " [i]I strongly believed that he got something in his mind ", the data inside the battle chip begin to materialize as a claw at his left hand....Arbalest dashed towards a spikey, he past through all the viriis....he slide down and grabbed the spikey's leg with the sharp, metallic, beast claw....the spikey shrieked and tries to shrugged off Arbalest by shaking it's leg continuously, but the green navi is a lot more tougher than what the spikey thought....eventually he won, and then he tried to lift up the spikey, " lord, you're darn heavy than I thought....and please, shut up! " Arbalest whispers to the spikey as his right hand becomes normal again....with all the strength that he possessed, he throws the spikey at it's mate using both hands....it was about time as the other spikey was about to charges at him as soon as it saw Arbalest was already under the spikey that he just threw, later they collide onto each other and both spikeys had a bang on their heads....

" nice one Arbalest! now finish them off " Arch encouraged his navi, and inserted a shotgun chip....

Arbalest took the advantages of the spikeys condition by firing a shotgun, and never forget to snipe first....ever since he mastered the new ability, he kinda love it and use 'em quite frequently....still, he did make some mistakes....he didn't turned back his right arm into a crossbow buster after the spikeys crashed onto themselves, so he's kinda worried that his action might affect his game plan....

[ rageclaw:grapple(20) >>> spikeyA ]
[ rageclaw:throw(20) >>> spikeyA :> spikeyB ]
[ shotgun:snipe(50) >>> spikeyA, spikeyB ]
Arbalest takes the Spikey and throws it into its neighbor, before blasting both with a shotgun. Then a Seedbat hits him with its wings and a Bunny zaps him as well, slowing him up a bit.

BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
SeedbatA: 50
SeedbatB: 50
SeedbatC: 50
SpikeyA: 20
SpikeyB: 20

Arbalest: 80(stun, minus one action)