Wiz floated slowly down to the ground from high above, his cloak having caught the wind and slowed his descent considerably. He landed softly on the ground with nary a sound, and opened his eyes. He took a step forward... and brought his foot down with a loud, resounding CLANG that rang throughout the area, ruining any element of surprise he may have had.

Trenn's stunned face popped up next to him, giving him a weird look. He shook his head. "Ah well. You know the drill. Let's go!" Trenn said, nodding his head in the general direction he wanted Wiz to go before he disappeared.

"Roger that, Trenn!" Wiz gave off a salute, and then happily ran off in the aforementioned direction, arms spread out as though he was gliding.
Ominous shadows crept around, inching toward Wiz. In the distance, a huge something appeared to be closing in. It crept slowly, coming closer.....closer....closer...closer..closer. UNTIL....Oh, it turns out to be a pair of metool, with spooky floating above them. Nevermind then...


MetA = 40
MetB = 40
SpookyA = 50
SpookyB = 50

Wiz = 140

Wiz looked at the oncoming viruses, and grinned. "This should be fun, Trenn! It's been such a long time since I've battled!"

"Just don't forget that it's still a battle no matter how weak they are, Wiz." Trenn's voice filtered into Wiz's head with a sigh, "Besides, you're probably a little rusty after going four years without a battle."

"Whatever you say, Trenn~!" Wiz had already gotten bored listening to Trenn by this point, and had begun to approach the small group of viruses that had shown up.

"Try not to die too quickly, okay?" Wiz said honestly to the virii, grinning and tilting his head to the side.

Wiz's demeanor suddenly changed, and he stilled himself. He clapped his hands together in front of his face, and lowered them slowly to his mid-torso, breathing in as he did so. He held this breath for a moment, then slowly let it back out, reversing the hand motion at the same time.

Wiz closed his eyes, and began to imagine the battlefield... which was blank. Small external scanners along the outer edge of his data-shell told him where everything was, sure, but he still had to put it all together in his head.

First to pop up was a Met. Then a second Met, to the left of the first. About 5 feet above the Mets were a pair of Spooky viruses, similarly arranged. His body's eyes snapped open, even while his sight remained on his mental battlefield, and he took a step forward.

Trenn meanwhile silently slid in the Rageclaw chip he had, and crossed his arms, grinning. It had been so long since they had battled... too long, to be more specific. This would be a treat.

Wiz sped forward in a sudden burst of motion, damn near flying at the foes at the fastest pace he could muster. Just before he would've collided with one, he jumped high into the air, and lingered there for a moment, whilst A small gray orb popped into existence beside him, mimicking the movements of his right hand.

He activated it with a mental command, and a giant bear claw shredded out of it, staining the side of it with a little energy while still somehow remaining attached. Wiz purposefully positioned himself in midair as he began to fall towards a Met, and smacked the Rageclaw on it's top once he landed, completely bypassing the Spooky that was floating above it.

He picked the thing up by it's helmet using the Rageclaw, and quickly hopped over to the second Met he had seen. He bashed the first Met against the side of the second, smacking it aside with ease before throwing the still-captive first Met at one of the Spooky viruses. It hit the Spooky with a sickening crack, damaging it, and fell to the ground before it disappeared in a burst of data.

1: Use Rageclaw to pick up Met A (Or dodge if mod feels I don't need to spend an action to do this. 0 damage either way :D)
2: Smack Met B aside with Met A (20 to both)
3: Throw Met A at Spooky A (20 to both)

((Note: Italic'd actions are things Wiz is imagining, though (if everything goes well) what happens outside of his mind is essentially the same. This is used to merely give me more freedom in my RPing.))
In his dreamlike state, Wiz turns the Mets into projectiles and weaponry, battering one into oblivion in the process--a Spooky barely sidesteps out of the way of a flying corpse!

Its companion licks Wiz IN THE FACE.

MetB = 20
SpookyA = 50
SpookyB = 50

Wiz = 125
((Those HP values on the Mets should be reversed, Demon. Met A should be the one dead.))

Wiz observed the carnage outside of his shell from inside his mind's eye, and laughed heartily, thoroughly enjoying himself as he smacked around the viruses, taking little damage in the process.

The mental symbol for Wiz's only signature attack glowed suddenly, and Wiz drooled as he looked at it with wide, googly eyes, grinning dumbly. "Shiiiiiny...." He walked over to the overtly large, shiny symbol, and the equally shiny button sitting below it, with the letters "Press me, stupid!" written on it in supremely-shiny ink. Wiz pressed the button with a grin, and hidden mechanisms behind the large symbol sprung to life.

A silver stream of energy poured out from somewhere behind the symbol, flowing through a small channel in the wall and heading towards Wiz's buster systems. Wiz followed along the stream of energy, and stopped when it flooded downward into a space too small for Wiz to follow. He walked back over to where he had been before in the middle of the room... and closed his eyes once more.

Three metallic, silver orbs spawned in front of Wiz, and he poked one of them before sending the same one hurtling towards the remaining Met with a smack. It careened through the air towards the small, helmeted thing, and collided with it, the collision punctuated by the loud sound of the orb bursting shortly afterwards.

Wiz grabbed the second orb with his Rageclaw, and jumped behind the remaining two Spooky virii. He promptly hurled the orb at one of them, where, upon impact, it too burst. The Spookys in turn whirled around to face Wiz, who was grinning.

With a mental command, Wiz sent the final, more powerful orb hurtling at the exposed back of the same Spooky he had nailed once before. When it hit, it didn't make a loud bursting noise like the other two orbs had. Oh no, this one was beyond that petty level of noise. This one made a loud, ear-splitting crack as it's outer shell was damaged by the impact, then an overbearingly large BOOM, the sheer force of which pushed Wiz back a slight bit, even though it didn't effect the currently un-attacked second Spooky.

Trenn stared Wide-eyed at his PET screen, his jaw gaping. "Well... that was unexpected. And not exactly programmed... Wiz, have you been messing with your Signature Attack coding again?!"

Wiz's head showed up on Trenn's PET screen in response, beaming with the most innocent face he could muster. "Maaaaaaaybe~!" the head disappeared shortly after that, leaving Trenn shaking his head, chuckling, and mumbling to himself. "What am I going to do with you, Wiz..."

Trenn promptly stuck in another Battlechip, this one being the Shotgun he posessed. He leaned back in his chair after that, and yawned. "I take it you have it from here, Wiz?" The sounds of Wiz giggling like a madman from the PET were all Trenn needed for a response as he settled back all the way for a short nap...

Wiz spawned a black orb to his right, and grinned evilly, cackling. He rubbed his hands together and stuck his ear up to the orb, listening to the inside. "Oooh, this is a good one!" Wiz smacked the orb at the remaining Spooky, and popped it with a mental command right before it passed the virus by. A small burst of gunfire flew at the Spooky and shredded through it, leaving the result looking something like swiss cheese. That had to hurt. Wiz, realizing that he had essentially killed the enemies in his head, opened his eyes back up to the real world to see if his imagination matched reality...

1: Triple-Shot (20 to remaining Metool, 20+30 to Spooky A)
2: Shotgun to Spooky B (50)
3: Yo Momma. >:0 (Dodge)
What do you know, crack dreams do come true. Wiz sees nothing of the remaining viruses.

SpookyA = !DELETED!
SpookyB = !DELETED!

Wiz = 125

GET: Guard, 300 zenny
Wiz picked up the data that was left behind by the viruses, uploaded it, and continued walking along the path, not wanting to wake Trenn just yet.

((Kick it!))
Virus Attack!

CanodumbA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
Spikey: 90

Wiz: 125

Battle ? Start!
((That would be two, good sir.))

Wiz spotted the group of virii in front of him, and closed his eyes, preparing to fight... when something came over him. Something deep inside of him stirred... bubbled to the surface, and took control. It struck so hard and so fast against Wiz's mind that he couldn't stop it, and it completely overshadowed him.

"Wiz" grinned, flexing his right hand and feeling the not-quite-attached Rageclaw flex the same. So... a remote interface, eh? Clever. "Wiz" thought, chuckling. He looked at the virii, craned his neck from side to side in a quick motion, popping it, and muttered a single phrase. "Bring it."

"Wiz" bolted forward, still-active Rageclaw hanging by his side, and smashed the oversized claw into the Spikey, tearing into it's flesh as it let out a low whine. He laughed, enjoying the pain of the poor Virus. He dragged his claws down the thing, making five vertical gashes along it's side, then dug them in again in a different spot, this time his intent not pure wounding.

With a strained grunt, "Wiz" brought his right arm around in a throwing motion, and the Rageclaw similarly hurled the impaled Spikey at one of the Canodumbs, where it impacted with a loud Clang, and a sickening, fleshy thud. "Wiz" merely chuckled, and crouched down in a stance that would allow him to shift positions quickly.

1: Rageclaw to Spikey (40)
2: Rageclaw to Spikey (Thrown) and Canodumb A (20 to each)
3: Dodge
((Sorry, Twi, uh... godmodes... >>; ))

While "Wiz" was fully intending to hear a sickening howl rend the air, the space around stayed surprisingly silent. The Spikey released a flaming shot at his assailant, but the intense Navi was still on-his-toes enough to dodge the incoming blast and chuck the virus torward the target Cannondumb. As "Wiz" began to crouch, he suddenly heard a zip: there was no time to roll as a Zapring nailed him in the back!

CanodumbA: 30
CanodumbB: 50
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
Spikey: 70

Wiz: 105 (Stun! -1 Action!)
"Wiz. We've got something to do. Jack out." Trenn's voice blared through "Wiz's" internal sensors, and the persona grinned, speaking once again in Wiz's normal voice.

"Roger that... Trenn." It jacked out, leaving the area in a trail of silver light and returning control to the real Wiz.

((All actions: Jack out))
Sensing something amiss, Wiz is able to run fast enough to escape from the battle. He jacks out once he is a safe distance away.

CanodumbA: 30
CanodumbB: 50
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
Spikey: 70

Wiz: 105 (escaped)