A Difficult Duet?

An onyx beam crashed into the ground before forming into his regular state. Moonlight had arrived. He waited around a bit for his partner, Kenji, stretching to pass time....
A blue lightning bolt streaked across the sky, and crashed only a few inches away from moonlight, spitting debris and gravle into the air. A singed looking navi stepped out of the crater coughing, and trotted towards moonlight.

"Allright richard simmons, its go time! bring it on punk!"

"Kenji... not now, we got work to do, play nice and i'll get you something nice."

"Can it make people explode?"

"...sure why not."

"Fine, i'll work with rock lee over here."

Kenji gave an annoyed grunt and walked down a path looking for virus's.
Kenji's ruckus attracts several virii who come to investigate the commotion. They don't look very dangerous, but looks can be deceiving. Be on your guards, young Navi!


MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
BunnyC: 50

Moonlight: 160
Kenji: 100

Battle 1....Fight!
Grinning, Kenji took jumped back and took his stance. Keito reached into his pack and pulled out three chips, immediatley sliding them into his laptop. With a click, A large machine gun materialized into Kenji's hand. He aimed at a nearby virus and pulled his trigger, A flurry of shells volted out of the barrel and emptied into the surrounding landscape. Round after round echoed from his fingers as it got very hot. When the bullets ceased, Kenji cooled off his hand in pain as the gun dematerialzed.

"Damn that hurt!"

"Yo, Kenji! Ready to try out the new chips?"

"Damn straight i am!"

A large boomerang appeared in Kenji's hands as he grasped it and relled back prepared to fire. He selected his target carefully, and realeased it into the air. As it whized by, slicing the air around it, Kenji's arm transformed into a red colored shotgun, and fired a blast of fire at an incoming navi.

"damn this things pretty cool!"

1. Vulcan2-BunnyA-50dmg
Moonlight laid back for a bit, shaking. Though not immediately visible, small shards began to fall out of him from various parts. He shrugged it off, trying to avoid notice, and kept his attention on the hardhats. "Well, if you're taking the rabbits, I'll deal with these then." He said toward Kenji calmly. "Zanzo, I need our guns."

"Gotcha. Sending..." Zanzo replied, slotting Cannon, Shotgun, and Thunder into the PET.

"Thanks." Moonlight's arms then transformed, his left into a green cannon, his right into a buster. He then took off, rushing head-on toward the virii. The buster glew a bit before launching off the electric orb, heading toward the rightmost met. As he closed in, he then pulled his left straight forward and unleashed the buckshot, using the middle foe as a focal point. Afterward, he hopped back, landing in a psuedo-crouch, raising his left toward the corresponding virus. His right reformed into regular form, and he held the cannon with it. After charging a bit, Moonlight unleashed the hard shell toward it's target...


1: Shed(See "Lifespan of Mineral" in signature, under "Signature Attacks")
2: Thunder-40Dmg+stun-MetC
3: Shotgun-50Dmg+Possible Splash-MetB
4: Cannon-40Dmg-MetA
Four shots hit the Bunny, but it jumps out of the way of the fifth bullet. The boomerrang rips through a Bunny and met. The Heatshot hits one virus and finishes off the one that had escaped death moments before. Moonlight then eliminates the remaining mets, leaving only one weakened Bunny. It zaps Moonlight.

BunnyC: 10

Moonlight: 140
Kenji: 100
Kenji raised an eyebrow as he noticed Moonlight regaining HP, A large sinister grin grew on his face as a devious thought popped into his mind. Keito taking notice of this opened up his comm link.

"Kenji...what are you up to?"

"Just slide in a rageclaw, i got it covered."

Sighing reluctantly, Keito slid in a Rageclaw chip from his bag. Kenji's Arm transformed into a giant fiery blue claw. He trudged over to moonlight Still grinning maliciously.

"Hold still bubba!!!"

Kenji Grabbed Moonlight by his torso, lifting him into the air. He pivoted on his right foot, and swung the navi around three times, then flung him towards the virus. Kenji stood his ground, and slammed his arm into the earth below him, picking up two large chunks of earth and flung them after the airborn navi.

1. Rageclaw-20dmg-BunnyC & Moonlight
2. Rageclaw-20dmg-BunnyC
3. Rageclaw-20dmg-BunnyC
(No G-mode for you, friend)

"What?!" Moonlight exclaimed, leaping back, and hopping away from Kenji in attempts to dodge the claw. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" He asked, quickly noticing the chunks of data flying toward him. He strafed in the general direction of the Bunny before hopping back into a short flip. Then, realizing the virus still remained, he rushed toward it, left hand reeled back. As the gap closed, he took a hop toward it and thrust his arm forward, performing a sort of downward smash from their positions...


+15HP from LoM
1: Dodge
2: Dodge
3: Again, Dodge
4: Attack-11dmg-BunnyC
Moonlight tries to dodge, but the Rageclaw manages to trip him, sending him crashing into the Bunny. He barely has enough time to roll out of the way beforetwo chucks of netscape come flying after him.


Moonlight: 135
Kenji: 100

Rewards: 150z, Guard each
Laughing very hard, Kenji trotted over towards the shooken navi and gave him a hard slap on the back. He helped him to his feet still grinning. Keito just sat there, glaring at his laptop with a very disturbed face. He slowly turned towards zanzo and gave a nervous laugh. He clicked a button opening up the comm link.

"So Kenji... THAT WAs YOUR BRILLIANT PLAN!?!?!?!? if you had a physical form, i'd smack you square across the jaw!!!"

"Hey everything worked out right? We killed the virus's and got some pretty cool guard chips!

Kenji gave a big grin to moonlight.

"No hard feelings right?"
Moonlight gathered himself, hearing Kenji's question. "Hmph. I'll say this: Pull that kind of crap again, and no virus in this net will stop me from deleting you." He said coldly. "Your recklessness thus far has hardly benefited me, and I'll not be killed by some punk in the middle of battle...Anyways, let's continue, shall we?" He finished, walking on ahead...
Virus Attack!

CanodumbA: 50
ShrubbyA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
ShrubbyB: 50
CanodumbC: 50
ShrubbyC: 50
SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 90

Moonlight: 135
Kenji: 100

Battle 2 Start!
Kenji grinned as he saw a new horde of virus's rush towards him.

"Heh, same plan as always?"

"You bet! Nuke and run!"

Keito slid in three ranged chips into the laptop. With a click Kenji's arms materialized into a cannon on his right arm, and a machine gun on his left. Raising both arms, he let out a flurry of metal shards flying towards the oncoming virus's ripping through their digital data. As the bullets ceased his arm turned back to normal and he aimed his cannon towards another virus and let out a large burst of energy. Before his arm could even return to normal, he jumped into the air to avoid the grounded virus's.

1. Vulcan2-50dmg-CannondumbA
2. Cannon-50dmg-ShrubbyA
3. Dodge
((I was supposed to regen in between the battles, but w/e))

"Hmph..." Moonlight uttered, shards falling out of him, sliding off his skin and landing on the ground. "Zanzo, I won't be needing anymore chips...." He said. The lights around him, his neck, his ankles, and his wrists, began to fade.

"?! You don't mean...?" Zanzo asked, a somewhat stunned look on his face.

"Quite. Thanks to you, some of my 'limits' have been lifted..." Moonlight replied, the once blue lights now glowing an ominous, almost black color. "Now, let me show you what I was like with the old you..." He finished, turning a cold face to a cannon. He rushed ahead, with quick steps toward the turret, zigging and zagging a bit as he went along. After closing in, Moonlight pulled foward with a palm smash, aimed at the stand holding the cannon up. "...You thought I was a copy, didn't you?" He asked Zanzo.

"Er...Well, I didn't think he'd actually give me the REAL Moonlight. I mean come on..."

"Pfft, looks like you didn't know him as well as you seem to think." Moonlight replied dryly.

"Look. I'm sorry, alright? I had no idea..."

"That's right. No clue. But now you know, and perhaps one day he'll show you what I'm like without my limiters." He finished, stabbing toward the cannon's stand with his right hand...


+15 from LoM

1: Allude to background(leading to something that'll be occuring after this battle), Shed for LoM
2: Activate Abyssal Drive, 8HP paid, +16 to buster
3: Attack-27dmg-CannoDumbB
4: Attack-27dmg-CannoDumbB
Kenji's Vulcan carved through the Canodumb's armour with no questions asked. His Cannon made its mark on the accompanying Shrubby, but the virus was able to hold itself together. Another Shrubby rolled a log in his direction, but he sidestepped it easily.

Moonlight's dual slashes with the diamond claws tore up another Canodumb, and the virus fell to his combined assault. A different Canodumb locked on and fired a blast that caught Moonlight.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
ShrubbyA: 10
CanodumbB: DELETED!
ShrubbyB: 50
CanodumbC: 50
ShrubbyC: 50
SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 90

Moonlight: 130 HP
Kenji: 100 HP
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Moonlight remained silent as he rushed toward the now-exposed shrub. He opened with a slashing chop from his left. Then, twirling around clockwise as preparation, he slashes once more, using his right this time. After dealing his blows, Moonlight then turned his attention to the remaining turret. He leaped into the air, raising his arms as he did so, then began a mid-air twirl. As he landed, roughly hitting a 720-degree spin, slammed his arms toward the cannon in a diagonal motion. Afterward, he reeled back a short bit, his arms held back, then snapped back, pulling his arms toward the turret in a horizontal cross-slash...


Abyssal Drive: Turn 2

1: Attack-27Dmg-ShrubbyB
2: Attack-27Dmg-ShrubbyB
3: Attack-27Dmg-CannoDumbC
4: Attack-27Dmg-CannoDumbC
Kenji stares blankly at moonlight, he turned his attention back to the ensuing battle.

"heh, not my problem."

Keito slid in three chips from his pack and slid it into his PET. Kenji's arm transformed into a red shotgun. He aimed his arm at the weakened virus and let out a blast of fire, scorching it into ash. As his arm transformed back to normal, he reached into his cloak and pulled out a wooden boomerang and hurled it at mobile cannon. An electrical shield formed around him, shielding him from attack.

1. ShrubbyA-40dmg-heatshot
2. CannondumbC-60dmg-boomerang1
3. Guard
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