On the Net with a new friend.

A small patch of 'Net in the ACDC area blazed white as the once unoccupied area was suddenly and abruptly occupied. Ergo looked around a bit, taking in his surroundings. It wasn't often that he got on the 'Net just to be there. Most of the time he was on the job, hunting down some lost Navi or searching the 'Net for some clue to where a human might have gone missing. It felt good to have some free time.

"The transfer was successful. ACDC 'Net seems a bit... quaint." Ergo muttered, leaning against a cyber tree as he waited for Moa's Navi to jack in.

"Try to have some fun," Nik told him, reaching into a pocket in his coat for his meager supply of battle chips.
A serene pillar of gray-white graced the net, becoming smaller until it formed into into EAV-09. For a moment, it was silent, suddenly, the black visor sprung to life, a thin blue line lighting from behind the black shield. The tall white figure looked around the area and spotted Ergo, a thin smile appearing on her lips. "Moa, transfer was a success. All systems go." She grasped the air and smilled. "It's good to be back." EAV walked over to Ergoe, extending her arm cautiously. "It's nice to meet you...."
"Ditto." Ergo said, shaking her hand. "I'm Ergo.exe, Net Navigator and business partner of Nik. You're Moa's Navi I take it?" he said, examining the new Navi. Out of habit, he made a note of her data signature. Never know when it'll come in handy, he thought.
EAV's smile grew. Her database had a little information on ERGO. She was slightly older then that model.

It seems she had a 'younger brother'.

"I am the NAVI of Mutsumi Hagate, electronic autonomous virtuscout verson 9, EAV for short." She said, very intrested in the coincidence. She shook his hand, meanwhile analyzing small bits of data. There was no doubt. There was a core match to the programing in her databases. This would be her secret for now....

"Would you like to bust some Virii?"
"I don't see why not." Ergo said, motioning for EAV to take point.

"After you."
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40
ShrubbyA: 50
ShrubbyB: 50
SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90

Ergo: 100
EAV: 100

Battle 1 Fight!
Ergo cocked his head at the virii. "This is it? Ah well, let's get to work."

"Rodger," Nik said. "Battle routine, set." A glowing orb appeared in front of Ergo. "Execute!" Ergo crushed the orb in his hands, the energy dispersing and elongating into a glowing staff, floating data warping around it and a wicked looking blade materializing on its end.

"Heh, let's rock!" Ergo smirked (or did whatever he does without a mouth...). He rushed the closest Metool.

"Rageclaw, slot in!"

Ergo one-handed his halberd, his free hand sprouting bear-like claws. With a roar, he brought the claws slashing across the face of the first Metool. He spun and, sending the blade of his halberd into a deadly spin, hefted his weapon like a spear and sent it flying towards a Spikey. "Nik, send the Cannon!" He called, reveling in the excitement of the onslaught. "Rodger. Cannon, slot in!" Nik said, transmitting the Cannon data. Ergo leveled a newly forming gun barrel at the Spikey he had hurled his halberd towards.


A rippling blast resounded from the barrel as the weapon discharged its ammunition towards the virus. Ergo sprinted over to the virus to retrieve his halberd as the smoke from his attacks cleared.

((Attack Order: RageClaw (40dmg, MetoolA)
Drilling Strike (60dmg, SpikeyA)
Cannon (40dmg, SpikeyA)
EAV smilled. It was time to get back in gear. As if it had only been the other day she had last battled, her outline blured as she took off running. Strafing from side to side, she suddenly stopped to make a charge at two metool.

"Targets aquired" As she headed for the metool, they began their attack. The perfect opertunity. EAV suddenly used a burst of speed to come to a screeching stop, running quickly to the side. Pivoting on one foot, a beam of light quickly converged in her hand.
A huge L shapped gunmetal boomerang flew straight at the two, leaving EAV to change her focus. Taking a light combat stance, one foot forward, she reached from her back, suddenly detaching what appeared to be a gray handle, a cylindrical "blade" piece on top. Without much warning, there was the noise of moving hydrolics, which quickly came to an end. Suddenly, EAV burst forward in a straight dash at a spikey, Smoke shooting straight up from behind her shoulders and "sword" held at the ready on her waist.
A short distance from the Spikey, she suddenly thrust the blade out, parallel to her face.

Engage process. F-H sword. The words resounded quietly in EAV's thoughts, but also appeared on Moa's screen. He raised a curious eyebrow. Time to see how it held up. The round and flat blade that was called a sword sudenly sprung to life. With a roar of energy, the blade suddenly shot a golden ray to the net sky, visible shockwaves expanding from the blade itself. It was just a brief moment, now the blade simply glowed golden, a small hum could be heard by EAV only. Suddenly holding the sword back by her hip, she lashed it out, delivering a clean blow with the golden sword before taking a quick retreat.

((1.Boomerang to METOOLB+C, 70 DMG.
2. FOCUSFIRE, (Charge 60 dmg.)
3. Sword to ShrubbyA, 80+10 damage

50 damage left charged))
Ergo starts out by taking down the weakest target, then switching his focus to deadliest, killing a Spikey as well. EAV takes down the reamining mets with her wood before using a buffed sword attack to destroy a bush-like opponent. The Shrubby then attacks, rolling a log with trips both of them, each falling on their face.

ShrubbyA: DELETED!
ShrubbyB: 50
SpikeyB: 90

Ergo: 90
EAV: 90
((Is it okay if I team up with you guys after you finish this battle?))
Ergo recovered from the attack quick enough, his pride hurt more than his body. Falling on my face in front of a new acquaintance? Now that isn't embarrassing at all... he thought, glowering at the Shrubby.

He sprang towards the wood virus, reaching out for it with his clawed hand. "You're gonna go on a little ride now." He said, hefting the virus over head then pitching it at the Spikey ((RageClaw can do that, right?)). Before the Shrubby landed, Ergo deactivated the RageClaw chip and loaded the Shotgun data that Nik had just sent, seeing what his Navi was planning.

"Alright Ergo, let 'em have it!" Nik shouted, getting a bit too into what was going on.

"Gladly." Ergo replied, swinging his arm at the place where the Shrubby -should- be hitting the Spikey. He activated the shotgun, peppering the area with hot lea- er... data.

"It's all you, EAV!" He shouted to his compatriot, knowing that there was no way he could have actually deleted both of the virii at the same time.

((Attack Order: RageClaw (Throwing Shrubby at Spikey, 20 dmg each if I'm reading this right.)
Shotgun (50 dmg to Shrubby, plus whatever damage, if any, makes it to the Spikey)
The glow from EAV's blade suddenly died out in an instant as she placed it on her back.

"I can finish this up." EAV threw her left arm out, bracing it with her right as a gun barrel popping out of the armor, a gaping hole which stared at the Spikey. "Time to finish this up." Gunfire exploded from the barrel as smoke pored from her back. Flashes of light shot from the end of the barrel as bullets flew at lightning speed, tiny shells flying out the back of her shoulder. Then suddenly, a pause. Taking a hand of the gun structure on her arm, EAV pulled it back, creating a clicking sound that marked reloading as she once again continued firing the insane barage of bullets. Then without warning, the stream of bullets ended as EAV drew her arm back, quickly preparing for the offchance that something survived....

1.Vulcan 2 against spikey. 50+50=100DMG
2-3. Dodge
0 damage charged.))
They both die.

ShrubbyA: DELETED!
ShrubbyB: DELETED!

Ergo: 90
EAV: 90

Rewards: Guard, 150z each
Ergo let his halberd fall, the data and energy that it had been composed of dissipating before the weapon even hit the ground. "Well," He said, bringing his arms behind himself and interlacing his fingers as he stretched, "that was fun."
An indistinct shape near the horizon drew near, soon revealing itself to be a navi garbed mostly in black, with a strange-looking gun holster mounted on his back. He approached the duo with a friendly nod.
"Hey. I'm Gunner."
Ergo stopped stretching for a moment and blinked at this newcomer. More new people... If things keep on going like this, I'm going to actually need to work on my people skills... He thought, then raised his hand in greeting.

"Ergo.exe," He said, keeping the greeting as simple as possible.
Gunner grinned and nodded once more to seal the greeting. "Alright, nice to meet you... Who's your friend there?" He gestured towards the slight robotic figure standing closeby.
"Her?" Ergo said, turning his head to look at EAV. "She's EAV. " He simply said. "We've only just met ourselves..." He commented.

"Who's this?" Nik asked over a private line. "He says his name's Gunner." Ergo said, muting all vocal processes aside from his connection with Nik. "I'm not sure who he is, though, so be prepared with the chips in case things turn nasty." He muttered, recording this new Navi's data signature just as he had done with EAV. "Man, you've gotta quit being so paranoid," Nik said dismissively. "I'm sure that nothing is gonna happen, so just lighten up."

"Fine..." Ergo said, trying to relax. It wasn't his fault he felt this way about most new people. After almost being deleted by the very people who created him, trusting people he didn't know hasn't come easily to him since. Then again, he felt as though he could trust EAV, and he had only known her for a few minutes... Maybe it was alright to not be suspicious of everybody...
"Hm. Well, hello EAV." Gunner, of course, heard nothing of Ergo's conversation with his operator. However, he noted Ergo's body language, and his grin shifted into something much more strange, as if he was laughing inwardly. "Yeah, I wouldn't trust me either..."