A bolt of data strikes the a far off pathway in ACDC Net, and a white Navi comes streaming down soon afterwards.

Strikeman: I'm in.

Kawazoe: Alright. We should practice on some viruses first..we're pretty rusty at the moment.

Strikeman: I agree with you 96%, sir. I'm ready for battle.

Kawazoe: Let's go find some viruses!
Strikeman runs into an ambush! He dodges, but a shot still grazes him!



Battle 1, Start!
Kawazoe: Well, we got what we asked for. Let's get this over with!

Strikeman: Do it quickly, sir!

Kawazoe: Right! Cannon, Shotgun slot-in!

Strikeman's right arm starts to morph and turns green. In an instant, it becomes a large cannon. He fires it at Canodumb A, then dashes forward and changes his arm to a large gun similar to a normal shotgun. He fires it at Canodumb B. Finally, he jumps back to the edge of the battle area and fires a shot (noncharged) at Canodumb C.

Kawazoe: Good work, Kawazoe!

Strikeman: Only doing my job, sir. This isn't over, though.

Kawazoe: Right. Let's finish them off!

Turn Breakdown:

RegularSht(2..I think)-CanodumbC
((Charge Shots take 3 turns, and are AttackxRapidx4. Wanna edit it?))
((Fixed...sorry about that.))
((Better pay more attention to damages, since all three were off.))
The shots hit, but don't stop the enemies. One blasts him.



Strikeman winces as his left arm is nearly blown off by the Canodumb blast.

Kawazoe: We're really out of practice...damn!

Strikeman: I need a chip, sir!

Kawazoe: RageClaw, slot in!

Kawazoe's arm turns into a battered red claw and he rushes forward, striking Canodumb C. He then fires two shots off at Canodumb C, then leaps back and forth, trying to dodge the cannon blasts.

RageClaw-Canodumb C
Regular Shot x2-Canodumb C
((Needs a summery. Confusing my brain.))
((Just a reminder, your summery also needs damages.))
Strikeman strikes down the Canodumb, but the adjacent enemy then hits him.


((Gah! I'm so bad.))

Kawazoe: I'm out of chips!

Strikeman: Use our SigAtk, sir!

Kawazoe: Oh, right! I had forgotten about that! RegStrike!

Strikeman glows blue for a split second, and his right arm turns into a large, jagged sword. He leaps into the air and brings the sword crashing down on CanodumbA, then leaps back and tries to dodge the blasts from the still functioning CanodumbB.

Turn Breakdown:
RegStrike(60, 3 CD)-Canodumb A
The Cannondumb dies, but its neighbor nails Strikeman.


Kawazoe: Finish the last one off!

Strikeman runs right up to Canodumb B while charging his buster and fires the charged shot right in front of the Canodumb B, and then jumps back to the back of the battle area.

Kawazoe: Nice job!

Turn Breakdown:
Charge Shot-CanodumbB
It hits and deletes.



Rewards: 150z
Kawazoe: That was a little too close.

Strikeman: But at least we know we can still put up a fight.

Kawazoe: ...Well, I guess that'll be all for today. Strikeman, jack out.

Strikeman jacks out.