Major Chip List Updates

And heeeeeere we go!

First, the (not quite) bad news...

The only chip to receive a nerf was the horrendously broken AirSword. For this chip, the Northwind effect was replaced with Impact, and the number of uses per chip was reduced from 9 to 6. Considering that it, alone, is still two times stronger than most Program Advances at this time, and far stronger than the mightiest of Signature Attacks, the 50% drop in its power doesn't stop it from landing squarely in the top 20 most powerful battlechips on the entire forum. (C'mon, folks, it's up there with the likes of the seven Summons, the Legend Swords, and the Metal Fists. That says quite a lot.)

Note: This should affect no more than one or two players at this time.

The other change of note is the complete removal of Attack Sword, Charge Sword, and Soul Sword. We checked around before this change was made, and couldn't find anyone with these chips in their inventory. So, so far as we know, no-one should be affected by this change. If we missed anyone, please PM me after reading the rest of this message, and we'll work something out.

Now, on to the huge piles of good news! : D

First off, you may have noticed the new
Buster Chips thread at the top of the chip lists, where all the Buster related battlechips will be living from now on....

....Which brings me to the next change: Added Chips.
Buster Chips: Buster Sword, Buster Punch, Buster Bomb, Buster Guard
Sword Chips: RageClaw2, RageClaw3
Other Chips: LavaDragon, ThunderDragon, IceDragon, WindDragon
Melee Chips: WhiteWeb1, WhiteWeb2, WhiteWeb3

...And here's something you don't see every day: CHIP UPGRADES! Yep, opposite of nerf. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-some-odd chips have been upgraded, so look for that. Most notable of the changes are the Magnums, which now feature their MMBN attack effects; the Mines, which no longer threaten to outright kill the Navi that used them; and SonicBoom, which now features the unique Shot Eraser ability (derived from Zero).

All chips of exceptional power and rarity now feature a
Rare tag at the end of their chip descriptions. Yes, AirSword is a Rare Chip. So is LifeAura (any version). Anyone lucky enough to have a rare chip... Kudos (you lucky sonuva...) *ahem*

Every (and I mean every) Ground Chip in our inventory got their attack effects and attack methods listed properly. Gun, Sword, Melee and Other Chips also got revamped. Do not worry, this doesn't change how your chips work. It's all just clarifications and such to make working with them easier.

As always, after you've read the threads, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to let us know.

Well, when you've got over 600 battlechips in about a dozen different topics, finding the chip you're looking for can be a pain. Rather it has been a pain....

Well, hopefully the new RE:RN Chip Index will make things easier for everyone.

Credit goes to Pocket for suggesting it, and Knight for helping with it.
Pickpocket has returned. Yes, Pickpocket, AND the Bandicoons.

Loot and plunder the network to your heart's content, just don't get looted by the Bandicoons yourself!

Note: the chip works much differently than it used to, but that's all handled behind the scenes. Try it and see what the new version does.

(Oh, we also added the Gigas Arms...)

Anyways, Enjoy!

Credit goes to English_Ninja for creation of the chip, and to Bomber for fixing it.
Say hello to 12 new chips.

Now we have 7 new Melee Chips:

- Blizzard
- Heat Breath
- Elec Shock
- Wood Powder
- ElecPulse1
- ElecPulse2
- ElecPulse3

Next we have 5 new Defense Chips:

- Drop Down
- Pop-UP (It's rare.)
- Mole1
- Mole2
- Mole3

More to come. So watch for them.


Here we have another huge chip update. A few dozen new chips and updated old chips for starters, and a new chip category to top it off.

Please note the Chip Index has not been updated yet.


First off, by popular demand we now have the beginnings of a new category of battlechips, Virus Chips

Virus chips summon a virus to attack for you. The viruses summoned in this manner cannot be directly harmed by an opponent, and leave the battlefield as soon as their attacks are executed. They can, however, be indirectly stopped or thwarted by clever opponents, though it wont be easy.


The following is a list of new or updated chips:

--Virus Chips--
Arrow1-3 (Update)
MokoRush1-3 (Update)
SandWorm1-3 (New)
Satellite1-3 (Update)
SummonBlack1-3 (Update)
MachineSword (New)
ElementSword (New)
AssassinSword (New)
SideBamboo1-3 (Update)
BambooLance (Update) [RARE]
Drain1-3 (Update)
Dimensional Dragons (Update) [RARE]
PickPocket (Moved)

--Other Chips--
AuraHead1-3 (New)
SideBubble1-3 (New) [RARE]

--Bomb Chips--
BugBomb (Update)
CrackerBomb (New)
ParaBomb (New)
ResetBomb (New)

--Ground Chips--
RingLog1-3 (Update)
CactBall1-3 (Update)

--Gun Chips--
CornShot1-3 (Complete Rebuild)

I'd like to note that not a single update included a Nerf. They were all clarifications, a rebuild or two, and more than a handful of major buffs. Wood Element Navis will be especially pleased, I'm sure.


Another new feature introduced to the chip lists are special effect descriptions at the bottom of each chip entry that features truly unique special effects. Effects such as Back-Stab, Double Attack, etc. These special effect descriptors will be slowly phased in over the next few months as time permits, hopefully making the chips easier to use for everyone.