The clock starts- well, three hours and fifty-one minutes ago.

You may now begin posting.

By the way- when you first post, the scene surrounding you is basically chaos. Netpolice and Netmafia groups are fighting each other in every direction, though their positions are a bit detached from where you enter. You and your partner essentially pop up right after each other, IC-wise anyway.

Also... there's a field up that's scrambling the position where you jack in at. Get creative as to where your navi pops up. In the air? Upside-down? Flying sideways?

It's up to you.



This topic will be updated when it's time for the event proper to start. Until then, this subforum is OFF LIMITS. I'll personally smack warns onto people who ignore this.

By the way- if your topic is not posted, it means that neither you or your teammate confirmed with us. If you're still here and still willing, PM me BEFORE the January 6 cutoff date and I'll post your topic.

Otherwise, you're no longer a part of the event. =/