Geyser and Mokusei

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Soon after recieving the news, Rose had decided that this woul be a great test for Mokusei. Besids, it's a good deed, helping others and all. And being a member of the netpolice will look great on a transcript. Besides, think of the benefits! she had thought. So, quickly jacking Mokusei into this portion of the net, they began their dangerous adventure.

However, something strang seemed to be happening, and Mokusei didn't arrive in the usual way. Zapping in upside down about 5 feet off the ground, his data's momentum carried him higher for a moment, before he plunged suddenly into the ground.

As he approached with high speeds, he was able to land slightly more gracefully than the situation had seemed to permit, covering his face with his hands and rolling upon impact. However, he had fallen a decent distance, and still hit with a thud and an audible release of breath. Damn it! Mokusei thought. What just happened?. He quickly regained composure and stood off, whiping himself off and muttering something under his breath about the net's stupidity.

Rose, on the otherhand, found this entire thing hiullarious, and laughed at him. However, her mood quickly changed after a look at his surroundings. "Oh my god. This is like a disaster scene. I didn't expect it to be so intense." she commented. Well, atleast we're a considerable distance from the fighting.

Mokusei observed the local area as well. I'm sure I can fight, but I'm not the strongest, atleast I'm not match for the NetMafia alone. He thought to himself. "Would you still like to continue? I doubt we'll make much difference, and it could be an unneccessary risk." Mokusei stated. Besides, I'm not sure she can handle it.

Rose thought for a moment. Only a moment, though, as she couldn't allow Mokusei to know that she had any sort of indecision on this matter. "Yeah, I'm sure," she said, " However, they sent that message out to people all over the country, right?" Mokusie nodded. "Then that means that someone else is bound to show up. We can't be the only people showing up to help. Then atleast we'd have a little help. So I say we wait for someone else to show up and run in with them. Sound like a plan?" she asked.

Mokusei thought about it. As much as other's could drag me down, there is safety in a group. And since I specialize in long range, it'd be useful to have someone with differing talents, like a close-ranged distraction, or someone to support me. These enemies do seem rather difficult. Besides, Rose seems intent on it, and I can't directly say no. So an ally it is. Mokusei decided. "Yes, sounds like it would work well." he said. And with that, the two moved back, hoping to avoid conflict until they could find someone to aid them.
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Geysers enterance was at least rather normal. The problem was that the ground beneith it exploded afterwards, hurling it about twenty fet throught he air due to Geyser's naturaly high boyancy and low density. Luckaly, this also makes for soft landings, and Geyser landed undamaged.

"Well that was totaly unexpected. So, why are we doing this again?"

"Because this 'netmafia' might be related to Project Aquarius."

"Right. So I'm entering a warzone in hopes of aquiring data. I'd beter start my search then. Begening basic reconisence."
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After a few moments of waiting and watching his back, Mokusei saw another navi appear. Hey, if he doesn't hit the dirt I'll be upset! But atleast he's a partner, so now I can get started on this over abundant action..

Rose noticed him as well. Although he was already on the move, I don't want her to yell at me for having no ability to think for myself, again, he had thought, she announced the new Navi's arrival as well. Turning on private chat, she spoke directly to Mokusei. "Hey, look, It's another navi. Go and ask him for help." she said.

Mokusei nodded and continued. However, he hadn't been moving for more than a moment when the ground beneath the navi exploded and he was sent flying through the air. Great, so much for a partner. he thought. He turned around, prepared to continue waiting, when Rose interrupted him.

"Hey, he's coming back down, and he doesn't look dead. Maybe you should see if he's still up for it." She suggested.

Mokusei started walking again, but now towards the navi. Well, atleast now he ought to hit the dirt like I did. he thought, as he looked up wth a slight hint of a smile(which was invisible to the outside world, due to his mask). However, as he watched the Navi land gently, he became more annoyed. How is it that a large seascum colored freak like that thing can land perfectly, even after getting blown up, and I fall? He thought, slightly jealous. However, he put these thoughts out of his head and focused on being a good ambassador, attempting to convince this Navi to join him in the fight.

"Introduce yourself, stupid." Rose said to him on the private channel. Mokusei responded to this with nasty thoughts, but, he kept those in his head, as he would otherwise look slightly off his rocker, and that wouldn't be a great first impression.

"Hello, I'm Mokusei. I was planning on heading into the fray, but I was wondering if you'd like to partner up. I'm not the greatest close-ranged combatent, but I can handle myself from afar, and, besides, a partnership is far more likely to survive than a warrior running in solo." He paused and held his hand out. "So, do you accept?"

Mokusei stared at the navi before him, as he thought, not about what the navi would say, but about his problem's with Rose. There, is that good enough to shut you up? he wondered.

Rose, however, was more focused on the navi infront of Mokusei. This navi seems kind of funny looking. She's probably water based, unless maybe his op. was going for a totally starnge theme or water on an unrelated navi. Maybe wood? Well, she doesn't look all that impressive, but looks can be decieving. Besides, we can use any help we can get, so this gal's as good as any other. She had already assumed that the Navi would say yes, ( Why wouldn't she? What could she have to lose by getting back-up? We'll all need all the help we can get to deal with those Mafia thugs.), so she awaited more the Navi's introduction, and the start of the battle.
Geyser noticed the aproching navi before it bagan speeking. "Opening private chanel. You seeing what I'm seeing?"

"I net terms, 5'2", 176lbs, average build. Seems to favor a purple and white combo, like Will-o-Wisp. Remain ready for action, but don't make the first move. We don't need a freindly fire incident."

"Rodger that."

*Mokusei speeks*

"That sounds good and all, but you left out one detail." Zolems voice mentioned in normal chat.

"Sounded alright to me. Makes sense too. What did he say wrong?" Geyser wondered.

"He forgot to mention which side he's on." Alright, he said he's a ranged specialist, so if it comes to a fight, I want to go prime melee. Hopefully he's on the police's side, but if he's not....I can show no mercy.
Both Mokusei and Rose listened to the other operator talk. Didn't mention what side I was on. . . You mean people are actually joining the Netmafia? Wow, what jerks. Rose thought to herself, before quickly opening up her own chat.

"Oh, sorry, we assumed that you were on our side. I didn't even think of the posssiblility that you guys could be allied up with the other side." she said alloud. After all, it just makes more sense to team up with the NetPolice. I mean, if you group up with the NetMafia and the NP find out, you could probably be locked up for a long time in Real Life.

Mokusei filled in the answer, after noticing the Rose had still neglected to do so. He became slightly more wary of the opposing navi, and readied himself for a fight or escape, but remained outwardly calm to other's eyes. If they're for the NM, we'll have to either escape or delete them, so I need to get ready, just in case. Looking at the Navi, he said, "We are here to aid the NetPolice. Who are you here for?"

Rose looked at the Navis, and realized that neither of the Net operator/navi duo they were speaking to had introduced themselves. Oh, wait, I haven't either. So,, speaking once more, she attempted to resolve this problem. "Oh, by the way, My name is Rose. I didn't catch either of your's, what were they again?" she said, sweetly.
"Satisfactroy. We are also here to aid the NetPolice. My anme's Geyser. It is a pleasure to meet ou. My operator is Zolem. We didn't introduce ourselves earlier, that's why you didn't catch it." Geyser stated. "Nice to meet you. We should work together. Got any idea where to go. Speeking of which, hey, Boss! Have we got anything on the long range scaners?"

"Negative. Somthing seems to be interfearing with the AF scanner field. We're working under normal recon limits. So keep a sharp eye out."

Geyser turned and looked about. "Ok, Mukie was it? You have any idea which way to go?"
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Listening to the other two, Mokusei and Rose had different responses. Although both were relieved to hear them say that they were also working for the netpolice, (though Mokusei continued to be vigilant, You should never totally drop your guard in a battle, especially one like this. he had thought) their reactions to the rest of the response was very different.

Hearing the comment on the scanner, Mokusei didn't respond. It doesn't really matter, I didn't have much of a plan on scouting out the enemy anyways he thought. Rose, though she didn't know what an AF scanner was, she assumed it would sense the location of others, and had comments on the situation in general. "Yeah, everything seems to be thrown off by this whole war. I wonder if the Net Mafia sabotaged the area or something."

However, at the "Mukie" comment, Rose chuckled, knwing that Mokusei wouldn't enjoy that name at all. And while this was true, he didn't truly get bothered until Rose had laughed. "Actually, it's Mokusei." he said.

"Alright, Mukie, do you know what way to go?" Rose said, echoeing Geyser's question, adding emphasis to the name that she knew Mokusei disliked to bother him.

"Well, while I have no specefic ideas." he started, "I believe that in a battlefield like this, wandering far enough in any direction should draw you into some sort of action. So, whatever way should be fine. Ready when you are. . ."

Well, atleast he being sociable, even if he isn't being that personable. More polite out of habit than anything. But it is a step up. Rose thought to herself.
"It may be true that wandering in any direction will bring you into battle, but unless you are cautious about it, you might find yourself in a battle that's just out of your league." Zolem admonished. "Still, it's the best plan we have. Just be carefull. And stick to cover whenever possilbe."

"Right. Alright Mokusu, stay low and follow my lead." Geyser said, winding its way across the battlefiel, using rubble and other such terain as cover when possible.
This comment caught Rose off guard, even though it wasn't about something she had said. I never really thought about that. . . What if these guys are stronger than we anticipated. Mokusei is great and all, but he isn't that strong. She relaxed slightly when she noticed that Mokusei didn't seem that worried. Although that could be becuase he's so damn sure of himself. she thought, smiling.

"That sounds good." Mokusei agreed, referring to the staying behind Geyser and in cover. He started picking his way carefully across the rubble, trying to follow behind Geyser, but far away enough that he wouldn't be totally vulknerable should he be walking into a trap. I believe they can be trusted, but you should always be safe. Although he did keep a little distance, he attempted to stay as close as he felt comfortable, as he still did need the cover.

Rose considered striking up a conversation to put everyone at more ease, and break the tension of this serious situation, but thought better of it, realizing that it would be best for the Navi's and their operators to focus on what was going on around them.
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As the navis trudge on through the battlefield, an explosion rocks the building nearby them. They quickly run for shelter and meet face-to-face with... some NetPolice Agents, symbols of the organization proudly displayed on their shoulders.
"What's this? Civilians or Mafiosi?" a bulkier looking navi in white armor and a blue visor questioned, bracing his machine-gun. "Doesn't matter, get out! This is our cover!" he shouted.
"C-c-chief! Don't you think they're here to help?" another navi, in the white armored suit of the NetPolice, but his visor up, showing bits of orange hair and his frightened green eyes, stuttered.
"Bah humbug, Tyo! I'll listen to you just once. Do what you like then!" he replied to his subordinate, Tyo apparently, and shouted his other sentence at Geyser and Mokusei. Another explosion rocked the structure, but it didn't fall.

"Pathetic..." a crimson cloaked navi mused as he dropped a cigarette he was smoking to the ground and reloaded his shotgun like weapon. His dark hair covered his red eyes as he stared at the cover the NetPolice were hiding behind.
"What now, Boss Boom? Do we still trash 'em?" a female navi with short light blue hair and blue eyes dressed in a purple bodysuit, inquired.
"Hells yeah we're going to trash 'em, Azurith! We's the NetMafia, the baddest organization in all of the net," a smaller Heelnavi with spikes coming out of his arms and back replied.
"Shut it Porcupine, I didn't ask you," Azurith growled as she hefted the bazooka she was carrying with her.
"Just fire already, we need to beat those idiots dead," Boss Boom replied, sighing as he aimed his shotgun at the barricade.
"You gotit boss!" the two other Mafiosi replied as they fired at the barricade, eliminating it.

"Crap! Our covers blown! Return fire!" the Chief shouted, aiming his machine gun, battle ready, at the incoming Mafiosi.
"I guess this is it. You heard what Chief Trudger said! Move it guys!" Tyo ordered to his other companions, two others, as they faced the incoming enemy.
All's fair in war.

Boss Boom.exe: 300 HP
Azurith.exe: 150 HP
Porcupine.exe: 150 HP
NetMafia GoonA: 100 HP
NetMafia GoonB: 100 HP

Chief Trudger.exe: 300 HP
Tyo.exe: 150 HP
NetPolice EnforcerA: 150 HP
NetPolice EnforcerB: 150 HP

Geyser.exe: 190 HP
Mokusei.exe: 100 HP

"This Boss Boom. Looks like middle management. I doubt we'll get anything from him. Target the subordinates first though. I still want to ask him. Corral Armor activate."

Geyser's bulk increaced as its armor grew larger and thicker. "Rodger that. Standing by for weapon."

"Boomerang, battle chip in, dowload. Aim for the two unIDd and Porcupine."

"Alright, sounds like a plan." Geyser shouted, winding up and throwing the shark-jaw boomerang at its foes. "I hope this is the best the nt mafia can produce, cause this looks like a cakewalk."

"I hope not. Otherwise we might have wasted our time joining the battle. Fireburner1, slot in, download. Same targets."

Seems a bit harsh. I hope Z callms down soon. "Alrighty then, time for you guys to burn, Byzantine style!" Geyser shouted, trying to unerve the targets. "Todays special, deep fried morons!" it shouted as it released a jet of flaming oil from the dragon head on its arm.

1) Coral Armor (3-hit shield)
2) Boomerang 60 Wood Goon A,B, Porcupine
3) Freburner1 50 Fire Goon A,B, Porcupine
After a short period of Exploration, Rose was happy that she had chosen to stay on task. Seeing the chaos ensue after they had encountered the two warring factions put the gloomy doubt that neither she, nor Mokusei, was strong enough to deal with the situation that she had gotten them involved in. However, she thought, It doesn't matter now. We're here and we might as well try our best. She thought, forcing herself to smile and be positive.

As long as we aren't a burden on our allies, we shouldn't worry. She thought to herself. She seemed to have put the possibility of deletion out of her mind, possibly to keep her spirits up.

Mokusei stayed as calm as ever as the encounter escalated into a full scale battle. "Sir, we are planning on fighting for you. We'll try and stay out of your way." Mokusei stated quickly, trying to clear up the confusion over allegiances straight from the onset of the problem.

I hope Geyser and Zolem don't mind us speaking for them. I don't see why they would, but still, I'd hate to tick off my allies so soon into a fight. Rose thought to herself.

Alright, thought Mokusei, starting to strategize immediately, It seems like these NetMafia goons are pretty strong, and our Allies seem pretty well off as well. Due to my ranged specialty, and fragility, as well as my substantial lack of chips, I'll need to be extra careful with all of my actions in this battle, unless I want to be deleted. So, Basic strategy: Stay back, avoid any and all damage, use chips frugally, and aid my allies to the best of my abilities.

Rose took the start of the battle to examine the enemies. Flipping to the private chat channel, she spoke to Mokusei. "Alright, according to the PeT's readings, practically everyone else here is stronger than you." Rose informed him. Suddenly realizing that that was not the kind of outlook to begin a battle with, however, she followed it up with some encouragement, "But strength isn't all that matter's. We'll just have to show them what skill is all about."

Mokusei nodded, as he looked around. Well, I've got five enemies and five allies. Assuming each one has one equal match on the other side, that leaves me as a minor advantage for my side, if I really am as weak in comparison to the others as Rose implied. It can't be, though, I do well in fighting. Besides, she likes to mess with me, and enjoys telling me all my faults. She's probably just exaggerating. Mokusei reassured himself, getting his mind set for battle. He started breathing more slowly, and took in the battlefield around him. Their was various rubble ahead of him, as well as his allies. Then, across the field were his enemies. I'd do best attacking from behind rubble, or an ally, as I need some sort of cover. However, since I'm not all that valuable, I doubt anyone will want to provide cover for me, so Rubble will have to do. Then, a great strategy would be to take out enemies 1-at-a-time, as the less opponents left standing, the less opponents there are to kill your allies. Taking out the strongest is a good idea, but getting the leader on me wouldn't be good, so I'll have to start small. He thought, looking from the rubble, to his allies, to his enemies.

Quickly moving, he made his way towards the building that had been standing as a bunker before destroyed by the NetMafia and their war. "Good luck," he wished quietly as he move a little further from Geyser. He found a good place to use as make shift frontal cover, and prepared to attack. This rubble should be good enough for now, but it is definitely not my height, so I'll have to stay crouched for my attacks. Now I just need to start my sniping.

Crouched down, he looked over the rubble at the enemies and spotted the two goons; he decided that they'd be the best targets. Based off the fact that they hadn't spoken, and didn't show an incredible amount of customization, he assumed they had probably had less work done on them, and as a result were weaker. Quickly activating private chat, he spoke up to Rose. "Those targets," he said, pointing out the goons, "How strong are they?"

"Oh, they seem to be weakest. Why, starting from the bottom and working up?" She replied, also on private chat.

Mokusei nodded, not wasting time on pointless conversation with Rose. "Send me a shotgun, please." He requested.

Rose accessed her chips and complied with is demands, sending him the chip he wanted. I wonder how the other's are doing? Her thoughts and worries led her to look away from Mokusei as he prepared to attack in order to check on the others; both allies and enemies.

Mokusei was hard at work attacking. He was crouched on one knee, keeping steady balance. His hands had been placed carefully in their proper positions, to avoid any mistakes. He raised the gun up to his eye level and started aiming. Lining up the small pinpoint at the end of the barrel with a location in the center of a goon's chest, he followed it by centering the pin inside the aiming circle near him. He used his expertise in marksmanship and ranged fighting to help him aim, and held his breath (which was not all that necessary, as he didn't really need to breath, but was something that he had learned from culture within his programming's prior knowledge section, and things he had observed in movies since his life with Rose.)

Once he was confident with his aim, he pulled the trigger, and exhaled his held breath. From this distance, and the amount of enemies, worst case is I miss, barely, but that's not going to happen. Thought Mokusei as the shotgun dissolved back into nothingness, a little more self-confident than deserved. More likely, I'll hit my target, and from this distance, with the spred on that blast, maybe even somebody else. Turning around, he ducked lower behind his small rubble-cover. Also somewhat worried over the well-being of his allies, (After all, he justified, If my allies don't make it, I won't either. Not with these numbers.), he called out to Geyser. "Hey, how are you holding up?" he wasn't sure how he'd respond, if he'd appreciate the question, or even if he'd have time to respond during this mess, (I'm not even sure I have time for this. . . he thought) but decided it would be a good thing to do, as both a morale booster, showing of friendliness, and also a way to be more social. How's that, Rose? he sneered silently within his mind.

Rose, hearing this, brought her attention back to her own Navi. Well, that was more social than I had expected. It even almost sounded sincere, even if it isn't the most normal conversational topic, I guess he's getting there. She thought. Although he may have done it just to show that he was social and prove me wrong, considering who he is.

1. Find Rubble to use as cover + Use hide behind said rubble
2. Aim at NetMafiaGoon A
3. Shotgun at NetMafiaGoonA (50 dmg, possible splash)
- - - -Snipe on Shotgun blast
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Geyser activates his defenses while his partner goes off to hide himself in some rubble, which he does find. The water navi starts off, throwing his Boomerang at the NetMafia Goons, successfully hitting them, but his next attack of fire is blocked by the sudden appearance of a yellow shield, courtesy of Porcupine, and reflected back at the navi. However, Mokusei manages to nail the Goons, deleting them and finishing the job for Geyser.

"Ooh~ Not half-bad punk. But how about a face full of needles! SPINAL BARRAGE!" Porcupine shouted, getting on his hands and feet and sending a wave of spikes erupting from his back at Geyser. Two hits out of the 60 were blocked by the armor, but the rest sunk through Geyser's body, dealing some major damage.

"We're the morons?" Boss Boom questioned, slightly amused, "I think you got it backwards kid, you're the moron!" he yelled, propping up his shotgun and taking a good shot at Geyser, which was promptly blocked by a barrier that came out of nowhere. The NetMafia Navi quickly turned his head in an attempt to indicate the source of protection, when Azurith simply found it for him.

"It's those darn NetPolice, Boss!" she cursed, pointing at Tyo, who had indeed thrown up a shield for Geyser, using what seemed to be... another shield.

"Fear not Civilians! We're not slouches in battle!" Tyo cried triumphantly waving his shield proudly. "And with my trusty Spin Shield, you won't need to fear damage... I think" The NetPolice Enforcer boasted.

"Good work Officer Tyo! Now, it's time for our counter- WARGH!" Chief Trudger bellowed, before being blasted backwards, along with other parts of his unit, by a smoking missile from Azurith's bazooka. The female calmly reloaded, and aimed again at the NetPolice forces, but soon found that she couldn't attack any longer, and sighed in distraught.

"I missed, forgive me Boss Boom. I only managed to nick them in the side," the mafia navi apologized.

"It is of little consequence, Azurith. Leave the rest to me." the Mafia commander grunted as he loaded his shotgun, raised it at the NetPolice, and took aim.

"Agh! Not again! Rockcubes deploy!" Trudger shouted in panic, his subordinates understanding his fear, and soon followed his orders by erecting a Rockcube barricade in front of themselves and cowering behind it.

"Boom," the Mafia navi whispered, pulling the trigger and sending a giant, no, MASSIVE ball of energy shooting at the NetPolice. Geyser, in the way, and the only one who couldn't find cover, got hit with the full brunt of the attack, and was blown back against the Rockcubes, which proceeded to shatter a bit, but still stood firm.

Looks like it wouldn't be so much of a cakewalk as the water navi planned.

Boss Boom.exe: 270 HP
Azurith.exe: 150 HP
Porcupine.exe: 150 HP
NetMafia GoonA: DELETED
NetMafia GoonB: DELETED

Chief Trudger.exe: 250 HP (behind Rockcube barricade)
Tyo.exe: 150 HP (behind Rockcube barricade)
NetPolice EnforcerA: 100 HP (behind Rockcube barricade)
NetPolice EnforcerB: 100 HP (behind Rockcube barricade)

Geyser.exe: 72 HP (slapped against Rockcube barricade, mainly RockcubeC)
Mokusei.exe: 100 HP (in rubble)

RockCubeA: 130 HP
RockCubeB: 130 HP
RockCubeC: 110 HP
RockCubeD: 130 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal
As the results of the first few moments of this chaotic battle unfolded, Mokusei and Rose seemed pleased. There had been no casualties on their side, though the same couldn't be said about the opponent's, with the Geyser's boomerang weakening the goons just enough for Mokusei's shotgun blast to finish them off. Then came the horribly large ball of energy. What the . . . Rose thought, as the energy ball came out of the Mafia's side, hurdling towards the good guy's turf. I though they used Tommy guns and bats, not giant glowing balls of death.

Luckily for them, the rubble withstood the blow, allowing Mokusei to escape the blast unscathed. Too close . . . was all he could manage to think through the chaos. However, the same couldn't be said for their ally. Ooh, that looks rough. I guess he must be used to it, being physical and all, but it sure does make me glad that I didn't go getting the enemies focused on me. Mokusei thought.

However, after that shot, there was bound to be an opening for movement, There is no way they can launch two assaults like that in rapid succession. If they can, then I'm screwed anyway, so I might as well go with that assumption. Mokusei thought. Besides, if the could, then they would've. There is no reason for them to toy with us.

Quickly looking backwards, he noticed that the remainder of his team was hidden behind the rockcube wall. Well, those rockcubes are bound to be sturdier than this rubble. However, heading back there leaves us all open to any sort of Area of Effect type assault, like a bomb, so I may want to consider not doing so. Besides, I seem to be relatively safe here, even if I am slightly separated from the group. And with that Mokusei decided to remain in his current position.

As Rose reviewed the chips, Mokusei looked over his enemies. We've got the Bazooka-girl, Spikey-guy, and Shotgun-boss. The Shotgun-boss seems to be the strongest, and he probably caused the
energy attack. Bazooka-girl seems to be specializing in single powerful shots as well. Spikey, on the other hand, seemed to be using a rapid fire attack, which was a little weaker. I think he used a shield, too.
Mokusei analyzed.

On direct chat, Mokusei contacted his operator. "What chip d you advise?" He knew that this battle was going to be harder than any other he had faced yet, and he needed to be careful if he planned to survive the war. Besides, I need to be frugal with my chips, so having Rose analyze them while I take care of the rest seems like a fair split.

"Hmm," Rose thought aloud, also on private chat, "I'd say you should guard yourself, then use the RingLog, since it seems to be one of our best chips." she suggested.

"Alright," Mokusei responded. "Send Guard." Although she may have protested about his lack of "please" in the request had the situation been a little less serious, Rose was able to grasp the severity of their current situation, and sent Mokusei the chip he requested as she readied the ringlog. I need to aid however I can. Rose thought. She just wasn't sure what she could really help with at the moment.

Mokusei, on the other hand, had two easily identifiable jobs on his hands; survival and the destruction of the NetMafia's navis. Survival of my entire tam would be good, as well, but for now I think that that is more like a secondary objective. Although I probably won't finish the main objectives without completing the secondary, it isn't specifically vital to the goal, just helpful. He thought to himself as the large yellow shield took shape before him. Gripping it, he made sure to stay behind it as he rose from his crouched position to stand and lay it in front of the rubble, in an attempt to provide extra protection to his makeshift base. As soon as he had finished, he quickly ducked back down into the safety of his now slightly reinforced bunker.

"Ready?" Rose asked privately, as soon as she saw him complete his prior action.

"Yes, send Ringlog now." Mokusei replied, still on private conversation. After all, he thought, Why do the other's need to know what we're discussing, if it doesn't involve them? Further, atleast this way the NetMafia can't here our attacks before we launch them.

In a matter of seconds, the large log appeared in front of Mokusei. Due to the limited amount of room before him, due to the rubble blocking his front side, the log ended up taking formation in his lap, causing a sudden and unexpected amount of weight upon the section of his body. He didn't let this phase him, however, as he wrapped his arms below the log, and lifted it up as he moved into a standing position. Alright, so I need to hit those two. he thought, looking towards Porcupine and Azurith. He placed the log down on the ground in front of the rubble, and turned it to face them, using his knowledge of aiming and distance to help him approximate the right location. Then, swinging into a sitting position on top of the rubble, he gave the log a swift boot, connecting with the middle, towards the top (That ought to give it a better, fast spin, and keep it going straight, he thought about his kicks target location on the log) and sent the log rolling across the field.

Swinging back behind the rubble, he ducked down, with back to the reinforced part of the rubble, sitting on his backside with his knees up by his face. I hope that attack succeeds. Suddenly, he decided something. Based on the last death ball, and assuming that the same energy ball knocked down the NetPolice's last base, he can probably shoot those things without too much recharge time. So he may hit with another soon. I'll have to remember to get behind some sort of defense whenever I'm not attacking. Based off the building and Geyser, I'd say I definitely don't want to get hit by that.

Rose, meanwhile, looked over the remaining chips. Well, if all goes well, and our teammates do their part, then we should make it out of this battle. I mean, Mokusei could probably deal with one of these guys alone, and since our allies seem at least as strong as him, and we have 5 allies and 3 enemies, there shouldn't be any chance that we all die before destroying them. She thought. I mean, with the remaining arsenal that we have, and we're just beginners, we can probably last a deal longer. But how to maximize what we've got . . .

Mokusei looked back over at Geyser from behind his rubble barracks. I'd assume he knows this, but he should be taking cover, too. He took a pretty big hit. This is a war, and we're on the same side, so . . . And besides, Rose said I needed to be more "friendly" and "social". Having an ally over here could help take some heat off me, anyways. Mokusei justified the action before calling out to his ally, "Geyser, feel free to take cover over here if you need, too. Or to just get out of the fire while you recover."

1. Activate & place Gaurd1 in front of rubble. ( Reflect an attack for up to 60 dmg)
2. Roll Ringlog at Porcupine and Azurith (50 dmg +5 element match)
- - - - Snipe (Can I use snipe on a RingLog? It's ranged, but you don't shoot it so . . .)
3.Duck back behind Guard1-reinforced Rubble barricade
"Hmm, so that's their style. Porcupine, multi-hit swarm with weak shots, useless to dodge that. The other two use huge blasts, but cover will work in our favor on those. Oposite styles. Cleaver. Sword, heal slot, upload." Zolem said, sending repairative nergy coursing through Geyser. "Now, lt's show him our style of multi hit attack. AF generator, activate."

Pale blue energy started to gather at Geyser's fingertips as it did its version of a smirk. "Hey, spike-headed moronic dropout. You're attack IS good, but mine is better." Raising it's fingers, the energy points on the tips started to resemble predatory jaws. "Feel the power of natures ultimate preditor. Feeding Frenzy!" And with that the shark shaped missiles shot for Geyser's fingers. Their objective was simple. Devour their target, Porcupine.

"And that's enough for now so, allee oop!" it taunted. Doing a highspeed backflip onto the top of the rockcube and swinging it's body down behind the cube at lightning speed, apearing as nothing more than a sea-green blurr. "Bet you didn't expect a guy my size to be that fast huh?"

Free) Convert Sword 80 to Heal 40
1) Heal 40 Geyser
2) Feeding Frenzy 10x10 Slashing Aqua - Porcupine
3) Dodge behind RockCubeC
((HEy! just making sure you remember us.))