Support Programs

From now on, on battles 5, 10, 15, or 20, you have a random chance of encountering an Unknown Program as the boss for that battle-- essentially an amorphous white blob. This, when killed, drops a 'Supportprog'. This is your pet/Support Program. Once obtained, you have two options for this program; you can either trade it to other players in exchange for zenny and the like, or you can keep it, registering an appearance of your choosing in Profile Edits/Appearance Changes.

Note that if you trade or sell this Support Program, you will never be able to obtain another-- it's one per person. This same exclusion will apply to the person it's traded to. You cannot sell or trade it after you have registered an appearance for it.

More details on Support Programs can be found in the Rules Topic for them.

Support Programs have been drastically changed.

They no longer appear on battles 5, 10, 15 randomly, and no longer are amorphous white blob-ic plot holes.

They can be acquired via your nearest local Netpolice/Netmafia/Requested Mission Station.

You can now customize your SPs.

All current owners of SPs, please multiply your Bugfrags by 4, then round off to the nearest hundred for your new Bugfrag amount. (NaviA has 45, and multiplies it by 4, then has 180. He rounds off to 200.)

So, go check out the new SPs!