Challenging the Jungle

Red and Myun skipped to the Rogue Net's location with the aide of Shin's guidance. The area looked desolate, a far cry from the wonderful, lush forest of the upper Yumland Network. Plants seemed to overgrow into each other in various places, making the whole place seem like a wild jungle, ruled only by the powerful virus denizens.

"This is it, that unshakably powerful feeling I found before we left last time. I can feel the wind, it's... full of energy," Red commented, grinning. She was getting excited.

Myun seemed to feel the same. The animalistic landscape made her blood boil in anticipation for a new challenge.

"Hehe, this will be great," Shin mused, ready with his chip folder as he ordered a meat pie from the cafe.

((Waiting on Grim))
Mach and Aera warped into the network, but instead of their high-altitude entrance, they appeared next to Red and Myun due to the large amount of foliage and natural cover in the area.

Wow, this is pretty different than the plains of grass we saw before.
Aera grabbed Machman's arm, and stood close to him. A serious look came over her face as she peered into the jungle ahead.
Something doesn't seem right. I think we'll be okay, but we probably need to be cautious...
Machman looked down to Aera, and attempted to comfort her by putting his arm around her.
I'm getting the same feeling too. We'll be alright if we stick together, and we have both Red and Myun with us.

Aera was more relieved by Mach's comforting words, but she remained latched to his arm as they went into the jungle.

((Ready for Battle #1))
"Forward Adventurers!" Red shouted, pointing forward into the distance... albeit the distance being blocked by a heck a lot of plants. "Err... this might be a bit difficult, but let's go!" the crimson crusader exclaimed, not missing a beat of enthusiasm as the group walked along.

((Battle 1))

[Red_Riding_Hood.exe: 210 HP
Myun.SP: 90 HP]
Entering the deep, lethal jungle, the two navis along with their partners braved into the unknown. As always, it wasn't too long before encountering a virus...but these was much stronger than a regular virus. Though the ground was green, making it perfect for MachMan's Spice, it also was disadvantageous as few Spikeys lurked about!

KilburA: 170 HP
KilburB: 170 HP
KilburC: 170 HP
KilburD: 170 HP
Spikey2A: 190 HP
Spikey2B: 190 HP
Spikey2C: 190 HP
Spikey2D: 190 HP

Terrain: 70% Grass, 30% Snare

Red: 210 HP
Myun.SP: 90 HP

MachMan: 120 HP
Aera: 60 HP

((Didn't have internet for 2 days, so I typed all of this while on the Shinkansen bullet trains to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Miyajima, etc.))

Machman and Aera widened their stances as they encountered their first set of RogueNet viruses.
Wow, they look pretty strong. But the four of us will take them down without too much trouble!
[Battlechips locked in, take them down!]

A ring of yellow spores appeared around Machman as his wings started to float in a slow orbit around his body. As he did so, a nearly clear cyan shield appeared in front of him and created an almost invisible barrier between Mach and the viruses ahead. All of this thrusters, on his wings and his body, charged up with a high-pitched whine. The immediate area was then drowned in cyan light as all of his thrusters fired at nearly full strength. The thrusters burned for only a second or so, but there was more than enough force to spread the carnivorous spores throughout the area. The spores reacted to the grass terrain and became very volatile and started to wear away any viral programs in their path.

With the spores doing their job of wearing down the competition, Machman's wings congregated to his right arm. The thrusters charged once again as he drew his arm back, and they fired as he swiped his arm forward in a wide arc. The resulting blast drew a crescent-shaped line of heat and flames that careened towards the Kilbur viruses ahead. Mach's wings continued on their sliding path before returning to his back, but his right arm whipped forward towards the Kilburs and brought his MachBuster to bear. He aimed towards the remaining Kilbur viruses and fired a flame-imbued projectile at the plant-like viruses. The round exploded on impact in a fireball that covered the immediate area in searing heat and flames.

While Machman engaged the Kilburs with a combination assault of spores and flames, Aera assisted Red and Myun in taking out the Spikey viruses. Aera's arms crackled and sparked with electricity as she pointed her palms towards the pack of Spikeys. She took aim at the center-most Spikeys, and a wave of electrical current coursed down her right arm and discharged from her palm in a bright bolt of electricity. She then followed up with an identical attack from her left arm, but this shot was aimed towards the center left Spikey. Due to the large amount of electricity coursing through her body, her internal capacitors reached their capacity. Her body rippled with electrical discharges and her skin was almost aglow. With her capacitors nearly overloaded, she faced the right-most Spikey and braced herself. In one magnificent display of electrical power, she discharged all of the stored power in her capacitor programs. Her body flashed a brilliant white and cyan bolts of electricity spiked from her body. Though unseen, she unleashed a pulse of magnitism towards her target, capable of partially scrambling or disabling sensory programs and AI processes.

Machman moved several feet in front of Aera and lowered his left shoulder towards the Spikey viruses. A large, yellow shield formed over his body and created a barrier between him and the viruses ahead. He called back to Aera, but made it loud enough for Red and Myun to hear.

Shield is up! Once it goes down, scatter!

He clenched his right fist and drew his arm back, then it underwent a drastic information. A multitude of yellow metal plates materialized over his arm and slid into place. The large metal armored plates scraped together and created sprays of sparks as the armor sealed around his arm and hand.

I have a little surprise for them.

Machman opened his hand then clenched his massive GutFist. His arm snapped into position, drawn back like a compressed spring. Once his shield was destroyed, he'd quickly deliver a heavy dose of pain to an attacking virus.

-[Plasma Shield: Front]-
Spice2: KilburA,B,C,D (110dmg + Confusion + To-All-Grass)
PhoenixShot1: KilburA,B,C (140dmg Fire + Wide Attack]
Heatshot1: KilburC,D (100dmg Fire + Splash)
Aera: Attack: Spikey2B (35dmg Elec)
Aera: Attack: Spikey2C (35dmg Elec)
Aera: Tesla Pulse: Spikey2A (Confusion + 2TCD)
Guard1: Machman.EXE, Aera.SP, Red.EXE, Myun.SP (Reflect 1 attack back for up to 60dmg)
Counter1: 1 Attacking Virus (Counter with GutPunch for 70dmg + Breaking + Impact)

"Tch, a pretty tough group right off the bat," Shin grimaced, his previous vigor in the face of a challenge completely gone. This was pretty serious.

"Mach's already moving in! What about us?" Red asked, the only one probably pumped up on this side. Myun actually wasn't feeling it, so she pretty much waited to do cleanup duty.

"Jump, and then use these," Shin advised, throwing 4 chips into the PET. "Target... the Spikeys!"

"Roger that!" the crimson crusader replied, immediately launching herself high into the air, creating a trailing updraft in the process, but that was already accounted for.

"Time for some Air Surfing! Guard Activate!" the fairy-tale fighter announced, quite cheerfully, forming a yellow, bowl-shaped surfboard under her feet while descending toward the Spikey viruses.

"And I meant surfing..." the red-caped wonder grinned, two swirling balls of water forming in her hands as she hid behind the Guard. Reaching a certain point in her descent, the wind mistress kicked the shield forcefully toward the Spikey group, the movement amplified by a gust of wind. This was mainly for distraction purposes though. Her real goal was...

"Go Drown!" Red yelled, swinging her arms powerfully forward, releasing the restraints on the Wideshot chips, two colossal tidal waves churning forth and riding forward out of nowhere and descending upon the Spikey viruses, attempting to deal some major damage to some of them at least, drowning two in the best scenario.

"And it'll be..." Shin started, displaying the Elecreel chip on the PET's holoscreen.

"and electrifying..." Red continued, pulling back her arm, which already held a charged ball of electricity at the end.

"FINISH!" Netop and NetNavi shouted in unison, a surging bolt of lightning bursting forth from Red's hand after she threw the attack with all her might at the Spikey group. The energy seared through the air with powerful force, seeking to simply deep-fry the virus group with all its might. The air rumbled, crackled, and roared with an imperial authority as the Elecreel neared ever closer to the Spikey group.

Myun rushed in at this time, aiming for the first of the group, her fists up and at the ready. A single punch went into the dust cloud aftermath of the Elecreel's explosion, a fist that reached for anything to come in contact with and assaulted it with due force. Her ears seemed to convey the same feeling and sent two quick strikes into the same area where Myun's first attack shot into.

Navi and SP, their thoughts the same, cartwheeled and hopped away from any other attacks. It was kind of silly, if you thought about it.

Turn Summary:
1. Jump [Airstep into High Altitude]
2. Slow Descent by Air Surfing down on Guard1 [Block one attack and reflect up to 60 DMG]
*Gust: Knockback Guard1 into Spikey2 group. [Distraction]
3. Wideshot1 at Spikey2A,B,C [60 Aqua DMGx2(Elemental Weakness) =120 DMG]
4. Wideshot1 at Spikey2B,C,D [60 Aqua DMGx2(Elemental Weakness) =120 DMG]
5. Elecreel1 to Spikey2 Group [80 Elec DMG + To-All]
6. Dodge

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Get in Melee Range of Spikey2A [Movement]
1. Attack Spikey2A [40 DMG]
*Rhythm Boxing to Spikey2A [2x10 DMG]
2-3. Dodge
((I would've put some effort behind it, but I was bit frustrated when the modding I had prepared disappeared when my computer crashed...))



Terrain: 70% Grass, 30% Snare

Red: 210 HP
Myun.SP: 90 HP

MachMan: 120 HP
Aera: 60 HP

1000z + 4 FXP + 1 FXP (Rogue Net Bonus)
Red: 40 BugFrags (Spikeys)
Mach: 36 BugFrags (Kilbur)
"Alright! We got them!" Red cheered, pumping her fist into the air.

"Hmmm, just zenny huh? Oh well," Shin shrugged, adding the rewards to his account. "So, shall we move on?"

"Yeah! What do you say Mr. Machman and Ms. Aera?" Red inquired, reaching her hand out to the two.

A spark flickered between the two hands...

((Battle 2 whenever, unless Grim leaves, then Battle 1, yet again))
Machman stood up straight as his GutFist disappeared, his foes were destroyed by the tandem onslaught of Red and his team. Machman gathered up the zenny as Aera collected her share of bugfrags. Red approached the two and extended her hands towards them. Aera took Red's hand as Mach replied.

Sure, let's continue on.

((Battle #2))
There wasn't too much variety in the next group of enemies Red and Mach came across. There were the lethal Swordys, bearing their bambooswords, and the powerful Mashys, slowly dripping its dangerous spores to the ground. Just before the navis could do anything, two figures rose up from the well of poison on the sides and immediately attacked the two!!

Swordy-W2 A: 160 HP
Swordy-W2 B: 160 HP
Swordy-W2 C: 160 HP
Swordy-W2 D: 160 HP
Swordy-W2 E: 160 HP

Mashy: 140 HP
Mashy: 140 HP
Mashy: 140 HP
Mashy: 140 HP

-On Poison-
??A: 200 [ATTACKING]
??B: 200 [ATTACKING]

Terrain: 60% Grass, 30% Snare, 10% Poison

Red: 210 HP
Myun.SP: 90 HP

MachMan: 120 HP
Aera: 60 HP


Machman and Aera turned to the incoming attackers, and Aera's wings kicked on to blast her backwards and away from the incoming figures as Mach brought his armored GutFist to bear. A nearly invisible plasma shield materialized in front of him to create a barrier between him and the attacking viruses. He swung his arm back and prepared to bring a crushing punch down on one of the attacking figures. As soon as he warped in and delivered his steel-knuckled haymaker, a group of spores materialized around him. As his right fist and arm returned to normal, his wings moved out to all sides and charged up with a high-pitched whine.

In the meantime, Aera stopped her retreat and picked out one of the shadowy figures attacking Mach hand Red. As she came into range, her body flashed with electrical power; her capacitors were on the brink of overloading. As soon as she got close enough, she unleashed a wave of electrical energy in a bright flash. She sent a nearly invisible pulse of magnetism towards the figure, hoping to scramble its programming.

Machman's wing thrusters opened up with a bright veil of cyan light and created a torrent of wind that spread the spores over the field. The spores were activated by the data in the grassy terrain and became incredibly unstable. The spores started to wear away and corrupt any viral data in the vicinity of the grass.

[Time to bring the heat! Burn those mushrooms away!]
Understood. Aera!
On my way!

Machman's wings cooled down and Aera turned back to him. Machman then crouched down and jumped up in a bicycle kick-like flip. As he did so, his body made a rapid change as large metal surfaces and plates swung and flipped into place. His "body" lengthened to nearly 30 feet, and a pair of large angled wings protruded from his sides. His four powerful engines swung in their housings and projected their thrust downwards to keep him hovering in the air. The top panel of his gold-hued cockpit slid away to reveal a brightly lit, full projection control panel and advanced ejection seat.

Aera leapt into the air and easily descended into the cockpit and settled into the seat while Machman closed and sealed the cockpit. Machman rotated towards the Mashy viruses and opened his weapon blisters. A set of immolation rockets were loaded into the two pods nestled in the blisters. As soon as he lined up with the left-most Mashy, he started his barrage by sending several rockets streaking towards the Mashys as he continued his rotation. More rockets were loaded as he fired his barrage, but quickly had to move out of the area to keep from getting hit by counter fire. He continued to rotate and started to strafe diagonally backwards as his rocket pods slid back and were replaced with a pair of triple-barreled vulcans. He lined up one of the figures in his sights and unleashed his vulcans with a loud roar. He sent two crimson streams of tracers towards his enemy, each tracer was followed by 3 similarly designed 30mm armor-piercing rounds. He continued to slide back and left as he depleted his ammunition. He popped his elevators up and threw his front retro-thrusters into full and launched his nose skyward. His engines swung into their default positions and burned brightly to send the pair rocketing skyward. Machman's angular form tore through the air, and multiple small explosions rippled over the underside of his fuselage. Over a half-dozen sensor pods were ejected from his frame and spread all over the battle space and quickly started broadcasting important visual and infrared video feeds.

Machman continued to climb and tapped into the feeds. He found an untouched Mashy virus, and prepared a fiery surprise for his foe. His engines waned off and he slowed in the air. Still pointing straight up, he angled his rudders to the right, and started to swing downwards like a swinging axe and dove back to the ground below. A missile appeared under his right wing, loaded with an explosive warhead packed with fuel. Machman used a combination of his onboard targeting system and the Overwatch network feeds to effectively plot the Mashy virus in a 3-dimensional space, and determined where its next location would be. Since they could only travel on grass terrain, the movement options were limited. After locking in the location, he released the missile and it streaked off with the help of its solid-fuel engine. The missile exploded on impact with a ground-shuddering boom and a flash of fire and heat.

-[Plasma Shield: Facing Forward]-
Counter1: 1 attacking virus (Counter 1 attack with GutPunch for 70dmg + Breaking + Impact)
Aera: Dodge
Spice2: All viruses on Grass (110dmg + Confusion + To-All-Grass)
Aera: Tesla Pulse: ??B (Confusion + 2TCD)
-[Activate MachFighter.GMO]-
Aera: Mobility Junction
PhoenixShot: MashyA,B,C (140dmg Fire + Wide Attack)
Rising Barrage: ??B (100dmg + Breaking + Strategic Action + 4TCD)
-[Strategic Action: Move to high altitude]-
Magnum1: MashyD (240dmg + Break + Panel Breaking) [+ Take Aim]
"Whoa!" Red shouted, taken aback by the viruses' sudden attack. Fortunately for her, Shin immediately slotted-in a Guard chip to counter this surprise maneuver. A yellow shield materialized promptly in front of Red, attempting to block and rebound the attacks from the poison dwellers. Myun used her instinctive animalistic senses in this scenario and dashed away from the oncoming virus with quick steps.

"Thanks Shin! Let's finish take care of it first!" the crimson crusader called, trying to hastily get rid of the first attackers.

"No problem. Burn out those Swordys too and... let's use that new technique," Shin suggested after some thought.

"Roger that! Let's do this, Myun!" Red called, her support unit nodding firmly before dashing toward one of the poison dwellers, pulling her fist back. Her master did the same, but now with a bigger, steaming hand. Myun added some juice to her attack, courtesy of natural mechanics, and the two moved as one, sending brilliantly executed punches toward the unknown virus, attempting to smash it into nothingness. Myun struck out with her ears, just in case, before hopping away from the scene.

"Firetower!" the red-caped crusader called, raising her hand while a red circle with the character for "fire" appeared beneath her. The ground quaked and shook with great intensity as lava started to seep out of the ground before erupting into an array of massive columns that marched across the battlefield toward the Swordy viruses. A demonic roar sounded from the attack the fairy-tale fighter summoned, pronouncing its claim to eradicate the Swordy group from the face of the internet.

Going to a less serious state, Red happily skipped across the battlefield, or in place actually, doing what seemed like an odd tap dance. Each movement, however, was sending rainbow colored waves spanning the entire battlefield causing it to... become really plain?

It seems the red-cloaked warrior's technique had completely flattened, spread out, or dissolved, the terrain, making it plain... normal.

"Seems a bit anticlimatic," Shin mumbled to himself, leaning back in the cafe's chair.

"Woohoo! What a workout! I feel pumped!" Red exclaimed, stretching her arms and legs out. Indeed, she seemed a bit more... enervated than usual. Can that little exercise really do that though? Maybe it was the rainbows, definitely the rainbows. Some sunshine radiating on the red-caped wonder didn't help explain this, seriously.

"Alright, let's make some use of that! DBLBeam! Slot-in!" Shin yelled, dramatically sending the chip into the PET. A cube that flashed between shades of blue and red was summoned, where Red added her energy to the destructive part, her own, favorite color. Now all she could do was cartwheel around until it was done.

Turn summary:
1. Guard1 [Block one attack and reflect up to 60 DMG]
Myun Passive: Run Myun Run- Movement to the side.
2. MistConv1 to ??A [100 Aqua DMG + Impact]
Myun 1: Break Attack to ??A [40 DMG + Break]
Myun Passive: Rhythm Boxing to ??A [2x10 DMG]
3. Firetower1 to Swordy-W2 group [100 Fire DMGx3(Weakness & Grass) =300 DMG + Piercing + Group Attack + Ground Attack]
4. Skipping Rainbow [Stage Change to Normal, +20 Strengthen] (3 turn cooldown)
*Sunshiny Day: Passive Heal 15
5. DBLBeam1 [(Red) 40 +20 DMG To-All Enemies or (Blue) 30 Heal To-All Allies]
6. Dodge
Myun 2 & 3: Dodge
MachMan took position with his Counter chip and Red use her Guard against the attacking viruses. The two poison covered viruses came head first right towards each of them, but from the look of it, they were coming in much faster than both of them expected. When the two came crashing against the two guards, Red's shield was able to reflect a full damage on her adversary...but the same couldn't have been said about MachMan. After hitting against the barrier, the virus backed away from his current position even before MachMan could swing his beloved steel knuckle. The poisons slowly slid down to reveal the deadly EarthDragons, flaring their nostrils as they waited to attack once more. Red tried to counter her own attack with the MistConv, but the dragon barely dodged the attack and left it self open for Myun's close range attacks. (The poison started to corrode Myun)

The Spice filled everywhere as the Mashy and the Swordy coughed in pain, but the dazing effect of the chip didn't effect the Swordies at all...Red deployed the devastating Firetower towards the group, but due to the poor accuracy of the chip, Red was only able to get two kills. MachMan transformed into his jet form while Aera successfully confused one of the EarthDragons and began reigning fire down on the Mashys. The mushroom viruses was instantly deleted before it could make a single move since Red took this in plan as the entire terrain changed to the default state.

Red then prepared the DBLBEAM and the cube alternated between the blue and red furiously. Eventually, the beam stopped on red and the powered beam soared into the sky and sent a devastating attack all over the net. However, only the first batch of the beam was powered by Red and managed to only delete the weakened EarthDragon and a single Swordy. The navi along with her bunny took on a evasive maneuver, but it didn't expect the two surviving Swordy to teleport besides her and lay a two-pronged attack with their powerful bamboo sword!!

Swordy-W2 A: DELETED
Swordy-W2 B: 10 HP
Swordy-W2 C: DELETED
Swordy-W2 D: 10 HP
Swordy-W2 E: DELETED


-On Poison-
EarthDragonA: 110
EarthDragonB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Red: 170 HP
Myun.SP: 70 HP

MachMan: 120 HP
Aera: 60 HP
"Aagh!" Red yelped as the Swordys moved in for the frontal attack, their blades coming in for a two-pronged attack where she could only dodge one. Swiftly cartwheeling out of the way of one blow, the caped crusader winced as the other blade cut across her leg in the middle of her evasive action. Landing with a grimace, the fairy-tale fighter quickly retaliated with a maneuver of her own.

Drawing out a metal canister from her picnic basket, Red took a deep breath before slamming it into the ground, activating one of her more debilitating signature programs.

Columns of caramal erupted out of the ground underneath the three remaining viruses, threatening to entrap them in the sticky substance, hold them still, whatever, just so long as they didn't move for the moment.

"I'll leave that Dragon to you Mach!" Red called to her partner, her operator already sending in some wide area attack chips to take care of the threat in front of his navi.

"Go for it," Shin sighed coolly, leaning back as much as he could in the NetCafe's chair.

"Drown!" the red-cloaked battler cried, summoning up two tidal waves of water toward the Swordys, giving yet another meaning to overkill. If it collapsed over the viruses, of course.

"Alright Mr. Machman, Ms. Aera, you can get rid of the rest! I believe in your skills! We made it past this round together after all!" Red cheered, giving moral support to her companions.

The navi and SP pair then cartwheeled some more on the ground. Sunny rays helped Red heal in this case.

Turn Summary:
1. Caramel stickiness to Swordy-W2 B,D, EarthDragonA [Stun]
2. Wideshot1 to Swordy-W2 B,D [60 Aqua DMG]
3. Wideshot1 to Swordy-W2 D,B [60 Aqua DMG]
4. Cheer Machman and Aera [More FXP?]
*Sunshiny Day: Heal 15 to Red
5-6. Dodge

Myun's Actions:
1-3. Dodge
Understood, we'll take down the Dragon. Aera, time to split.

As his Plasma Shield continued to remain active, Machman opened his cockpit hatch and Aera leaped out from his frame. She drew her arm back as electricity surged down her forearm before releasing the electric power from the palm of her hand towards the EarthDragon in a quick jab motion. Machman pointed his nose down as his body started to change rapidly. He flipped forward as the metal plates and wings folded away back into his body, and he slid to a stop on the normal terrain. The gem over his right hand began to glow brightly, and he pointed his open hand towards the Dragon. He then drew his fingers in, like a claw in an attempt to almost telekinetically snare the virus in his grasp, though the actual force behind it was magnetism. He then snapped his arm back to drag the Dragon virus towards him with a severe amount of force. As he did so, a small orb with small dynamo arrays materialized discreetly in his left hand.

Aera flipped and somersaulted towards Red to give her some extra assistance as Machman attempted to fling the virus towards himself. As soon as the virus got within range, almost close enough to collide with Machman, he blurred out of sight. Machman had teleported, but he left a little surprise behind. He had dropped the armed Magbomb a split-second before he zipped away faster than the eye could track. The bomb exploded in a flash of electricity, and as if on que, Machman materialized above the virus and had his right arm cocked back. In his right hand he held a remarkably heavy cannonball, and he was sure to take the virus out with one last strike. He double-checked with his Overwatch sensor feeds to confirm the virus's position and capability to move before hurling the iron ball towards the virus on the ground below. The impact made a loud boom and hurled debris in the air.

No worries, Red and Myun. We're too much for these viruses to handle! Those Swordies don't have a chance!

-[Plasma Shield: Facing Forward]-
Aera: Cancel Mobility Junction
Aera: Attack: EarthDragonA (35dmg Elec)
-[Deactivate MachFighter.GMO]-
Magbolt1: EarthDragonA (90dmg Elec + Stun {Pulls enemy to melee range with magnetic field}
Aera: Dodge
Magbomb1: EarthDragonA (30dmg Elec + Blast2 + Stun)
SCRAM Boost: Teleport above EarthDragonA [Before Magbomb explodes] (Teleport + 2TCD)
CannonBall: EarthDragonA (150dmg + Break)
Cheer Red and Myun
Red took care of the Swordies after sticking them down and cutting them down with the Wideshot and MachMan...He just went all out against the EarthDragon, which, it couldn't even retaliate due to the last attack's exhaustion. The viruses was taken care of, and the prizes was left...but it doesn't look like the two will continue any longer due to the tournament...or will they?

Swordy-W2 A: DELETED
Swordy-W2 B: DELETED
Swordy-W2 C: DELETED
Swordy-W2 D: DELETED
Swordy-W2 E: DELETED


-On Poison-
EarthDragonA: DELETED
EarthDragonB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Red: 185 HP
Myun.SP: 70 HP

MachMan: 120 HP
Aera: 60 HP

Red: 1300z + 44 Bugfrags
Mach: 1450z + 44 Bugfrags
Each: 5 FXP + 1 FXP (Rogue Net Bonus)
"Well, let's head out. Good luck on your match guys," Shin proclaimed, getting up from his chair, his food finished, the bill paid.

"Yeah! We'll surely, meet each other again!" Red called, waving at Machman and Aera.

[Jack Out]
Good work, you two. Good luck with your match!

After Red and Myun waved and logged out, Mach and Aera did the same in a flash of cyan light.

((Logged Out))