Junior headed right for the hot springs, switching his outfit to purple swim trunks. He took his glasses off, setting them aside as he started washing his hair. He needed to clean off.
"Can I join you?" a female voice called from behind Junior. There, outside the water stood a female Navi with a buttoned up lab coat. Her face had a quizzical look to it at the moment, but then again, she did just ask if she could join him.
"I... um, suppose." Junior said. He was just about finished washing and getting ready to just sit back and relax. He looked a bit curiously at her. Surely she wasn't going to wear a lab coat in here. He wondered what kind of swim suit she be wearing though... that really wasn't his concern. He shook back any perverse thoughts he had.
Daisy took off her labcoat, her tank top, and her pants reveling a two piece red swimsuit. She walked into the pool of water, and sat down near the edge. She let out a sigh of relaxation as the water reached her shoulders. "This feels nice..." She said.
Junior glanced at her from the corner of his eye. A two piece... how nice, though he didn't want to get caught staring. He also noticed that she was a blonde. The thought made him flick his one strand of yellow hair. Silence would be weird, so he then introduced himself, "So... what is your name? I'm Soulman_Junior.EXE." He nodded politely, since he couldn't bow while sitting.
Daisy turned her head to look at Junior, and in a somewhat cute tone, and a slight head tilt responded "Hello Soulman Junior, I'm Daisy. It is nice to meet you." It was shortly after she gained a quizzical look again, when she asked "Soulman Junior? Does the Junior mean there are more then one of you? Or were you based off of someone?"
"Daisy-san? That's a cute name." Junior commented. then, addressing her question, "Anyway, Junior implies what it does for humans. Unlike most navis, I had parents, as odd as that may seem... I was actually born." He paused, "Anyway, what brings you here?"
"Uh? How is that odd?" Daisy asked, her not knowing that Navi's are created by humans, and that act right there is not one that is common in the net world. She was about to say she was there because she never been here before, but she never got to speak when behind her popped up a visual display, with Anthony's face in it. He was looking kind of shocked, seeing as neither of the two Navi's there looks like Edgar at all. Daisy looked behind her and saw his face, and she responded "You aren't Virgil? Who are you?" It then dawned on Anthony... He and that man he bumped into ended up with each other's PET. 'Er' was about all Anthony could manage to say.
"What? He has your PET and isn't your netop? He didn't kidnap you, did he?" Junior asked, getting worried by the sudden events, "Want me to wake my netop? Or maybe it'd be best to escape to my PET before he can forcefully plug you out and do who knows what." He gritted his teeth. What was this guy's game? He put a picture of the netop in his PET's memory. If anything bad happened right now, he might need to try and track him down.
Anthony was not too happy about what all happened today. If the personal that he bumped into was called Virgil, then he should easily be able to find him if he asks for Alexander's help. But right now some navi he had never seen before was accusing him of theft. He had to defend himself from this, and so he shall. "HOLD ON! This is all one big misunderstanding! I was walking somewhere when I bumped into someone, and we both ended up dropping our PETS, and I think he picked up the wrong one. I know someone that might be able to help find her owner. I am not a kidnapper, I swear on the Winnicot Family Honor!" He said, his face showing worried that they won't believe him, even though it is the truth. It was then Daisy asked with a quizzical look "Winnicot? Winnicot family of Sharo?" Anthony was somewhat confused by the question, but responded "Er, yes... How did you know?" Daisy, lost her quizzical look, and giggled. She then turned to Junior and said "He's related to Virgil, so he can't be bad." Anthony was kind of 'What?' After that. But it did help some, because it atleast narrowed the people it could be down.
"Are... are you sure he's okay." Junior waded over to Daisy and placed a hand on her shoulder, "While we may not know each other too well, I'd be glad to help you find your real netop. Besides, leaving you alone with some weirdo kidnapper might not be such a good idea. For all we know, he could have picked up the name Winnicot from a memo on your PET or he could be an enemy of your netop and knows the name that way." Junior looked suspciously back at Anthony and he moved a bit closer to Daisy, only a few inches of air separated them. It looked like he was trying to form a barrier between her and the view screen of the stranger, "Perhaps I should wake Wes after all..."
Anthony just looked at Junior, not too happy he was still accusing him of kidnapping, but things really did not end up any better when Junior said "Wake up Wes." Great, if he is who I think he is, then there would be no way they would believe the truth if that navi gets him up Anthony silently thought to himself. It was about that time when Daisy turned to Anthony and spoke out "No, he would know that breaking any promises under the Winnicot name because-" It was about that time Anthony interjected "because then if we fail in it the punishment would be severe, as my mother's family, the Winnicot family, Pride themselves on honor. And if they said they would do something, they sure as hell would do it till they die."

It was about that time Anthony took his time piece out, and showed the angel engraving on it. "If your netop is really related to me, then you should know about the angel." Anthony then put the watch away, and said one more thing. "And if you do not believe me about me being a member of the Winnicot family, wake up "Wes" and have him look at me... Because we meet, and he at least should know my last name..." Daisy was confused as too all of what was going on, but what did escape her lips was "The family crest..."
"What the hell, Junior?" Wes's voice came over after his navi had waken him up. He looked down at Daisy, kind of annoyed, "Whatever you need me for, its probably stupid and I doubt I care."

Junior sighed, "Its that guy over there. He says you know him." He pointed at Anthony's image.

"Oh yeah... that Winnicot baka. Still trying to decide whether he's a stalker or not. Also, he owes me a Gameboy." Wes grumbled, still about half asleep, "Either way, fight his navi to teach him a lesson!"

"His navi is... missing, apparently. He's too dumb to keep track of it, so that's why we had to wake you up." Junior sighed again. He thought for a minute. Even though Daisy wasn't his navi, she still was in this guy's control, more or less. Maybe... "Though if you want me challenge someone, I'll take Daisy-san on. Let's have a virus busting contest. Just you and me, side-by-side. The most kills win. If I win, I get a kiss. If you win, I have to buy you dinner." Normally he wasn't so forward but he was in a great mood after his bath.
"...You know, I might have deserved the gameboy to the face, but the baka comment was really uncalled for..." Anthony said, rather ticked of at that. "And also, how about we raise it up more then that. How about we add if you win I will have to be your follower, doing what you want within reason... and if I win you own me three favors. You care to take raise it that far?"

Daisy was rather confused as to what was going on, unsure just what was being said. All she knew was she might end off facing viruses with Junior. But right now she does not think she will have any chose in this... so she will just go along with whatever happenes.
Junior's eye twitched, "The challenge was addressed to Daisy-san. This is a gamble between navis, not netops, since mine went back to sleep. Besides, why would I need a follower? I go for friends, not slaves. Now please, stop interjecting. Keep it up and it might start to look like you did kidnap Daisy-san to furthur your own weird goals." This guy was rude. And three favors? Junior noticed that he didn't add the 'within reason' clause to thier side of the deal. If Wes was suspicious of him, the last thing he would want was to lose a bet with him. He was actually considering throwing the match, just so he would get to go on an actual date with Daisy, rather than just some busting spree. He then had an idea, "Tell you what, if Daisy-san agrees, I'll let you determine the length of the spree and the area. Is that enough for you?"
"Understand, after losing a Navi which really should not fall in Sharo hands, being called a kidnapper, and called stupid, I am not in one of my better moods. Also, I would have became your netop's follower, not yours. And those three favors, really are just information on three people. And at least your netop is able to sleep..." Really, he wanted to know how that one person was doing, the lady that was in the construction accident. The other one was any information on this "Royal person", because he thought his netop sounded somewhat filmier. The third... really he had no idea about the third. He could ask why he was looking for that programmer, but that was about it. "And if your netop is really asleep, then that means you are going unoped..." Anthony was kind of puzzled by that... mainly why he would do this without his full power... "Daisy... nice name, you can do whatever you want right now, because you are not my Navi and he is challenging you, you will have to do this without battle chips. Because right now I am going to try and find out where your real netop is." On that note, the visual disappeared, leaving Daisy and Junior.

Daisy was rather confused as to what just happened. What was the emotion in Anthony's voice? She never heard anyone sound like that, and it did not seem good. But still, she was being challenged, and she knew that sometimes, it had to do with honor. "Fine then, I accept your challenge." She said, as she got out of the water, and put her cloths back on.
As Daisy turned to get her clothes, Junior's noticed some text on her back. However, he had something else to settle first, "So, one thing left to decide. What area and how many rounds? Or should we race to a certain number? These are your call." Junior asked. He paused a moment, then added, "Also, if you don't mind me asking, what's Project Life?"
"Um... lets see... 5 battles.... in two areas? Er... Your pick?" Daisy said, her eyes kind up looking up while she had one of her fingers on her lips. "And I don't know much about project life, beside it was something to do with Navi creation or something." She stated, as she look at Junior, unsure why he wanted to know.
"It says Project Life on your back, so I was just curious." Junior said, "Anyway, since we're unop-ed, I say we go to ACDC first. Guess I'll meet you there. Come whenever you're ready." Junior then plugged out. As he entered his PET, he switched modes, out of his bathing suit and into his normal body suit. Quickly using some random function of his portable home, he dried himself off and then entered another area of the net.
"Very well" she said, in a cute voice. She was unsure the exact reason why she was challenged, but she knew that she probably should not lose. So after Junior left, she ended up leaving to ACDC.