An End to Childish Things

Greetings, welcome, etcetera, etcetera. Well, it's been a charming experience, really it has, but it's time for this old soul to take a bow, hang up his hat, and step away from the busting world. As such, I'll be selling off the gains I've made o'er the years. I'm currently working on a list of my wares and the rates at which I would be selling them, so please look on with interest, my friends.

Cannonx2 - 350 each
HiCannonx1 - 1000
MagBolt - 3500
RockCube - 2000
Shotgunx2 - 600 each
Swordx2 - 1800 each
Wideshotx2 - 3200 each

My costs are based off of this very store branch's goods, approximately 50-75 percent of their going prices based on rarity and rounded to good wholesome numbers for my sanity. Many of my goods are currently unavailable for purchase due to my Navi finishing one last bust, for old times sake, however the rest of my inventory shall become available in good time. Check in when you will, I'll update this as more becomes available.

- Raven
I'd like to buy your Shockwave chip, please.

-Rachel Tholmes

Attached: 600z
Certainly, I think this will work nicely. Thanks, this helps me a lot.

- Raven

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Well, alright then! There seems to be a lot of trading nowadays! You young'ins sure know how to get your stuff done, hm?

Rachel GET: Shockwave : Raven LOSE
Rachel LOSE: 600z : Raven GET
With my latest bust completed, I've updated the chips that were momentarily unavailable. Now I simply need to do some pricing for these last chips I possess and the entirety of my collection will be ready. But please, check the opening post, it has been modified with a few extra chips and their prices.

- Raven