My name's Alan Ishlington, and a friend of mine told me that this is the best way to get rid of unwanted chips...

This is what I have to offer at the moment...

Quote (Chips You'll Need To Bargain For)

I'm not sure whether losing any of these chips are in my best interests... still, I'll put them up for sale.
MagBolt1 [90 Damage + Stun 1 + Elec] [Melee / B]

Quote (Chips I'm Ready To Lose)

These are chips I'm definitely ready to trade off.
Thunder1 [40 Damage + Stun 1 + Homing + Elec] [Gun / C]
Vulcan1 [3 x 10 Damage + Spread 1] [Gun / A]

At the moment I'm looking for either zenny or Fire-type chips, with a preference on the former at the moment. Just post what you want, what you're willing to offer in exchange, and I'll make up my mind based on your individual offers.