Looking for something ...

Well, I'm looking for practically anything at the moment. And I'll sell if you give me a good enough offer, so you don't have to worry about me probably not giving anything away. I'll list what I'm selling at the moment, so check back here for updates if you want to buy from me.

2xShotgun 900z
RageClaw 400z
Vulcan1 300z
Minibomb 300z
Thunder 600z
Heatshot 700z
RingLog1 800z

Prices can be negotiated.
I am willing to buy your Vulcan1, Thunder, and Ringlog or a minibomb.

You buying other people's stuff too? If so, then I've got three Cannons I never use, plus a Heatshot. Want 'em? I'll let the Cannons go for 500 zenny. The Heatshot's 650.

-Chris Lemrock-
"Well... I think I am going to need more fire power then what I have, so I am willing to buy the Thunder, ringlog1, and minibomb. Since someone else asked for some of the chips I wanted, it is up to you for who gets it."

Chris sorry to tell you this buddy, but I have absolutely no money on me. So I cannot buy anything at the moment. Chad, I am willing to sell you the Vulcan1 and Minibomb for the asking price or if I see a price for the two that you give me and if I like it. And to you Winnicot, I am willing to sell you the Thunder chip at asking price or if you have a price that I like also.
Alright then, am willing to pay 650z and a cannon for the ringlog aswell

and to Pheonix, am willing to buy that heatshot for 650 if you want aswell.


Attached: 600z
Alright I'll take you up on that offer Chad, it sounds fair enough to me considering the possibilities of this chip.

I'm aware that this isn't Chad's thread, but deal. I need the money anyway.

Attached: Heatshot

-Chris Lemrock-

-Binary.EXE is unavailable for comment-
Tell you what, attach what you want to trade and I will attach the money

Here you go pheonix


Next time try to do this in your own threads.

650z ==>Chris
Heatshot ==>Chad
Alright then, Bo.


Attached: 650z, Cannon
Okay Chad.


Alright, that is a fine price for a thunder

*Attaches 600z*

Okay then, I will attach the Thunder also.

Chad = 1x Ringlog1
Winnicot = 1x Thunder
((It's at the top, but I still say this deserves a bump.

If no one understands the trade here it is.))

Bo gets = 650z, Cannon
Chad gets = Ringlog1

Bo gets = 600z
Winnicot gets = Thunder
((Bazz bump))
((Hey Mods, were going for a new record on an unmodded trade. So let's see if you can stop us from achieving our goal! GO AMERICA, GO FOR GOLD!))
((One more day fools and we will hold a record of the longest unmodded chip trade.))
Got it, got it. I was ehm... Checking up some... Data. Yes, data. Important data. I'll commence the trading now.

Bo gets: 1250z; 1x Cannon chip.
Chad gets: 1x Ringlog1 chip.
Winnicot gets: 1x Thunder chip.

Enjoy thine chips. Back to those cooking programs. Why is the backspace button not working!? Soryuuu
Thanks for the trade.