Selling battlechips

hello there.....i'm here to sell this strong and powerful's called markcannon1....I want to sell it for 4000z, might go lower....


*arbalest.exe is on a fight*
((Again, 4000 is far beyond what you should get for a MarkCannon1. A wideshot is worth 4000, and it does 20 more damage to more targets...))
Being a Cursor type, I'd love to get my hands on that... But 4000z is way too much to ask. That's about a 33% inflation. Get away from the greed, and rethink your price... No one's going to buy it as-is.
<Swift and Gunner.EXE>
sigh....that's why I said 'might go lower'!!, I also don't know the price so the best way is to put the highest possible price....

how about 3000 zenny???


*arbalest.exe is not available*
Hmm, I've lost interest. For that kind of money, I could just get an assload of upgrades and go get a MarkCannon for myself. I suggest you hang onto it; it's a very good chip.
Ta-ta for now.
Oh, one final note; Using the "highest possible price" is a good way to scare away pretty much all your customers.

<Swift and Gunner.EXE>