Waiting for a Trader

Blazing Draconian Appears and says
"Okay, I am looking for someone that will Trade me a Battlechip for my Rageclaw"
<(Dude, this is a BBS, not a place in the Net. You post like you would in a Chatboard here.)>

Hmm, well, what would you say to an Energybomb? 3 powerful explosions that total up to quite a bit of collateral damage. I'd keep it, only it isn't very useful to my Navi, who prefers to get up close. So, how about it? Your Rageclaw for my Energybomb?

-Silas Lemrock, age 64-
-Alright, Done and Deal.


(Now what?)
<(We wait for Persephone to come to officially commence the trade. Then you get the Energybomb, and I get the Rageclaw.)>
Trade commencing!

Silas get RageClaw.
Blazing Draconian gets EnergyBomb.

Seems like a pretty fair trade to me...
Ahh, thank ye kindly. My Navi and I will love this.

-Silas Lemrock-
Thanks, this will come In handy when my Navi needs to throw.

Oh yeah, my Navi Kinda only thrusts and stabs when using a Sword-Based Battlechip. If I have one, but nevermind.