Trade Request

Right now, I have some chips that just aren't useful for a range-oriented navi like mine. Would anyone be willing to trade for a Rageclaw or Energybomb? Gun chips are preferred. I'll update later if I find myself in posession of more useless chips: Two is a very underwhelming number.
What a coincidence! I'm also having two chips that is not really suited for my Navi. You see, I have a Cannon and a Shotgun, which aren't the effective weapons to be used by Slade. And by your request, I think these two should perfectly fits your need.


Attached: Cannon, Shotgun.
Huh, alright. Most people would want more for an Energybomb, but I'm just happy to get some things I can use. Trade accepted, and thanks.

ATTACHED: Rageclaw, Energybomb
Correct me if I'm mistaken, but we can Bump when trading, can't we?
((Yeah, once every 24 hours, if I'm not mistaken...))
Ooh! A nice trade!

Rageclaw and Energybomb->
<-Cannon and shotgun
...isn't it suppose to be Tempoman?, don't ban me! thanx anyway.
((Nope. Tempo is chip-

.... Shit. Sorry.))