Battle Partner wanted

To Whom it May Concern,
I am working on a little experiment, one which I now believe will require the assistance of another navi. My navi, M-Angel.213 has not been around others, and it is crucial to see how she reacts when in these situations. The busting area doesn't matter much to me, but the network of Netopia was catching my eye for some reason. If you are interesting in doing a team battling run, please comment here and I can give you location information for where to meet us within Netopia, or another network of your choosing.

-Fredrick Kales

M-Angel.213.EXE is in Standby
Is it fine if someone military helps you with this experiment? I'm off duty so I don't think my superiors would have too much of a problem if I help you with this. Just let me know where in Netopia my navi needs to meet yours, and a e-mail address so I can contact you if I have any questions.

Military contact would actually be a preferred method. The structure of the military system would be similar to the mental structure of my navi, and would be an easy transition into team work battles, and a nice controlled grouped experiment. Great choice indeed. I will give you my email here, and will pass the location data for 213 through email. I am going to send her into the nets soon, thanks for the reply. In my email I will attach detailed information about 213.

-Fredrick Kales