Hello : )

Hey there.

This is Seli, and I'm looking to meet up with someone. My operator Nikki and I don't have any plans and were hoping to have a good time, so we were hoping to possibly make new friends and have some fun today.

We're up for whatever, and can't wait to meet you. We could hang out, chat, or even go to the Park; anything to brighten up the day and add a little fun to life.

If you'd like to do something, respond and then find me! I'll probably be wandering around the NetSquare for a while, so look for me around here. I've attached a picture of myself so you know who to find.

Whaetever you decide after reading this, thanks for reading anyway.

Have a great day! : )


[ATTACHED: SeliBBSpic.bmp]
Break stuff?

My name is Zeo, and my Navi is called ViralMan. We don't really have anything to do today, so it would be nice for at least one of us to get out. If it's alright with you, I'll send him there shortly. Keep an eye out for a boring looking gray Navi.

Zeo Yamikagi
Break stuff? You're funny, you know; suggesting something that sounds ridiculous because the post was phrased "up for whatever."

Anyway, funny guy, if you weren't just posting here to make a joke, feel free to show up at the NetSquare and track us down.

And as for you, sure, meet us up. Seli is currently wandering the shop stalls if you want to find her. I think it'd probably be easier for you to find us then vice versa; Seli has a unique appearance and has a picture listed, while your Navi is apparently a colored normal Navi without one.

Can't wait for you to show up,

~Seli's Operator