Looking to meet new people

Hi, my name is Meltdown, and I'm looking to get to know other navis like me. It doesn't matter what you busting ability is, I'm just looking for people to learn new techniques with.

If you're interested, please meet with me at the Guitchi's Cafe near the Electown portal. I'll be meeting my operator on the Electown network, and we'll start busting there.

~ Meltdown.EXE
My operator has called me back, so I have to go. If anybody still wants to join in a virus battle with me you can contact me by email using [alan@AIdemolitions.com].

~ Meltdown.EXE
SUBJECT: RE: Looking to meet new people

Hi, this is Meltdown again. My operator is heading to Sharo, and I'm gonna be virus busting again on my own, so if anybody wants to join me, I'll be waiting at Guitchi's Cafe again. This time we'll be busting in Sharo Net.

I forgot to post this last time: look for the black navi with red and yellow arms.

~ Meltdown.EXE