Well, some people have been complaining that Support Programs are too hard to come by...

So we've decided to give one to each of you for free.

That's right. Free.

In order to claim your free Support Program, you must accomplish one of the following:

-Reach Level 90
-Attain 80 Battlechips
-Attain 2000 HP
-Become the leader of the Netmafia (Or one of its' internal factions)
-Become the leader of the Netpolice (Or one of its' internal factions)

After you meet one of those qualifications, you must then contact someone from the tech divisions of the Netpolice or Netmafia. They'll give you your free SP.

Now, there's a few additional restrictions here if you obtain your pet in this manner.

-Your Support Program cannot use items.

-Your Support Program cannot use Signature Attacks.

-Your Support Program can only be a fox.

-Your Support Program only works in areas labeled as 'Final Destination', or on Normal terrain.

Thank me later.


PS: April Fools'.

...As if you believed me anyway.