Helping the Sick

Hello there, I'm Granny M and I hae a special favor for all you youngsters out there. There's a cyber hospital that's running out of RecoveryData and I need to send a few boxes of Recovery300s to them. My darling kitties will guide you there, if you're kind enough to help a poor old lady like me. Just don'cha dare open those boxes, any scamps out there! If you do, no doubt heaven above would strike judgement upon you for tryin' to take that precious data from the sick! For all you charitable navis out there, you'll gain a special token of my appreciation: a slightly less powerful version of the data you're carrying. I'll give you kids ((three days)) to vulenteer, then ((three days)) to pick up your packages after that. I have 20 packages that need to go.

-Granny M

((Once again, three days is what we're shooting for.))
I'll let you know that as a representative of Belfast Avatars, I'd be more than happy to run this delivery. Our mission has always been to serve the community through our work, and as the head of staff I can't allow a cry for help like this to go unanswered, even in such a time of great potential crisis to the Net... Belfast Avatars considers itself a company of its consumers. My Navi and I will gladly undertake the task.

-Hal Belfast
-Belfast Avatars, Inc.
-no contact info available at this time

We shall create certain the parcels appear located their stops perpetually!
"Teethman! You're going to help? I would have signed up, whether or not you did! I'll never pass up an opportunity to help somebody. Sure, put me down! I'll get those Recov300s there with no problem!"


[Operator.Anti is unavailable at this time]

Ah! Helping out the sick! Its the moral duty of a medical professional to do that! I may have to elope from an exam for the first time ever in my academic career, but it shall be worth it to help them out!


P.s My navi can be a bit "interesting" I hope he wont be much trouble . . .

DNR cannot commet as he is singing a lumberjack song in the colosseum.
Charity work with pay? You can count on us Granny! Although my navi would probably make the patients feel... uneasy.

- Sieg

This job holds no interest for me, but if it is deemed important by my operator, I'll take it. Besides, I could use a recovery chip.

- Valkyrie
Hmmm... this looks like it might not be that dull.

OK, why not.
((EDIT: For OOC reasons, I may not be able to do this..))
How very convenient! I was just thinking how I could use a Recovery type chip and here you're offering one as a reward! Granted, it's not quite as powerful as these 300s, but I'm sure I'd be happy to accept such a reward all the same.

There really is nothing quite like being able to help someone and being able to help oneself at the same time. My Navi and I will be ready to act as soon as you give out the location where we are to meet you, or to meet your contacts, whoever we are to get in contact with the items in question. With all the skill and power available, my Navi, CrushMan, and I, we shall guide this item to it's proper destination.

With Love, Charles.
Well, we're bored, so why not. I'm sure Lavaman would love to make use of himself.

- Rafael

Yeah, right, just like I made use of myself before with the cash register. And the vending machine. But, hey. Anything for the sick and injured!

- Lavaman
I may not be a youngster, but my Navi an' I will try our best!

-Silas Lemrock-

Well, this seems a little more rewarding than simple virus busting. Count me in.

"Um... If possible, I'd like to help...."

-Shin & Rui.
(P.S. Where should we meet?)
Oh thank you dears ever so much! The outpouring of assistance in a time of need is truely heartwarming! We had a small pickle though, the packages were delivered to the most AWKWARD of areas in electown, oh deary me. I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but it would mean so much to us if you would be dears and pick them up on your own. Don't worry, each have directions to your destination! Once again, bless your hearts, and thank you greatly.

~Granny M.

<(The event is in Electown, find the event with your navi's name in it, plx)>
I give you my utmost assurance that I shall not fail. I'm sure the others agree with me. I believe I've pinpointed the coordinates set for me. I'll be moving my Navi to that area shortly. I must say, I'm rather surprised that you could accomodate so many Navi, but then again you did state earlier that you had, what was it, 20 boxes I believe? I suppose it's only natural that we could all be sufficiently taxed.

Do try and find a better courier in the future, though. These are quite valuable items I'm sure. To risk them is almost irresponsible. Not that it's any fault of yours, madam, simply the previous transporters in question. I really wonder what manner you used to get them there in the first place?

No matter. I've been given a task and I intend to fulfill my end of the agreement. I shall not return until the business is done so do not fret if I do not respond for some while. I'm sure that many of the other assistants are already out and about, so it's probably safe to assume the same from them.

And may I take this moment to wish my fellows the best of luck in the coming endeavor. Oh, but I make it so grand, do I not? But the end is what is important, yes? Let's all do our best then, and perhaps try not to add anymore individuals to this Navi hospital... We do have directions to the hospital, correct? I'll assume they're with the package. If worst comes to worst we can simply return here, right chums? Nothing to it. Besides, it's nothing but a simple delivery mission. What could go wrong?

With Love - Charles
What! The Packages have been lost! I'll be there as quick as possible, except . . . . I wanted to be in good shape with my navi in case something happened and . . . were batteling a Shrubby. As soon as its gone, we'll help out!

"I am en route. I will be arriving in the target destination shortly."


[Operator.Anti not available]
Well, I've gotten the directions, now to actually get there. My Navi and I may be a wee bit late; we've gotten attacked.

-Silas Lemrock-

-Phoenix.EXE is unavailable-


"The deliveries detonated the hospital.

"Explain. Now."


"I believe that it would be safe to assume that we will not be recieving the promised Battlechips for our services."

Yes, as voiced above, the hospital was destroyed in the aftermath of a battle with a mafia gang outside. I believe this is most definitely the work of a Net-Terrorist organization, which may even be disconnected with the Mafia altogether: the possibility stands, though, that a Mafia enemy may have been inside the building at the time of detonation, or that it was a scheme to try and kill one of us. I will have my company look into this. We are truly sorry and offer our condolences to all the Navis harmed or deleted in the explosion.

-Hal Belfast
-Belfast Avatars, Inc.
-no contact info available at this time
Are we not going to be recieving the previously agreed upon recovery chips then? By no means is a demand, just want to know if I should put this (entirely) behind me.

Dearest Granny, I'm here to inform you that the job was completed as promised. There was a terribly unfortunate side effect of the destination being detonated, but this appears to have been caused by the very packages you sent us out to deliver. In fact, the hostile forces we met on site even mentioned this fact to us, yet we continued and finished the mission as planned.

If this was not the outcome that you desired, you have my condolences. If it was, well, that's not any of my concern. If there's anything at all I've learned from this little venture, it's to not worry too much about things beyond your control.

As I said, the job has been completed. Again, may I mention what a perilous and mind-numbing journey this has been. I'm expecting to be repaid in full for my services here. Please do go forward with your end of the bargain Granny, or else I'm going to find you, take your stroller, and then beat you to death with it.

With Love - Charles