Am curious about our interests

especially those represented in a recent Navi which went missing in Hades...

I am curious if we have vested interests in the matter and what those interests might represent. I am looking for information on the subject, as I would not want to unwittingly aid those directly opposing us.
Huh. Good thinking, kid. It could save your skin some day.

As for your question, it's really quite odd. It wasn't any of our men, and it's going down wasn't us, for sure. But the odd thing is that we aren't picking up any chatter on the Police side to indicate they're missing a man, either, and our informants tell us that no NetPolice Navi that would even remotely be capable of doing this was anywhere near Hades recently. As far as we know, this is an isolated incident completely outside of both us and the NetPolice.

However, there is an interest, as you put it, in this now that you've brought it to our attention. We're picking up all sorts of completely wacked signals out of Hades near that general area, and they are doing nothing but getting stranger. Some of the Techari boys really are itching to know what the deal with it is, but we don't want to tip our hands to the cops just yet, so since you're much more 'under the radar' go and get that box, bring it to this Titan guy in the Netsquare, and get a real good ID on him so we can tail him and approach him separately.