It's time.


Yes, yes, I know you've heard all this bull before. WE'RE STARTING UP THE EVENT ON JANUARY 3RD. If you're still here and willing, go post in the thread in General.

That said, we're doing something a bit wonky with the timeline-- the battle threads you're in now? They're frozen for the duration of the event. You won't lose any progress in them, but they'll be frozen. Those are considered to happen PRIOR to the event. What this means to you is that any rewards you get from the event won't take effect until AFTER you jack out from them. This is because we realize people will likely need time to get out of a few locked events, and rather than take that extra time, we're giving you a lifeline.

That is all.

Clarification: Once the event starts, you'll be posting in there until it's over instead of your battle thread. Once it's over, you go back to posting in your battle thread and get the event rewards when you jack out.

This is the final list for the event participants:


Soundman.exe [Paired]
Capuchin.exe [Paired]
Junior.exe [Paired]
Binary.exe [Paired]
Seraphim.exe [Paired]
Gungnir.exe [Paired]
Empress.exe [Paired]
Runeknight.exe [Paired]
Siren.exe [Paired]
Bugman.exe [Paired]
Zephyr.exe [Paired]
Cheshire.exe [Paired]
DNR.exe [Paired]
Kitsune.exe [Paired]
Pianissimo.exe [Paired]
Hitokiri.exe [Paired]
Memoriam.exe [Paired]
Daisy.exe [Paired]
Cyclone.exe [Paired]
Kenji.exe [Paired]
Nachahmen.exe [Paired]
Persephone.exe [Paired]
Voltman.exe [Paired]
Valkyrie.exe [Paired]
Teethman.exe [Paired]
Miyu.exe [Paired]


Geyser.exe [Paired]
American.exe [Paired]
Cyon.exe [Paired]
Aidan.exe [Paired]
Force.exe [Paired]



For those that are unconfirmed, they have 3 days from Midnight on January 3 (PST/GMT -8) to post before their teammate is swapped with someone else and they're booted from the event. (That's midnight on January 6, PST/GMT -8 for those of you who aren't good at math/are too lazy to add. :P)

And because I realized that I never freaking mentioned it until now, the actual event stuff is happening in the 'The Great Net War' subsection of Electown Net.