A quiet passerby.

Winter stepped through the gate from ACDC. She made note of the hustle and bustle of the NetSquare, but declined to tarry long. She instead made shure her cloak was fastened shut, flipped up her hood, and made her way towards the Mission BBS rooms in silence. And that was just the way she liked it.
Winter stepped out of the BBS room, still shrouded in her blue cloak, and walked quietly to the Sharo gate. Suppression of a virus. This was a rather interesting request. This wouldn't be the first time Winter had dealt with a virus like this, but she was under no illusions that this would be at all easier or require the same methods as her first. Hopefully, the client had some sort of means of dealing with rogue viruses. It would be incredibly foolish of them to breed viruses and not have tools and methods developed for such occasions. We shall see, won't we. Winter thought as she stepped quietly through the gate.

((To SharoNet))