[Hence forth used as a HUB when venturing through the networks when not there in person.]

Artio stepped and padded through the inner workings of the quite amazing Net City on the way to the central transportation HUB where they could move on to their true objective.

Lucia, was being far too lazy and instead of walking was currently laying atop the beast's back while he carried her through the landscape. "Arty, I'm still really confused. Why would she-"

Wolf let out a scowl as he stopped and glanced back up at her, "Kissing it what someone does when they really like someone else."

Navi rose up, blinking down at him, "Wait, so your saying she likes me?"

Artio rolled his eyes and continued along towards the portal. "Yes Lucia, she likes you, would you cheer up, we're about to go hunting some viruses."

Navi couldn't help but give out a cheer as she sat up fully, Yay! She likes me! Woo, onward boy, onward!"

Another sigh passed from Artio as he stepped through the portal, sending the duo to Netopia's main network.

[Onward to Netopia Net]