Just passing through...

((Jack-in from ACDC Park))

A beam of blue light shot from the sky. It struck the ground, and pooled into a mass of data that resolved itself into the form of Broadside.EXE, in his White Guard form. He scanned the area, taking in the bustle of the square... Seeing generic and custom Navis, alike.

Once he had had time to digest the activity in the Square, Jared spoke to him: "Alright, Broadside... You can decide where you want to go from here. It's entirely up to you."

Broadside walked towards the net-junction area of the square, took a moment to decide his destination, and stepped into the portal to Netfrica...

((Link to Netfrica))

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*Enters from ACDC*

"Alright, and Elec city is, this way." Geyser stated, heading through the proper portal.

*Exits to ACDC*
((Jack-in from Jared's home in Netopia))

"Alright, guys, the BBS post is up. Jared said as he switched back to his view of Broadside, Ro, Nadia, and Rose, all gathered in the NetSquare. "Now, when you guys are ready, I'll give you directions for reaching Sci-Lab's Network."

The four of them looked at each other in confusion for a moment, then over at the Gateway that led to Sci-Labs. "Uhh, yeah, about that..." There was a moment of silence until Nadia turned to look at Jared's window. "Care to explain why exactly we happen to need directions to find a Gateway that we can all see from where we're currently standin', sir?" Her manner and tone of voice said she thought the Netopian Operator had lost, or at least temporarily misplaced, his mind.

"Sure thing." Jared said in a normal tone, although he secretly wondered what the issue was. "That would be because we're using a different entrance. You guys are not only going to visit a deeper part of the network in Sci-Labs, you're also not going in through the front door, either."

"Explain." Broadside said simply.

"You'll be headed to an old disused entrance to the second network level of Sci-Labs. It's disused because it's smaller, and unable to handle the kinds of traffic the newer, larger Gateways allow. I'm also told that the area it connects to is also very rarely trafficked by Navigators, unlike the kinds of areas we're used to. Viruses will be everywhere, and they will be tougher than the outer network layer variety as well..." Jared saw Ro quietly raise his hand, and called to recognize him. "Yes, Ro?"

"Pardon me, but, why in the UnderNet would we want to go to someplace like that?"

"I know, it doesn't sound pleasant at all, but the truth is there's a reason for it. Heck, there's really several overlapping reasons by now..." Jared shook his head. "We really shouldn't get into that right this second, though. Instead, I'll tell you that our objective for the day is simply to enter the old gate, and see what things are like on the other side."

"That's it? Seriously?"

"That's seriously it. I'm not going to make you stay there for any length of time, especially considering how dangerous the place is rumored to be."

"That's kinda disappointing." Nadia said as she tilted her head to one side.

"Well, it would be nice if you were able to clear out the viruses in the area around the gateway in case we need to go back, but I'm expecting that to be nearly impossible at this time. Anything you do beyond going in there and taking a look around is up for you guys to decide. Okay?"

"Agreed." Broadside said before turning to face Jared. "Tell us where to go."

Jared smiled. "Alright, first...."

((To: Rogue Sci-Labs))
(From: Home in ACDC)

As quick as she appeared, Rhea tumbled non-stop out of the ACDC Net portal and disappeared into Netfrica's.

(To: Netfrica Net)