SINN and Trent

A column of white light beamed into the NetSquare, landing next to a hub to Beach Net. A fountain graced the cobblestone roundabout. Sapphire water flowed out of the buster cannon of the statue of a normal navi. SINNBAD waited nearby for Trent.
A flash of light illuminated the hub in internet city near the beach as the Navi Trent logged unto the network. He shifted his weight from one foot to the next, with a thumb laced through his belt, keeping it close to his knives and pistol. "Who am I working with again?" Trent asked Mark, eyes alert.

"A Navi named SINNBAD. He looks like a knight, from the days of kings and jesters. There isn't much in this area, he should stand out pretty easily."

"What do you mean by a knight from the days of kings jesters, Mark?" Trent asked as he started to walk around the area, searching for the knightly navi. As Mark explained the situation, Trent discovered the contact navi, SINN, standing near to a fountain in the area. He gave a quick overlook of the area, to double check that was indeed his contact, and only saw a large amount of normal navi's and Mr programs. The sound of a heavy boot hitting the netways accompanied the fighter as he walked forwards, to greet SINN. Stopping before the navi he looked at him and said, "SINN. I'm Trent." He made no gesture other than a nod in regarding the event of greeting.

"That's the one," Mark confirmed after the greeting was made.
The navi named SINN placed a mailed arm across his chest in salute. An obsidian tower stood proudly upon his vestments, in stark contrast to the ivory cloth.

"Hail friend."

He greeted before putting his arm back down. His eyes wandered over Trent for a moment before focusing on the glint of steel. SINNBAD carried no visible weapons.

"Today will be a test of our courage I have no doubt. I hope that we will become brothers in arms before too long."
Trent watched the motions made by the knight navi, and was highly perplexed by the way he presented himself, and the way he spoke. He was even slightly taken aback by it in all honesty. He decided not to question it now, but merely said to Mark, over a private line, "What is up with this guy?" Mark offered no response, letting Trent take the floor with how he dealt with this interaction.

He wasn't sure how to act at first. He kept his face cold and expressionless, and returned the gesture that SINN made, thinking it would have some form of impact on the other navi. He scoffed at SINN's comment about being a brother in arms soon. "Maybe. We shall see. Lets just work together for now and see how that goes."

He gave the navi one more look over, finding it odd to be near same height and size as another navi. "I do get the feeling we will be great allies on the battlefield."

SINN stated. His eyes were looking at Trent, but they weren't looking at him.

"I have been told by My Lord that I will be in a support role for this mission. Though he did not mention what the mission was. Perhaps you would be kind enough to fill me in on the details?"
Trent looked at SINN oddly, 'His lord?' Trent requested Mark for the information on the mission he would be preforming. "We are to look into staling and property destruction in the area surrounding the beach net area. It seems there have a been a high number of crimes being reported in the area, and we are meant to check them out and see what is going on. It sounds to me like some form of organization, for the call to be put out like this." Trent shifted his weight to his left foot, and kept his one thumb tucked in his belt.
"Theft and vandalism, hmph."

SINNBAD said in a disgusted tone. He folded his arms across his chest.

"More dishonorable ruffians. We shall teach these brigands the errors of their ways."

He nodded his head in agreement to his own words.
"Very dishonorable they are indeed," Trent replied, trying to match the excitement of the knight. "We shall teach them hard and well." Trent smiled at the thought of this, even though to him, a little stealing wasn't the worst thing a person could do in the world. Vandalizing things, that's bad. Stealing is a grey area. Trent chose not to tell SINN this.

"If we are able to find evidence of the crimes we will be rewarded a single SP unit. If we can stop them, without having to bring in the higher netpolice people, we will be get two SP units." Trent said, thinking of the reward in his head. Mark and him already planned out to get a dog SP unit for him.

"We need to be direct in our actions, but still careful. If this is organized rushing in won't be a good idea. Lets scope around some first."

Trent nodded to SINN and walked towards the Beach net portal. "Let move out."
"I will follow your lead."

He stated as he squared his shoulders for battle and followed Trent towards the Beach Net portal.
Trent enjoyed being in the lead of these things, and stepped through the portal, happy to have some support and be in a group for something for once. "Good."

{Jack into Beach net}
From Beach Net.

SINNBAD returned to the spot where he met Trent, visibly fuming again as he crossed the threshold of the portal onto the cobblestone streets. He climbed up onto the fountain's wide stone rim, removing and setting his helmet down before walking out onto the water. He sat himself down under the waterfall of the fountain, letting the water stream down from his head and shoulders to the carpet of a pond below. He drew his sword and laid it on his lap, closing his eyes, attempting to center himself after another dismal failure. His hair became quite damp and began to droop on his brow as he floated on the top of the water.
Trent moved away from the portal to the beach networks and crossed his arms over his chest, watching the knight. He made no direct actions or gestures towards him at first, merely watching him. Trent wasn't sure what to say here. Trent was disappointed by the failure, but SINN seemed far more affected by the event than Trent was. Trent locked his feet in a shoulder width stance. "Shit happens. Shopkeeper wouldn't assist us in getting his boards back when we offered free help." He shrugged. "Seems he didn't want his stock back after all." Trent stretched his shoulder before relaxing again. "We should go back out into a network somewhere and delete some viruses to clear some frustrations."
"Which Network?"

SINN asked with his eyes still closed.
Trent thought for a moment, then lifted his shoulder shrugging. "Yoka, NetAfrica, or Sharo. Which have you not been too?"
"I have not been to any of them."

SINN stated.
"Neither have I, but the chips and viruses there are supposed to pose a challenge." Trent said.
"True. I overheard that you were from Sharo. Perhaps having a guide would be beneficial."

SINN suggested. He was then pulled to his feet by an unseen force and yanked out of the fountain. He was then surrounded by a dozen floating screens as he crouched.
A small glint of excitement showed in his eyes with the mention of going back to the Sharo networks. It quickly went away and was replaced back to his cold expressionless stare. "Sharo would be a very excellent place for us to go." He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm going to require a new GMO and get a good winter setup. A Sharoen setup."

The displays winked out as fast as they appeared. Then SINN stood up and walked back to the fountain to don his helmet.

"A knight's duty is all the armor I need against the cold."

He said as he placed the winged helm on his head. The sun dried out his bedraggled look in no time, with maybe a little help from his own inner power.

"I shall go find a port to Sharo Net while you get changed. I will relay the coordinates when I find it."

He stated before setting off on foot.