Waiting for a Mission

[From Electown Net>Netbattling]
{This is an open RP topic. Feel free to join in at points where the narrative allows for it, even if you're just passing through.}
As Delta stepped off the Electown net portal, he opened a window in front of him. As it hung there, he opened a menu in it and tapped an icon, bringing up a (very short) list of his graphic model overrides. He tapped the only other option from his normal model, activating it. A few seconds later, his armor vanished, leaving him in tan cargo pants and a red t-shirt. Looking himself over, Delta thought, Nice, if fairly basic. Looking up again, the navi began to look for the mission BBS.

Less than a minute later, he had found it. Going up to the BBS, Delta posted his mission request, and then walked a little ways away to wait for the response.
{Activate Civvie.gmo}
Though Delta had originally posted the mission request while Henry was working on an upgrade, the operator had seen the response first. After Delta saw that Henry had responded, he sent a message asking, [Are we ready to go?]

Henry quickly checked his email and retrieved the isolation module. "Yeah, head for ACDC net," he responded.

Delta quickly found the ACDC portal. Bringing up his .gmo menu again, he disabled the civilian outfit, causing his armor to reappear. The navi then stepped through the portal.
{Disable Civvie.gmo}
[To ACDC Net>Virus Trapping]