Cool Headed Diplomacy

Yuki shrugged off the snow from her body as Aoi transported her close to the coordinates provided by the job listing. While Yuki did her best to remain calm as she headed to the site, she had to admit that she never actually seen such a big city with her own eyes. It made her feel a little like a country bumpkin. Then again, Aoi was bewildered as well, but mainly due to the details.

"So, run this by me again; We are going to a riot full of angry people to talk for a unknown side of the conflict and hopefully bring a peaceful end to the debate which could turn violent in a worse case scenario." Yuki nodded simply as she followed the coordinates closely. "Doesn't that worry you Yuki?"

Yuki shook her head and remained calm. "One way or another, one side is being persecuted against and they have no one to speak for them. You and I both know how it feels to be treated unfairly due to things like outward appearances and what people assume." As soon as Yuki mention the last bit, Aoi jerked a bit and stopped worrying. She had a point. Everyone deserves a fair chance to voice their views. The client should as well.

As they reach the destination, Yuki prepares herself to be that voice.
The scene that Yuki-Onna came upon was just as chaotic as she was told it would be, but luckily devoid of physical violence as well. A large group of protesting navis, armed with all manner of offensive propaganda, had closed in on the handful of opponents representing the other side. Two navis stood at the center of the circle, although Yuki-Onna had a hard time making them out from a distance. It appeared that the subject of the argument had something to do with unoperated navis.

The navi on the larger side was a tall and barrel-chested man in an extremely gaudy looking suit with a pink scarf, black shades, and a cheesy fedora. His otherwise attractive tanned face was marred by a thin, garishly blond mustache and overly pronounced lips. It was hard to imagine how any such person could lead anyone, but apparently he was the one that the persecutors were rallying behind. The other navi was a shorter blond female wearing a sharp blue suit, complete with slacks and jacket. Her tie and high-heels were plain black with dark pantyhose, yet even dressed so conservatively she somehow exuded an air of high-fashion that the other navi could not compete with. Her short, sandy blond hair and blue eyes gave her a pretty look despite her formal outfit. Her face held so much confidence that it was amazing to think she didn't feel comfortable representing the group herself.

Seeing Yuki approaching, the male navi turned and smirked, crossing his arms across his chest. "Oh ho? You're planning to represent my opponents, hm? Well I guess I can't complain, although you look a tad under-dressed for a speaking occasion. This isn't Sharo Net, you know," he laughed haughtily, covering his thick lips with one silk-gloved hand. It was difficult to hear her opponent, however, over the harsh cries of the opposing crowd, as well as the indignant retaliation of the defenders.

"OPLESS NAVIS ARE VIRUSES!" "The Mafia wants unoperated navis!" "Stop net over population BEFORE it starts!" several voices cried out from the gaudy navi's side.

"Unoperated navis are people just like you!" "How would you feel if you lost your operator, huh? Would you keep talking then!?" other voices yelled back from behind Yuki. Sensing the situation was getting out of hand, the sharply dressed female separated the two groups again, drawing attention to herself very easily.

"Everyone, settle down. The time has come to begin our debate in earnest and to cease barking at each other like dogs. If you guys want to protest, let's hear your big cheese do it by himself," the navi interjected, crossing her arms across her expansive chest authoritatively. "I'm fairly confident that this GNA-supplied representative will be able to outdo you, no matter what you say," she laughed, looking in Yuki's direction and then locking her eyes fiercely upon her opponent's.

"Very well then, I'll wish her and the rest of you riffraff the best of luck," the man chortled, burying his chin in his scarf as he smiled smugly. "My name is FashionMan. I am an NP officer, but my views do not necessarily reflect those of the NP, I should add. We've come here to protest the activities of a niche group of Mafia sympathizers... Namely unoperated navis. Our proposal is that unoperated navis may as well not exist. Humans created us, did they not? We're really all just data acting under their whims. Why, then, should aberrant and unaccounted for data continue to scrounge around the net, posing a threat to the net's citizens as they are drawn stupidly into the insidious Net Mafia?"

"The best measure we can take is to establish a zero-tolerance policy for unoperated navis... A navi that is unoperated might as well be deleted immediately. This will stop the Mafia from getting their greedy paws into new recruits, while also ridding the NetPolice and other organizations of costly programs designed to handle these Rogues. When you think about it, what do we stand to gain from helping out these bums? What makes these often dangerous, useless inhabitants of the net any different from the viruses that we frequently clear off of the net?" he asked, twirling the elongated end of his scarf absently as he talked. "Well, care to prepare a rebuttal in favor of unoperated navi protection agencies, Miss... er, what was your name? Of course, I'll understand if you wish not to reply and drop out of this nonsense. After all, to support rights for unoperated navis is basically supporting the Mafia, right?" the officer finished with a cocky laugh, raising one eyebrow behind his dark glasses.

Apparently, this navi was still falling back on the trump card that seeming to align yourself with the Mafia was some sort of taboo, to be avoided at all costs, especially in front of an NP officer. Little did he realize, however, that the tide was shifting starting within the building standing plainly within sight behind them. Mafia wasn't as dirty a word as it used to be. There might just be an opening for rebuttal, tossing aside risks of Mafia association. The woman next to Yuki watched her intently, waiting for her speech in representation. "Speak honestly. Inwardly we all know he's at fault as well as you do," the navi suggested in a whisper, keeping her confident expression tight.
As the crowd finally came into view, Yuki began to realize the entire depth of the situation. This wasn't a few navis, this was a angry mob just waiting for the wrong word to go buck wild. Propaganda, slurs, insults, even degrading the foes were all there and in the center of it all was a man that made Yuki and Aoi cringe on their insides. Yuki kept a cold outer appearance as the pink navi in pink made his remark.

As she finally managed to figure out what was the topic, it hit the Navi/OP team like a ton of bricks. This was a protest against unoperated navis. Rogue Navis. Aoi was visually stunned by this, but Yuki did her best to remain cool. As the blonde hair navi stopped the screaming of the crowd, this "FashionMan" began to speak.

What Yuki heard made her sick to her stomach and Aoi clench his teeth.

Deleting Navis just because they lack an Operator? What is wrong with them? What's worse, he seems to use old wounds like the Mafia and his position as a Net Police officer as a way to garner support. A classic tactic. Demonize the target enough, and even a old granny will want them dead. But likening them to viruses and trash? That was lower than anything these 'bums'.

Giving a nod to the Blonde Hair navi, Yuki cleared her throat. "My name, MR. Fashionman, is Yuki-Onna.Exe. A simple navi hired by the GNA to represent this side of the argument. I have no ties with the Mafia, nor with the Police. I'm but a simple navi." Giving a slight sigh, she gave a ice cold glare to Fashion man as her voice became a bit colder. "HOWEVER, I am more than willing to defend these rogues just as much as I would defend Operator run Navis. Look at what you are saying. Because someone doesn't have a Operator, they are as low as Viruses? In such an open age of knowledge are we that closed off? These are innocent Navis just like you or me who either lost their operator or perhaps never had the chance for one and you wish to kill them off just because of that?"

Taking a calm stance, she looked directly at Fashionman. Her voice keeping a steady gait as she continued her opening statement and rebuttal. "You talk about how the unoperated flock to the Net Mafia, yet with the display you are showing right now, I can see why. If I was scared, alone, and helpless on the net, would I go to the people who offered me shelter, a steady job, and a purpose? Or should I go to the people who would point a buster to my head the moment I asked for help. In case you have forgotten, no operator means no battle chips, escape from the net, or even being able to EJO."

"We are lucky. When we are in trouble, we are safe and sound should we get gravely hurt in a normal situation. But those that don't? All that needs to happen is a stray Met getting a lucky shot or some random twist of fate to end their existence. Imagine living like that. With but a buster, your own abilities, and your emblem being the only things you have, you have to survive in the net alone while viruses, the net scape and even other Navis try to end your functions. As strong as you possibly are MR. FashionMan, even YOU would possibly be a little nervous in such a scenario."

"Now... as for your views on the net mafia..."
Yuki took a moment to motion to the large building behind them. "In broad daylight, in front of the people, they completely opened their doors and showed themselves to the net. A gutsy move. They could have kept themselves in secret. Pick up recruits quietly and without anyone noticing and yet they decided to show their necks to the world in the very same building as the Net Police. The net police had very little to lose in this whole endeavor aside from publicity, but the Mafia had every thing against them and did it anyways. I may not be Mafia or a police officer like yourself MR. FashionMan, but for a 'insidious' organization, why would they put every thing on the line by going this far into the public if they are so dangerous?"

Yuki adjusted her goggles as she gave a glance at the crowd before looking right at FashionMan again. She may came off strong, but right now she needs to get FashionMan on the defensive and disarm some of their key statements. They are angry, hopefully a every day navi would be easier to relate to than a high and mighty police officer using scare tactics.
FashionMan seemed mostly undisturbed by all of the points until the final, during which Yuki mentioned the Mafia. At this point his lips curled briefly into a distasteful sneer, betraying some of his hidden emotion, but he quickly corrected it back into a smug smirk. "Well, you Mafia sympathizers certainly are bold ever since the Mafia decided to corner us into this position. It amazes me that you think that if you come out and tell the Netpolice you're a mafioso you won't be punished accordingly! Don't think that I've grown any softer by this new arrangement," he laughed. Even though he'd avoided adopting a truly threatening tone, his eyes were glaring behind his sunglasses, indicating that he'd taken down other navis for far less than insinuating the good intentions of the Mafia.

"Granted, unoperated navis are unfortunate, but consider this: are they still really 'navis' after they've lost their operator, or have they been reduced to the uselessness of junk data? The goal of a navi is to serve his operator, not himself. To think otherwise is to take advantage of the privileges granted us. Humans who look their God in the face so brazenly are punished and looked down upon; we, created in their image, are no different. To assert that we have some reason to exist after our operator is lost is to assert that humanity could somehow survive without a higher power! Given that you do not subscribe to religious views, imagine it as if you were doubting the usefulness of the creative process itself. You've betrayed nature with your insolent views."

"If a stray attack hits me and I am deleted, I will return to the safety of my PET after EJO and thank my creator for his kindness. I shall take it as a reward for my own usefulness. If an unoperated navi is, he will simply be removed from the net. This will likely come quickly after he gains the status of 'unoperated' as he will be without guidance or support. What will the world have lost? Just a bit of data with no real purpose to speak of. Living in itself is not what gives life purpose; it's what you do with life that counts."

He found his last sentence a sort of grand, ideological offset to the rest of his cold and inhumane logic, smiling warmly as he spoke it. "Nobody has the funding to rescue those without a purpose. To go without an operator is to go idle; to be idle is to be unprofitable."
This man is dangerous. That was what was going through Aoi's head as he watched the debate continue. It wasn't because of his abilities, his possible battle chips, or even his position, it was because of his personality. He was a knight templar in all his pink glory. Someone who would kill countless people if they said something that even had the slightest mention of his enemies. However, Yuki stood there unfazed. For all his 'logic', he was mixing personal values with a narrow solution and seemed to pussyfoot around key topics. A very risky movement on his part. Adjusting her goggles nonchalantly, she readied her rebuttal against this vocal foe.

"My my, state a few facts and raise a few questions and it seems anyone can be labeled mafia. Need I remind you that no matter the reason that this discussion is about the unoperated navis. While the mafia are involved in taking them in, the key discussion is about them and how to deal with them. In that regard, the Mafia raise a valid idea. If they are 'idle', why not give them work? Since they are always on the net, chances are some would know safe places and areas of importance as they wander as well as possibly better understanding of those that traverse it. Not only that, what's stopping the Net Police from recruiting rogues as well? If it's a matter of 'funds' and 'purpose', why not give them a purpose by working for your organization?"

Giving a slight smirk, she once again adjusted her goggles. "Better yet, why not adopt these rogues? No matter how you slice it, more navis are created each day and some people can't afford a brand new one, so why not allow them a chance to adopt a rogue? They would already have experience in net battling, plenty of knowledge for beginning Operators, you would only need a PET to house them, and you would not only get one Rogue off the street, but give someone who could not afford a navi one."

Taking a moment to adjust her stance, she calmly stared at the man and his crumby mustache. "Now, as for your views on Humans, for someone who talks so highly of them, you don't seem to understand them. When we lose an arm or leg, we can be given a Recovery chip and go to our PET and get it back. But what about them? When they lose a limb, it won't grow back. It's gone for good. It doesn't matter if they believe in God or not, once they lose that limb, they won't get it back... and yet, some how they still manage to move on. OTHER Humans offer them help. They give them a NEW prosthetic leg to help walk. When Humans lose their homes, they band together to help those they can. When Humans lose their purpose, other Humans can help them find their own purpose. No matter their age, color, way of life, or even if they believe in God or not, they work together in the end and help those who are unable to help themselves."

She gave a slight smile at that speech before giving a hard, cold, disapproving glare at FashionMan. "Now... tell me MR. FashionMan, if you were to ask your operator to kill a homeless human in cold blood because he is taking up space and could possibly do something bad in the future, would he do it? He is just taking up space. No skills, no possible use, no place to go since he doesn't have a home. Who would miss him? What would their world lose?"

Closing her eyes for a moment, she renewed her glare and pointed straight at FashionMan as her own voice seemed to be filled with a personal passion. "They would lose their Memories! They would lose that person's Voice! They could even lose someone who could change the very world if given the chance to! And just as the humans made us in their image, they ALSO gave us those things! Memories, a voice, and given the chance, the ability to help improve the net itself! So what if they are just data to you? To make a program for something like a super computer, you NEED data of all different types. Even if they by themselves can't do much, when you get enough together and give them a purpose, they could do incredible things. All you need to do is give them the chance to. The Mafia realized this and seem to be doing well with that plan. What's stopping the Police? Or are you mixing your personal beliefs with the greater good?"
"You're asking the NP to invest in hand-me-downs. Relics. Throw-aways. I wouldn't expect the NP to adopt them anymore than I'd expect regular operators to. Why would anyone trade the opportunity for a new navi for a used one?" he asked with disgust, waving Yuki away with his scarf. "This is over. I've nothing left to say to a mafioso such as yourself. PatrolMan!" he called out, signalling for a navi from the crowd to come over.

One of the navi, seemingly a normal navi, stepped up as he called. "You called for me sir?" he asked, looking rather passive.

"Keep this off the record if you would, but we have a couple of Mafia sympathizers here, possibly mafioso, who need to be taken to the station for questioning. Subdue them by whatever means necessary," he laughed, holding his scarf in one silk-gloved hand over his lip roguishly, as if taking in the scent. Yuki wouldn't be surprised if it turned out it was scented. "Take in the whole crowd. Though, if you make an example out of them and do it a little rough, I wouldn't be at all opposed." With that, he jacked out of the net in an eccentric pink beam of light.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded; the navi's visor flashed between red and blue erratically until finally his whole body changed. The navi grew much taller, reaching a height of around 6'5", and his armor turned thick and white. A black skinsuit covered his body and his face took on a cruel look with a wide smile and heavy jaw. The thin visor covering his eyes flashed rapidly between blue and red as the alarm continued to project from his visor. The scene had suddenly broken into chaos due to the announcement and sound; many of the supporters jacked out as soon as they could, but predictably, some of the supporters were themselves unoperated navis. Having no way to escape, they tried to run.

"Ha ha ha! You're going to evade arrest? That's only making things worse for yourself!" he smirked, snapping his fingers. Quickly, he summoned an enormous, shining police car, glimmering in the light of the net. Jumping behind the wheel and grabbing what looked like a megaphone, he slapped one wrist over the side of the door. "Let me end this little speech, okay? I don't care about any of your conditions, all I care about is my big, fat paycheck! If doing what FashionMan tells me to gets me that paycheck, then so be it!" he shouted, amplifying his voice so that everyone in the vicinity could hear it. This certainly couldn't be good PR for the NP, but at the same time, it was perhaps just as dissuading for anyone hoping to join the Mafia.

"Dammit! I was worried this might happen. I'll stall him, you help get these navis behind the GNA borderline! If you can get them into the zone protected by the GNA's terms, this guy can't do anything to them without being sniped into next week," the suit-wearing navi urged him, running towards the car. It was hard to imagine her doing anything against that monstrous NP officer, but Yuki figured she might ought to help the others for the sake of preserving their lives. Seeing that she might be hesitating, the navi called back further encouragement.
"Do your best and I'll make sure you're rewarded for it!" she added, continuing towards the car.

"Well hey there, Cutie! Why not jump up on here and I'll show you what I've got under the hood?" Even if the small female navi managed to stop PatrolMan, the other protesters might prove dangerous for the remaining unoperated navis.

--Close to GNA entrance--
PatrolMan: 200 HP
PatrolMan's Car: 100 HP
ProtesterA: 100 HP
ProtesterB: 100 HP

--Far from GNA entrance--
Suit-Wearing Navi: 270 HP
Unoperated NaviA: 100 HP
Unoperated NaviB: 100 HP
Yuki-Onna: 170 HP

100% Normal Terrain

(Theme for this battle: Reincarnation.)

As the man scoffed at her ideals, Yuki remained cold towards him as he batted away her ideals. She didn't flinch, nor did she waver as he threw around those words. After a bit of scoffing, he brought forth what looked like his guard dog as he could very clearly hear him give out orders. What they were and what happened next was quite possibly the worst case scenario in this situation. As PatrolMan showed off his blood thirsty form, all but a few navis fled. It was ironic to see the few protesters left happen to be rogues themselves, but they were innocent to this whole situation. As the suited navi started to head towards the enemy, Yuki remained quiet before she began to tug at her white glove revealing a white, metallic, hand.

"Aoi, I request to wake up Snow White." Aoi remained silent for a moment. "What?! Are you sure? When it comes to evasive moves, this isn't designed for-" "Aoi, we can't run from this. These people... they suffered what we have been through. I am not going to abandon them. Not when she is willing to help them as well." As Aoi understood the sincerity of her words, he calmed himself down and got into a battle mindset. "Alright, I am waking up Snow White. Just... be careful, alright?" Yuki nodded as she looked at the Rogue navis as she removed her other glove. "Listen very closely you two. I want you two to get behind me and use me as a shield. I am going to get you as close as possible, but I need your support to make sure every one of us gets out alright. This is going to require a team effort, got it?"

As she said her speech to the two rogues, her body glowed white as the ski suit began to deteriorate as her arms and legs began to grow bulky. As her body grew in size, her hair lightened to a very light blue as the goggles turned into a rather large visor. As she changed, she spoke to the Navi in the suit. "Did you catch that? That means I am not going to let you go alone Madam! I was unable to resolve this situation peacefully. It only makes sense I make sure I get these innocent bystanders to safety by clearing a path for them. After all..." Yuki said as her body shifted into the much larger SnowWhite.GMO. Her once thin limbs have been fitted with large, white, robotic limbs as cool mist emitted from various vents. Her emblem appeared on her right shoulder on a scratched out piece of the armor as if the emblem was jammed in after removing something else. "I am Yuki-Onna.EXE. The adopted Navi of Aoi Fuyuki. A former unoperated navi. I am not going to sit still as innocent people are persecuted."

As she got into a combat stance, a large metalic slab of metal that was her Guard 1, formed on her arm as kept her promise to be the guard for these rogues. Trying to talk on a private line to the Suit wearing Navi and the two Rogues, she spoke in a calm tone. "In a few moments, I am going to freeze the surrounding area. This should help the two of you to dodge and move quickly to the border while messing with their aim. I am also going to try to freeze their weapon systems temporarily and try to get the protesters to back off. If we are lucky, it should open a window for us to withdraw. I'll try hard to work in tandem with you Madam, so apologies if my parts creek a bit."

Giving a slight smile to the Navi in the Suit, she began to quickly vent a large amount of mist at the ground as it quickly began to coat the entire area in a nice, thick, sheet of ice. As she made sure it was nice and solid, she called to Aoi on her private line. "Aoi, mind slotting in Aqua Needle? I want to try and get as many of them as possible." Aoi chuckled a bit as he slotted in a chip. "Sure, but could you do me a favor and punch the ground in the direction of the enemy? Oh, and make sure you use your Visor to make sure it's straight." As Yuki gave as slight a nod that avoids unneeded creaking, the visor slid over her face as she lined up her shot towards the protesters and PatrolMan, but made sure to avoid the suited navi as much as possible incase a needle struck her instead. With no further delay and a large jet of mist, she slammed her right fist into the ice as it gave a slight crack due to the force. In a matter of moments, the ice in front of her crackled as a large torrent of water came out of the ground with unbridled fury. As it progressed right at the group that stood in their way, it picked up the freezing property of the ice below it. As it passed by them, hit or not, it slowly lost power as it stopped a few inches from the border.

"That wasn't Aqua Needle." "No it was not." "That was a Aqua tower." "Yes it was." "I really hope you didn't cause any friendly fire." "Same here."

<<SNOW WHITE HAS AWAKEN. SnowWhite.GMO activated!>>
1: Guard1(60 damage reflective 1 hit guard with a line attack.) used to help protect the Rogue Navis.
2: Winter Wonderland(full terrain change to ice. 2TCD)
* S.N.O.W. Goggles passive aim
3: Aqua Tower1 Patrolman, his car and his protester buddies.(105 aqua damage + Piercing + Ground Attack + Group Attack) uses passive aim.
Taking an aggressive stance, Yuki-Onna planned to help out the navis by ensuring that the aggressors were dead before they had a chance to attack. The few unoperated navis hid behind her as she put up a guard in defense. The ice terrain change proved to be a good defensive strategy, as in addition to improving a navi's ability to dodge, it also made PatrolMan's car very difficult to maneuver. "Ha, you think a little ice is going to stop me? My ride has great traction!" the officer smirked, despite the fact that his wheels now seemed to be suffering from a lot of skid.

Yuki released a stream of aquatowers towards her opponents, bursting up from the ice one after another. The protesters were each hit, but PatrolMan managed to dodge by swerving his car. "Didn't I tell ya? This baby's got it all!" he laughed, keeping on driving straight for Yuki.

At that moment, however, Yuki's companion landed on the back of the car, standing up on the trunk despite the car's velocity. She pulled out a small remote from her coat pocket while tapping the navi on the shoulder with her free hand. Looking back, he barely had time to cry out before she pressed the button, jumping backwards off the car as she did. In a burst of light, a bolt of lightning smashed the car to smithereens, sending up a cloud of smoke as it threw its driver from behind the wheel. The navi tried to scamper up to his feet, but the suited woman bound his legs by throwing out her coat. Falling over, he retaliated with a shotgun, which hit her and caused her to fall back.

"No more time to waste. Elecreel!" the suit-wearing navi cried out, releasing a burst of electricity from around her body. PatrolMan cried out in pain as his body was charred to a crisp, removing him from the net.

Strangely, however, the female navi had not let up her tension. "I applaud your effort in helping me fight, but you've got to help those navis get into the safe zone!" she urged Yuki. Apparently, the fighting wasn't over yet.

In a flash of gaudy pinkness, FashionMan reentered the stage surrounded by four NP navis, which he commanded to surround Yuki's ally. "Now we've got assaulting an officer to add to your list? My, this is not going to look good for you all up at the station, now is it?" he taunted, spinning his scarf in one hand. "How about you all play this smart? If you all agree to surrender, I'll take you right down to the base without any further harm." Despite his words the navi was already anticipating a fight, as evidenced by the fact that all of the navis with him were already armed with guns.

"Ha! I thought I smelled cheap fabrics and hair bleach. What a troublesome man... Get those navis to the safe area as quickly as you can manage. I'll jack out as soon as I'm done holding these guys off!" Yuki's ally called out to her. "And I'd suggest you do the same once you're finished!"

--Close to GNA entrance--
FashionMan: 300 HP
NP NaviA: 100 HP
NP NaviB: 100 HP
NP NaviC: 100 HP
NP NaviD: 100 HP
PatrolMan: EJO'd
PatrolMan's Car: EJO'd
ProtesterA: EJO'd
ProtesterB: EJO'd

--Far from GNA entrance--
Suit-Wearing Navi: 220 HP
Unoperated NaviA: 100 HP
Unoperated NaviB: 100 HP
Yuki-Onna: 170 HP [Guard1]
Remotebit: 140 HP

100% Ice Terrain
((GNA area entrance is 3 moves away from Yuki and unoperated navis))
The whole battle scene was chaotic as the water tower managed to crash into the two protesters as the car began swerving all over the place. However, it's what her ally in the suit did that astonished the pair. She managed to delete not only the car, but EJO'd Patrolman himself with her moves. It was quite a relief to have such a ally in this situation. However, the fight wasn't over yet.. there was still fashion man.

For all the glitter and good intentions the Police talk about, it was very obvious they had their share of demons among them. For certain groups like the mafia the people talk about, there are the bad groups here and there, but they are out in the open and easy to find. But an organization that was meant for protecting the people, having a small group of high ups who are corrupt and willing to use justice as a mean to do what they want? Even bloodhounds sound safer than them.

"Yuki, I think we should do what she asked and get these guys to safety. There are way too many to fight and once we do, we can all escape safely." Yuki remained silent as her visor hummed. While it hummed, she spoke softly to the two navis. "Listen very closely. On the count of three, we are going to move towards the GNA. Stay in my shadow and try to keep out of their line of sight. Try and use the ice to give you a bit more speed. If you feel like you are going to fall, grab my hand. Got it? We won't have much time."

As the 4 police navis surrounded her Ally, she remained quiet as she calculated the positions. If all four were focused on her, 3 would notice any movements from Yuki and her buddies with a simple glance. Chances are, every one was trigger happy and 5 against one would be dangerous, even for this strong ally.


Yuki quietly held her free hand out to the two rogues as she made sure the Police just saw her shield and the side of her body. She couldn't just run or she could endanger her charges. Chances are they are packing shotguns and various penetration chips. Rushing in wouldn't work. Nor would waiting. She just needed a chance to get them going. Talking on the private chat, Aoi gave her what she needed.


Slowly shifting her body, she retracted the traction spikes from the heels of her metallic white boots. As she kept the shield in front of her, her free hand was giving off a bit of mist. She only had one chance for this to work. She just needed to distract them long enough to give her ally and herself a opening to act. As she gauged her targets through her visor, a slight ripple could be seen in the air. With a clench of her fist, three needles of water flew at the backs of three police navis. Specifically, the ones who would see her act. Hopefully, this would allow her friend to deal with them post haste and open up the path even more.


Releasing a bit a mist, she quickly began to slide towards the GNA entrance and act as mobile cover for the rogues. Her shield still facing the enemy as she held out her hand in case they started to slip on the ice. They needed to move quickly. If they were lucky, they would make it out alive. If not, she would not like the alternatives.

*passive aim
1: AquaNeedle1 3 of NP Navis in the back to hopefully distract/disable them with freeze so her allies and herself have a opening.(25 aqua damage each. Using passive aim.)
2: Tactical Movement: Act as cover for the rogues and move towards the GNA entrance. Use the ice to move quicker if needed.
3: Same as the second action.
Yuki and her ally wasted no time in getting back into action. "Alright boys, looks like there's no surrender. Let's lay it on them!" he laughed, twirling half of the length of his tremendous scarf as he commanded his NP forces. When a good portion of his men failed to respond, FashionMan looked around in surprise to see that they were already frozen by Yuki's attack. "One of you must think yourself rather clever..." he muttered through his teeth, lowering his shades for a better look. Soon he realized that Yuki's ally was running some sort of bluff, hoping for him to get distracted. At the last second, he jumped out of the way, narrowly avoiding a huge bolt of lightning that cracked down from the Remote Bit over his head. Growling, he ran forward towards Yuki's ally, brandishing his scarf like a weapon.

"Know your place, woman!" he snarled, heaving the scarf twice. To Yuki's surprise, she heard a sound almost like quick-moving metal as it flew through the air, creating huge gashes in the ice as it connected. Yuki's ally dodged two of these, but apparently they were only a build-up for his final attack. "Behold!" he sang out, his scarf transforming into a heavy, blue-colored form. As the slash hit Yuki's ally, it not only cut but also seemed to freeze the navi in place. In a short time, her ally's lower body was entirely encased in ice.

Yuki's hope was that she would reach the border while the battle ensued, but FashionMan now seemed determined to stop that goal. Laughing, he summoned a rockcube in front of Yuki's compatriots, causing them to smash to a stop while she skid on to the GNA-protected area. "Fu ha ha ha! So close and yet so far!" he laughed, walking towards them while twirling his scarf.

The ally, still encased in ice, cried out and fired at FashionMan to try to stop him, but he simply deflected the shot with his spinning scarf. In the mean time, the NP navi's peppered Yuki's ally with some weak shots, taking advantage of her frozen state. She could do little to resist them, being hit with at least 3 cannon shots. In a rage, she summoned a pair of scissors, which flew for FashionMan's body. Turning, he growled as the blades cut through his coat on their way through.

"You women don't know when to give up," he said with a frown, ignoring the wound and continuing towards the two unprotected navis. The navis hustled back up to their feet with panicked expressions, trying to make it over to Yuki...

"Don't worry, sir! I've got this one," the single remaining unfrozen NP navi called out, skating his way towards Yuki and arming himself with a cannon chip.

--Close to GNA entrance--
FashionMan: 260 HP
NP NaviA: 75 HP (frozen) [Normal]
NP NaviB: 75 HP (frozen) [Normal]
NP NaviC: 75 HP (frozen) [Normal]
NP NaviD: 100 HP
PatrolMan: EJO'd
PatrolMan's Car: EJO'd
ProtesterA: EJO'd
ProtesterB: EJO'd
Rockcube: 100 HP

Yuki-Onna: 170 HP (Guard1)
Cloth Cutter: 80 HP

--Far from GNA entrance--
Suit-Wearing Navi: 1 HP (frozen) [Normal]
Unoperated NaviA: 100 HP
Unoperated NaviB: 100 HP
Yuki-Onna: 170 HP (Guard1)
Remotebit: 140 HP (1 turn left)

80% Ice Terrain, 20% Normal
((GNA area entrance is 3 moves away from Yuki and unoperated navis))
"Damn! Aoi! What's going on?" As Yuki noticed Fashionman approaching the rogues, she also noticed her ally being down. "We managed to freeze some of the police navis, but all progression has stopped for our allies. The unoperated navis are blocked by the rock cube, our ally just got the business end of multiple beatings, and Fashionman is doing the catwalk to finish off the bystanders while the one police navi is trying to shoot our friend like a dog."

Yuki remained silent as she looked at both parties from the border. Her mission, or her friend who risked her life even though it was her folly in the first place. One was surrounded by Police, the other were about to be victimized by a mad man. She had too few chips to deal with both, nor enough time to do so. She would have to move in to deal with the cannon, or move in to deal with the rockcube and Fashionman. But either way, with the numbers and difference in strength, it was suicide. Seeing Yuki struggle at deciding, Aoi spoke up. "..It's fine Yuki. We did our best. We are already safe in the border, so we can escape. All we would do is give them one more thing to push into the grave."

Yuki's eyes widened. She looked at what the net police officer had on his hand and she recalled what happened when she used it on a Heel Navi. She had no time to waste. With another great gust of mist, she jetted right towards the Navi in the suit. Her shield at the ready as she tried to make it in the nick of time to rescue her ally from the cannon totting NP Navi. Making sure to use her body as additional cover, she talked to her wounded ally."I apologize madam, but I am not one to leave others behind." As she glanced at the rock cube, she opened up the private line to the unoperated navis. "You two! Cling or grab on to that rock cube for dear life! Do you understand? I said I am not going to abandon you, and I mean it! So if this does not work, I will act as bait so you two can escape."

"Yuki, what are yo-" "Cannon chip." "But-" "Just... trust me Aoi. Please." Giving a loud gulp, he slotted in the chip. As the right arm whizzed and screeched, it revealed a large old style cannon. Moving her arm around, she didn't aim it at the unfrozen NP Navi. Nor did she aim it at FashionMan. Rather, she aimed it at the Rockcube the innocents were hopefully climbing. She remembered that her cannon had knockback as a effect. And with the ice, it just amplified it. If she could hit it just right, she would send it and the civilians across the border and into a safe zone. If not, the cannon blast will hopefully grab Fashionman's attention of the actual threat at the moment.

Taking a deep breath, she lined up the shot as she steadied the large arm. It was quite some time since she fought with such weight attached to her. If it wasn't for her visor and the SNOW system, it would likely be a bit harder. Once she managed to find a clear shot, the arm gave a large hiss of mist as it fired out the cannon blast right towards the rock cube.

Now that the two main problems were taken care of, she focused on some first aid on her friend. Lowering her arm to her, she began to emit a cool, refreshing blast of mist at the wounded ally. The newly jury rigged healing system got to work at fixing the more critical parts of her body. Shifting her gaze slightly to see how she was doing, she talked in a calm and sincere tone. "I know this is a sort of ironic way to heal you, but it should get you out of critical condition. Are you alright to stand?"

1: Movement to block impeding cannon shot targeting Business Suit Navi using Reflect1 and to cover her.
*passive aim
2: Cannon(40 + knockback + passive aim) at the rock cube to propel it towards the GNA border hopefully with the unoperated navis on it. Using the ice to give it additional movement.
3: Cool Treat-Ment on Business Suit Navi for 30 recovery. 1 TCD.
Yuki's ally looked confused as the navi came to rescue her from what seemed to be an irreconcilable situation, surrounded by four navis. Yuki shrugged off a cannon blast to her side from one of the navis, then readied the guard she was still holding to protect her from the others. "I appreciate it and all, but those navis are in danger! Focus on saving them first," she pleaded, but Yuki was already a step ahead, instructing the navis on how to get away safely.

"You pathetic wastes of space... Fu ha ha... Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. I've got other better plans in mind," FashionMan whispered to the two navis as he approached, still twirling his scarf, which now had a menacing metallic whirring noise accompanying its motion. "Well maybe just one. I need to set a precedent after all!" he bellowed, bringing down his scarf. The scarf connected with nothing but ice, however, as the rockcube was sent sailing by Yuki's cannon, along with the two navis. FashionMan seemed like he should have been enraged, yet he kept his composure. Instead he simply turned to the NP navis, shaking his head and sighing. "What, you lot can't even take out two measly women? It's so hard to find competent officers these days," he groaned, walking back towards Yuki and her ally.

The woman in the suit clenched her teeth, apparently realizing FashionMan's plan. "The gall of that guy... I think his plan is to finish us both off, then enter into the GNA border and take advantage of the two navis' confusion to exploit them. To prevent it, we need at least one of us to get in there with them and alert some GNA personnel. The GNA aren't our friends, but they should at least be willing to prevent actions that could lead to violence within their borders," she explained to Yuki as shots reflected off of each of their guards. The ally nodded to thank Yuki for her healing, which she desperately needed. To retaliate and save them both, the navi used her remote bit and cloth cutter to injure their enemies, taking out two of the NP navis. She then healed herself up a bit more using recovery chips.

"I've called in further reinforcements, you know. Give it up you two; you're being obnoxious," the gaudily dressed man sighed, approaching them with his scarf slung over one shoulder. "If you think I'm letting either of you through that gate, you've got another thing coming."

--Within GNA borders--
Unoperated NaviA: 100 HP
Unoperated NaviB: 100 HP
Rockcube: 60 HP

--Close to GNA entrance--

FashionMan: 260 HP
NP NaviB: 35 HP [Normal]
NP NaviD: 100 HP
PatrolMan: EJO'd
PatrolMan's Car: EJO'd
ProtesterA: EJO'd
ProtesterB: EJO'd

Suit-Wearing Navi: 131 HP [Normal]
Yuki-Onna: 130 HP
Cloth Cutter: 80 HP

80% Ice Terrain, 20% Normal
As the two navis managed to make it to the border unharmed, she smiled slightly as her friend aided her in dealing with the rather annoying NP officers. Giving a thumbs up for the team effort. However, the way fashionman acted and how her ally responded seemed to hint a more serious nature. Yuki looked at their foe's lackadaisy approach. "Yeah... it makes sense. It's easy to bully someone into doing something after a display of force. Especially if it is against those that tried to stop them. He'll probably use them as scrape goats to further his own ideas. Aoi, it looks like I need a sword."

After a few moments, Aoi replied "No." Yuki raised an eyebrow and talked back. " What do you mean no? You saw what he is going to do. We need to-" "Think for a second. The two civilians are safe, our friend is safe for now, and the only thing we need to do is withdraw to the border. If we attack him straight out, he WILL win. We need to think for a second. Why does he always have to approach his target before attacking? Why not his buster or gun chips?"

The answer hit Yuki like a ton of bricks. Fashionman was a close quarters navi. Probably a sword sub type with the slashing scarf he uses all the time. Why else would he get his hands dirty in getting so close to his foes? Of course, that meant there was a fatal flaw in his standard style. He needed to be close. Noticing the scissors that seems to be helping them out, Yuki finally caught Aoi's train of thought.
Turning her eyes towards her friend, she talked in a soft tone.

"Madam, do you happen to have any more of those summons? I have a few disabling chips on hand, so if you have something to keep him occupied, we can likely stop him from attacking or hindering us. Either way, to help those two truely be safe and make sure Mr FancyPants doesn't get his way, we need to work together so both of us make out of here."

Focusing on the navi ahead of them, Yuki's right arm shifted into a make shift bow. A long arrow with a vaguely heart shaped tip popped out the end. While she never did try using it, she remembered what it was. A chip breaker. As the bow string grew taunt, she took a good look at her target through her visor before sending the arrow flying in a arc towards the fashion failure. If this man tries to throw down another rock cube, this would stop him.

Giving one last smile to her friend she said in a soft tone, "I'm counting on you madam to help me and I'll do my best on my end to help you." As she began move once more. The jets of mist propelling her towards the border. However, instead of taking the straight route she did before, she had a slight curve in her slide as to best avoid the approaching Fashionman and his obviously dangerous scarf. While she continued her slide, a large metallic ring formed in her hand as she readied her throw. Throwing the ring like one would throw a frisbee, the ring sparked to life as the momentum from Yuki's slide gave the zap ring a slight curve in it's trajectory as it headed towards Fashionman and hopefully stun him.

They needed to work together if they wanted to make it pass Fashionman before his reinforcements arrived. Hopefully the feeling is mutual between them.

*passive aim
1: Roll arrow1(50 damage plus chip break. Passive aim added.) at Fashionman.
2: Move action towards the GNA border, while trying to avoid melee range with fashionman.
3: Zapring1 Fashionman.(40 elec + stun)
Yuki's ally nodded, agreeing with most of what she was saying, but at the same time looked nervous as she went into her actions. "Alright, but don't tangle with this guy. I'll protect you as well as I can, but he's got a lot more in his arsenal that he hasn't revealed yet... Believe me, I'd like to take him down too, but we don't have the resources right now," the woman cautioned Yuki, summoning a wheeled mannequin and a sort of standing, automated cloth dyer as well. As Yuki went on the offensive and headed for the gate, the mafia sympathizer followed her along with the objects.

FashionMan easily dodged a blast of ink from the cloth dyer, frowning gravely as he spun. "What shoddy tricks. I'm not such a one-trick pony, you'll see," he scoffed, twirling his scarf and easily deflecting Yuki's arrow. He threw a centered cluster of pins from his scarf like kunai, but the mannequin body double luckily intercepted the hits. "That not doing it? Fine, try on my Bowlerang! Fuhaha!" laughing monsterously, the navi threw off his fedora in a boomerang pattern towards Yuki. Yuki's ally called out to her, seeming to recognize the danger of the attack, but it was too late. Only once it cut through her flesh did Yuki-Onna realize the real danger of the attack: a steel blade rim inlaid into the fabric of the hat. Data poured out of Yuki's wounds as the fedora passed through like a knife through butter.

Yuki's ally had made it past the border, but Yuki herself had a little bit further to go after slipping from FashionMan's attack. She attempted another zapring, but he dodged easily aside. The remaining Netpolice officers, aiming for Yuki's ally but realizing she was now out of bounds, hurried to catch up with FashionMan to help him finish her off. Staying them with one hand, however, the gaudily dressed navi shook his head and glared at Yuki from behind his sunglasses. Gently placing his fedora back onto his head, he then moved one hand to his chin pensively. "It's not fun, but we need to pull back for now. Killing her isn't going to get us anything and I've got some serious PR legwork to do. Bank's going to kill me if she figures out the time and face I've wasted on this outing," the man sighed, massaging his temples wearily. "It's this kind of business that gives me crow's feet, you know. Dreadful." With a snap, he withdrew himself and his troops, leaving Yuki alone to go and meet up with her allies.

--Within GNA borders--
Unoperated NaviA: 100 HP
Unoperated NaviB: 100 HP
Suit-wearing Navi: 131 HP
Rockcube: 60 HP
Cloth Dyer: 80 HP
Mannequin Double: DELETED

--Close to GNA entrance--

FashionMan: FLED
PatrolMan: EJO'd
PatrolMan's Car: EJO'd
ProtesterA: EJO'd
ProtesterB: EJO'd

Yuki-Onna: 30 HP
Cloth Cutter: 80 HP


GET: 800z, Kunai1
The whole sequence felt like a blur. The various appliances flying, Fashionman batting away each attack like it was nothing, and the rather painful reminder that slashing things hurt. Even if they were in the form of a bright pink fedora. As she slowly managed to keep the leaking data from staying where it was meant to be, she realized something very important. She had just managed to piss of a high standing member of the law. Not something she was proud of, but seeing at what lengths he was willing to go through to get his way, she was glad she wasn't pro police.

"-ey! Hey! Are you OK? You were zoning out for a moment! You lost a lot of data!" Yuki groaned as she shook her head as Aoi kept asking if she was fine. "Well, other than getting slashed by a weapon that belongs in some sort of old spy movie and avoiding my ass from being reformatted as bits of individual code, I feel absolutely peachy."

As Aoi noticed the smirk crossing Yuki's face from the sarcastic comment, he couldn't help but chuckle. "Well, everyone is safe now. I'm putting SnowWhite back to sleep. I don't think seeing a giant robotic girl with a big gash will make the civilians feel better." Giving a nod, Yuki's body glowed white once more as her body reverted to her 'original' form. The wounds from combat being hidden by her outfit as she put on her gloves before walking to her allies.

"Sorry if I worried you for a moment Madam, but I am glad everyone made it to the border." Taking a look to make sure everyone was alright, she gave a kind hearted smile to the two unoperated navis. "I apologize if I was a bit forceful with my advice, but I am happy you are safe."
Yuki's ally breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that she'd made it through safely. "Geez, I was worried for a second there. That guy's pretty dangerous... I'm glad you made it out alright though. The two navis are safe thanks to you," she informed Yuki, giving a gesture towards the two she'd saved.

The unoperated navis greeted Yuki with no end of gratitude, ensuring her that they had no trouble with the rough treatment they'd had to endure, since it had all come out fine for them. They'd even managed to make it through without injury. "Don't worry, I should be able to find a good home for these guys where we can keep them away from guys like that. It's a good thing we managed to come here and hush FashionMan though... He could have gotten away with them pretty easily otherwise," the suit-wearing woman explained, summoning a new jacket to replace the one she'd lost in the fight.

Thinking carefully, she stared at Yuki pensively for a moment longer with her pleasant blue eyes. Telling the other navis to stay put, she led Yuki away to talk privately. "I'm going to come clean with you. I was going to argue that case myself, but when I realized what the situation was, I figured it would be a perfect time to try to find some new blood for the Mafia. As it turns out, you're exactly the kind of righteous fighter that Vivarte could use in its ranks. I'm not sure if you've heard of us, but the Vivarte are a chivalrous side-faction of the Mafia that's devoted to taking down the corrupt Netpolice. If that sounds interesting to you, hit up the Kiosk. My name's Chic, by the way; get into Vivarte and I'll be able to put in some good words for you with our leader," she explained, taking on a slightly different accent. It seemed that Chic was used to talking a lot more than she had been throughout Yuki's time with her. Without reservations, her voice sounded slightly more upbeat and colorful, although perhaps marred by the sort of haughty fashion model tone that seemed to come naturally to her. "Don't think of this as conscription, I'm just telling you that you've got friends in the Mafia if you want them..."

Winking and stepping away from Yuki to get back to her allies, Chic gave a wide, open-palmed wave in leaving. "I'll cover the mission status for you and get these navis somewhere safe, so all you need to do is report back in. Toodleoo!" she finished, seeming much more cheerful now that the mission was over.

((Gained 6 FXP for Chic))
As the two civilians seem to heap on praise upon praise for their rescue and not minding that she was a bit rough with them. It made her feel a bit lighter now, and being told that they will have good homes makes it all the more rewarding for both her and her operator. "Even though it was a bit dicey, it's good to know they will have a home soon enough. Who knows? Maybe they will find a good operator like myself?" Aoi said in a rather fake haughty tone. "Yeah, but hopefully their operators aren't given the kid's menu when they are in college." Cringing at yet another low blow, Yuki gave a chuckle at Aoi's obvious response. However, it was cut short as her ally took her to the side for a chat.

To say the least, it was quite a surprise.

While she did defend several of the key points related to the Mafia, she was quite surprised to find that the one who has been a mafia member all along. Compared to FashionMan and PatrolMan who flashed their badges around like some sort of privilege, she remained quiet and contained herself. It made sense though. A mafia member would only make things seem worse if FashionMan knew. It would probably even spark a bigger fire under the protesters. But to actually being scouted out, not something she would expect. Still, it felt more like a friend giving her a job opportunity than being drafted into a large conflict.

Muling it over, Yuki decided she needed an outsider opinion on it. " What do you think Aoi?" Aoi quietly mulled it over for a moment and shrugged. "In all fairness, I don't see why not. The police are flat out after that poor excuse for a man. Heck, he'd likely make sure we are considered criminals if we tried. Besides, they are at least trying to help those less fortunate. Now, let's do as she said and get this 'Odd Job' done."

Giving a slight groan and a nod, she smiled and waved to Chic and the two unoperated Navis as her body glowed white as she quickly turned into snow as she jacked out. She would have to take her up on the offer and visit the Kiosk... after a bit more training.