New Chips

Yeah, kinda late, but some of the new chips were released a while back. Along with the new ones came changes to some of the old, to make their series counterparts more desired and for balance.

No chips have been removed, but many have been moved.

List of chips changed:

- Vulcan 2: 10 Damage, not 25. Also has Spread attack.

- Vulcan 3: 10 Damage, not what it was before. Also has Spread attack.

- WideShot is now WideShot1: Now 60 Aqua, was 80 Aqua.

- PheonixShot is now PheonixShot1: Now 70 Fire, was 90 Fire. It is also in the Gun Chip list.

- Spreader (and all other Spreader-type chips) now spread damage to 8 enemies, if you're lucky, not 3.

- ZapRing is now ZapRing1, and always stuns when it hits, unless something prevents it.

- Thunder is now Thunder1, and has decreased accuracy, but also has homing attack capability.

- Magnum is now Magnum1, and deals 120 Fire to targets instead of 140 Fire.

- FireBurn1 now hits in a line.

- Swords now break after 15 uses.

- WideSwords now break after 6 uses.

- Longswords now break after 9 uses.

- All Elemental swords are treated as WideSwords for the purposes of attacking groups. They also break after 6 uses.

- Varitails is now Varitails1, and hits 9 times for 10 damage, at very low accuracy, and can be used 9 times before breaking. It is also now in the Sword list.

- Hammer and all BigHammers now have Impacting, which goes through barriers.

- Hammer can be used repeatedly now.
The chips are IN!

Check the chip threads to see what's new, what's not, and what's changed.
For now, the PickPocket series has been rendered null, and the chips will not work until an agreement is reached upon their true purposes, as they work too well.