The setting is Internet City's Netsquare, a vast location which houses a well known shelter for unoperated and abandoned navis. A great battle has just taken place and positioned atop the five story high shelter is a low-ranking Netmafia Head Family member named Idol. The navi believes she is viewing the aftermath of what has been an extremely successful victory for her personal militia of hypnotized slaves.

For a bit of background, Idol has long used her hypnotic powers to control a good number of navis, numbering ten total before the battle. She is a threat to the NP, but more so, a threat to the mafia, as she siphons even their men and carelessly squanders their resources. Although the size of her army has been reduced by the fight, she is completely unaware and the fact will soon be inconsequential. The sun has faded and dark clouds have begun to cover the sky...

Crossing her legs one over the other, Idol spread her white, angelic wings out to both sides and fluttered them with satisfaction. The navi's light blue suit, complete with a semi-modest white robe and silk hat, gave her an angelic appearance that was complimented quite well by her gleaming blond hair, streaming down from her hat in a style reminiscent of the God's angel, Gabriel. Her face was turned into a beautiful but vaguely self satisfied smile, her blue eyes radiating a hypocritical sense of goodness. All of these factors masked the rotten, self-centered personality of a navi whose only concern in life was her own pleasure in dominating others.

Idol rested one cheek upon her delicate right hand, which was curled loosely into a fist. Her eyes, ordinarily bright and vivid, had a strange clouded look to them, as if taking on texture from the clouds above. Unseen by all (save a figure of importance to be revealed later), the navi gave a small, self-satisfied giggle. <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>"A beautiful victory, Stalker, Scavenger. You two have performed admirably. Perhaps I'll reward the two of you each with a smile later on,"
[font=Vivaldi][/font] she cooed, flying down into the central courtyard where DimensionGirl Red's stage had formerly been set up.

The courtyard was not empty and for that matter not devoid of NP members. Several NP members had gathered around to perform a clean-up operation following the battle and salvage what little was left of CravenMan. Idol realized none of this, strolling straight through NP navis who, fortunately for her, could not recognize her. "Hello, my servants! Please, feel free to gaze directly into my visage. I am Idol, your new ruler,"[font=Vivaldi][/font] she laughed, extending her arms outward in a dazed stupor. A NP navi stationed nearby looked at her with confusion, trying to figure out what she was talking about. As the NP had never actually seen Idol, he could barely be expected to believe that she was telling the truth, especially due to her appearance. Furthermore, how could one explain Idol brazenly walking through an NP investigation area? He watched with interest but made no move to apprehend her.

In Idol's mind, every navi around her was bowing, some navis who did not even exist. The sun still shone beautifully down upon the battlefield. To Idol, every NP member was either dead or under her power and every unoperated civilian was her new puppet to do with as she pleased. She thought to herself that this batch of navis looked especially promising, already assigning roles to each one in her head. Most of all, she was happy that several NP members were in her ranks. It always felt good to take from her enemies and furthermore it tended to convince the Mafia that she was actually doing something. She strolled through the courtyard merrily, utterly under the influence of some intangible spell.

Finally, an NP navi saw fit to go over and meet her. Reaching out with one gloved hand, he turned her towards him, looking suspiciously into her hazy eyes. Before he could ask her anything, however, another NP navi came from nearby and politely took a soft hold over her arm. "Sorry, this one's just been traumatized by the event. She's terribly confused at the moment, you see. Just to be sure she recovers, I'm taking her off to the Sharo Base for a checkup. It's nothing to worry about," he offered the other navi. Had he wished to, this low-key impostor could have easily convinced the entire NP force in the area of anything he wished without even using his voice. However, he conserved his powers, knowing that he who does not practice simple techniques loses his mastery of them. The event had given him a perfect opportunity to acquire a terrific new asset for his faction, that asset being Idol, but he wasn't one to overlook other small opportunities that were presented to him.

"Sure, go right ahead," the other navi complied, relinquishing his hold on Idol. He could not know better, but with that one simple motion he had taken away power from the NP and the Mafia and given it to an unknown source, one that benefited from the fact that it was still hidden from all. This organization was managed by a man named Executor, a cunning mastermind of disguise. Here he was, deluding the NP even now disguised as a simple NP officer, but even with all of her supposed "cunning" Idol was completely under his spell.

Executor's .GMOs were all in themselves brilliant disguises, sure to fool all but the most observant inspectors. That aside, Executor's real power of deception lay in a far more potent skill: illusion. With no more exertion than required to lift one finger, he had put Idol under his spell before the battle even began between the NP and her forces. Idol was smug in her ability to hypnotize a single foe into whatever role she chose. Executor was confident in his ability to influence the inhabitants of the courtyard, the entire building, and gate enclosing it into a world of fantasy, hopelessly forgetting any fabric of their true selves or situations.

As he led Idol to the gate between Internet City and Sharo, where he would immediately take her to a new base of operations and certainly not the NP settlement, he could not help a small smile of content. That was just fine with Idol, as she took it as a sign of subservience to her. "Aren't you proud to be serving me? This was a perfect victory we accomplished today, simply stunning. Aren't you happy that you belong wholly, body and soul, to me?"[font=Vivaldi][/font] she repeated, her dim eyes flickering in an almost morbid imitation of what would ordinarily be her attractive flutter.

"Oh yes, of course. You are most important to me, ma'am," he replied quietly, flashing a winning smile and having no difficulty fighting back what could be a completely justified laugh at the irony of her statement with his cool, hedged reserve. Stepping outside the police investigation, he calmly led her to Sharo, where he would take her to a private Executor Faction facility, which she would undoubtedly see as her own lavish PET homepage. From there, he would store her for later use as a weapon for the EF's own causes. He couldn't be around her forever, so eventually he'd have to cut off her hypnotism methods. That wouldn't be so difficult with the EF's technology and certainly not difficult according to various reports that Idol's mind control all required some conscious input on her part. He could remove that element of the equation quite cleanly, as it was possible for him to make her focus on a target that was not even there for any length of time if he wished.

"This plan worked out just splendidly, did it not?"[font=Vivaldi][/font]

"Yes, ma'am. Splendidly."</span>