First Encounter


Meltdown's data materialised into the ACDC network. Instead of venturing forth into the mainstream area like he usually did, Meltdown turned and headed down a glowing path which would lead him to the ACDC portal to the NetSquare.

As he stepped into the square, Meltdown suddenly felt surrounded. So many navis. None like him, and yet each with his own obvious strengths and weaknesses. Some in groups, some alone. Some buying expensive products, and some only browsing.

Meltdown didn't know what to do.

Okay Meltdown, I'll meet you in Electown in a couple of hours. Alan reminded him.


What? No! You can't just leave me here... Meltdown whined. But Alan wasn't there to hear it. Oh well. Okay. Okay. Okay. This can't be too hard, just find somebody interested in virus battling and start from there... he told himself as he walked towards the mass of people...

(((Basically I'm looking for somebody to virusbattle with in the Electown network, I wanna try this whole team thing. Level is irrelevant, although a frequent poster would be nice.)))
As Meltdown made his way through the crowds, one area in particular caught his attention. A couple of large groups of navis were all gathered together around sizeable terminals. Meltdown walked up to one that wasn't as crowded as the others.

BBS... he read aloud. Wow, there's tons of personal requests here. Battle tips, chip combinations, program trades... As he read down the list, one topic in particular caught his attention. Meet other navis! This is what I'm after! After leaving a short message on this... "BBS"... Meltdown wandered off to what looked like a small cafe and sat down at one of the tables.
Meltdown waited for hours, but nobody seemed to reply.

Meltdown, you there? a voice called out to him, breaking his daze into nothingness.

Yeah, I'm still here. Nobody replied to my message... he muttered, a little depressed.

Well, I know what will fix you up. Head to the Electown network, I'll reconnect there. replied Alan.

As he got up from the table, he walked back to the BBS, posted a new message, and made his way to the Electown portal.