Ripping through the net with friends

It took many twists and turns, but Validus was finally able to locate the portal which led to the netsquare. It was the one and only place where people could converse in peace and quiet without having a virus suddenly jump out and smack whatever weapons it has in your face.

"So, people hook up with other virus busters here?" Validus asked. "Yeah, this is the only safe haven from viruses. You can't find anywhere else with such security in place."Tsujsa's reply came in.

"Which makes me wonder, what kind of security does this place employ which can keep viruses out so effectively?"
"I'm... afraid I don't have an answer to that, Validus."

[Open to anyone, max 3 folks]
"Hey Validus, get your gear up and ready. We're going to Beach net."
"Beach net? right now? how?"
"The netsquare is full of portals linking from one network to another. Think of it as a global teleportation grid."

Validus tried to understand, but failed to. Tsujsa merely inserted the instructions into his PET, and Validus suddenly understood how it worked. "Alright. So we're heading to...?"

"Beach net. It's that portal over there."
"Roger that. Proceeding over to beach net now."